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  • Payment options : MasterCard and Visa.
  • Customer support : Telephone and email.
  • Available languages : English.
  • Trustpilot Score: n/a
  • Number of lotteries: 20
  • Mobile App: Web only
  • Ticket Scan: Yes
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Welcome to LottosOnline! A lottery platform I reviewed as part of my top online lottery agents review series.’s site focus solely on playing the lottery online. There are no games on the site – scratchcards, casino or sports betting. You will not find any fun side games or any other type of distraction: 100% online lotteries. They are one of the few that still offer a lottery carrier service, and your lottery ticket is immediately scanned to the player’s account.

Marvical Limited is the company that owns and operates the brand and website. It launched in 2014 in Cyprus. Since they provide carrier services – they buy, scan and hold an actual ticket on your behalf – there’s no need for a license with a gambling regulator.

Bringing up to the comfort of your home 18 online lotteries and a changing number of raffles from around the world you will be able to take a part in the biggest jackpots draws.

Read all our LottosOnline review and get all the relevant information you might need before picking your lucky numbers.


At I review the main aspects of each platform, taking into account the same features. Consequently, you will be able to make a clear and simple comparison between each platform.

The main features I take into account are:

  • Security – Level of data & transactions encryption. Also, we checked the regulatory compliance of each brand.
  • Products – What are the lotteries available at the website? Can you buy syndicate lottery tickets? Furthermore, we review side games available at each site.
  • Features – What languages are available at the site? How is the website design and how the enhanced the user experienced?
  • Platforms – We check what are the devices and operative systems you can use in order to navigate and buy tickets. Desktop, tablet and smartphones reviewed.
  • Promotions – Welcome bonuses, promotions, offers and discounts. What is the site offering to its customers? In addition, VIP programs are review.
  • Support – How you can contact the customer support department? How fast they answer to open tickets?

The Safety and Security Measures LottosOnline Take is using a secured internet protocol called HTTPS. This secure protocol encrypts communication of a network connection – between the lottery agent’s server and the lottery player’s computer. All the data and transactions are secured by an SSL encryption that Sectigo (Comodo) issued.

In addition, many independent security engines audit and scan the site for any risks – malware or vulnerabilities. 64 different engines crawled the site and didn’t flag it as hazardous. You can see the audit’s results at VirusTotal.

The site is secured and was found to be clear of any malware, but there’s one weak point. No governmental gambling commission license LottosOnline. The service doesn’t require a license, but other brands comply with restricted regulations. I’ll deal with it in the legality section of the review.

Lotteries and Games You Can Play With LottosOnline

LottosOnline doesn’t have the biggest lotteries selection on offer, but you can find the ones most popular. The list includes US PowerBall, SuperEnaLotto, German Lotto, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, Australia PowerBall, El Gordo, UK Lottery, Australia Saturday Lotto, Australia Monday and Wednesday Lotto, Irish Lotto, La Primitiva, BonoLoto, Oz Lotto. SuperLotto Plus, and UK Thunderball.

Other than lotteries, LottosOnline also offer raffle tickets. This is definitely a missed opportunity for any brand that doesn’t offer raffles. Some of the biggest games in the lottery world are raffles. The most famous draw, and you can get a share of it, is the Christmas El Gordo. It’s called the BIG ONE for a reason. While I visited the site, there were two other raffles on sale – US’ Cash4Life and Spain’s Thursday Raffle.

There’s one downside for only offering a ticket carrier service, and it is the game selection. Since side games are considered betting, LottosOnline can’t offer them. You’ll have to stick with playing the lottery.

Gameplay Features That LottosOnline Offer

The biggest feature that LottosOnline offer is the scanned tickets. You complete a purchase, and then an actual lottery ticket is bought from a retailer in the lotto’s country of origin. This means that LottosOnline has collaborations with different lottery ticket retailers around the world. It’s a disadvantage when it comes to side games, but a very big advantage when it comes to trust.

In the ticket purchase funnel, you’ll find expected features, such as Quick Pick and Multi-Draw. The quick pick auto complete’s a ticket by randomly choosing numbers for the player. The multi-draw completely a purchase of the same ticket for future draws – you can choose how many futures draws you’d like to play. There’s a discount on the ticket price if you use the multi-draw feature.

There’s a cart you can use to buy tickets to multiple lotteries in one quick transaction. This means you don’t have to buy tickets individually but group them together. This became an industry-standard in recent years, and brands offer them regardless of carrier or wager models.

Out of the features, lottery players came to love, there’s one that is missing. I would have wanted to see Syndicates on the site. It gives the option of playing the same lotteries, but with a higher hit frequency – a better chance of winning a prize. You have to share the prize with other players in the ticket pool, but the experience is much more exciting.

I’m not sure if there’s one specific country that LottosOnline is aiming for, but the site is available in English only. Other sites offer translations to multiple languages (in different qualities), and this can be a deal-breaker to players who prefer to play in their native language. Especially since there are terms to read.

Platforms and Screens LottosOnline’s Website Supports

LottosOnline’s site looks nice. You’ll see the thought put into it from the homepage, and throughout the different lottery pages. The top menu is clear to read, with good contrast and big fonts size. There’s a big section with four of the highest jackpots coming next. Below that there’s a section with all the lotteries and raffles available on the site. It makes the lotteries and games page redundant. Next to each lottery and raffle is the jackpot amount and the remaining time until the coming draw.

Opening an account is simple and relatively quick. You’ll need to complete a form with seven fields – First Name, Last Name, Email, Confirm Email, Password, Contact Phone Number, and Country. All fields are mandatory.

LottosOnline - Create an Account Form

LottosOnline is built using a responsive theme. This means that the site adjusts to different screen sizes. There are breaking points where you see that the design changes to fit the screen. These breaking points usually match with desktop, tablet and smartphones sizes so each device will get a custom view, but a similar user experience.


The first thing you notice when you open is how well the site makes use of a desktop or laptop screen size. Elements on the site are spaced and easy to read. The tickets are simple to fill with numbers.


If you’re using a modern tablet, you’ll get an experience that is similar to the desktop. It gets a little crowded without the desktop’s shoulders. You still get the same functionalities, but some elements drop a line and take up a little room.

Mobile (Smartphone)

Smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other operating systems) get a limited view of the site. The menu is hidden, there are no time counters in the home screen, and some of the images are also hidden. All the functionalities are still available, but some of the colourful design that the desktop has – each lottery and raffle has an image of its country – are definitely missing. It’s unfortunate that the pleasant experience on a desktop doesn’t hold on mobile devices. I’m not sure how many of LottosOnline’s players are mobile users, but this is where the industry is heading – a mobile-first approach.

Bonus and Loyalty Promotions That LottosOnline Offer Its Players

I couldn’t find any promotions on the site – a new player or first depositing – but there is a multi-draw discount and a VIP/loyalty scheme for existing players.

Each player who chooses the Multi-Draw option in the Type of Entry of each lottery gets a discount. Discount starts at a 10% discount per draw for 4 draws and can get up to 20% for 16 draws. If you plan on playing your lucky numbers on a specific lottery, this might be a great option to save big.

The VIP reward program gives loyal players a 10% discount on ticket purchases. This is an attractive offer that few brands have. A player who wants to qualify for the program has to spend €50 or more during a 30 day period. Once a player qualifies and gets a VIP player status he gets a 10% cashback on all ticket purchases for the next 30 days. The VIP status rolls over at the end of the 30 days period of during it the player spent another €50.

LottosOnline’s Customer Support

There are a few means that LottosOnline offer player who needs assistance. There’s a blog (not regularly maintained) with a lot of news content on lotto. There’s an FAQ section that includes a lot of questions about the platform and answers to how-to questions. If the blog and FAQ are not enough, there’s the option of reaching out to LottosOnline’s support.

The operations hours of the customer support team are: Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm EET (GMT +2).

There are two communication channels you can use to reach customer support:

  • Phone – Call a customer support department representative using this phone number +357-22000254. Be mindful of working hours and timezone
  • Email – Message a customer support department representative using this email address [email protected]. LottosOnline contact us page doesn’t say how long it takes for them to reply to emails, but I would suggest you give a day or two. Again, consider the hours of operation

LottosOnline Banking Options

Before you go ahead and register with LottosOnline, see if they accept payments and withdrawals in your preferred banking option.

Payment Options

You can choose to complete a purchase from your account’s standing balance or by using one of the supported payment options. This means that you can deposit directly to your account and top it up if balance is insufficient. Any lottery prize winnings are added to your account’s balance.

LottosOnline accepts VISA and Mastercard credit and debit cards. If you reach Customer Support, they can offer alternative payment options, such as Skrill, Neteller and even wire to their local bank account.

Withdrawal Options

You can keep winnings in your account’s balance and buy lottery tickets with them. If you choose to withdraw winnings, you can wire transfer them directly to your bank account. There’s a €50 minimum and you’ll be responsible for any fees. Also, some lotteries and some countries tax winnings, it is up to you to reach the authorities on that matter.

Is LottosOnline Legit or Scam?

This is probably the biggest question to answer in every online lottery agent review – is it safe? is it a scam? This is also what you should consider before giving any personal details or completing the first purchase.

Technically, LottosOnline is a secure platform to play the lottery at. It uses modern security measures that match the industry standard of security. You shouldn’t worry about anyone stealing your information while you’r on the site.

Another strong positive signal is transparency. The company who’s behind LottosOnline, Marvicap Limited, is clearly visible on the site. As someone who visits lottery websites on a daily basis, this is not very common. The address is shown in the contact page and at the site’s footer. There’s an active phone number you can call if you’d like to speak to a customer support representative.

No service flagged the brand as fraud and I couldn’t find any negative reviews by real players. That said, I didn’t find positive reviews, which is harder to do come by most of the time.

Since the site provides ticket carrier services, there’s no need for regulations. I prefer websites that comply with regulations, but understand that gambling authorities don’t regulate carriers.

In my opinion, considering all the above, LottosOnline is legitimate and safe to play at.

My Summary and Conclusion

We’ve covered all the review aspects you should consider before you form an opinion on an online lottery brand. Now, I’ll share my opinion on this review summary.

LottosOnline ticks most of the online lottery agent’s boxes. It uses adequate safety measures to ensure players’ information is private. Lottery selection includes the popular lotteries that players love to play. The overall experience is pleasant and fun. There’s no bonus offer for new players, but the eligible loyal players get a 10% discount on ticket purchases. There’s some room for improvement, but if you’re looking for a carrier service/agent, LottosOnline is a great option.

The overall package is impressive and complete. I recommend you give it a go.

Pros / Cons
  • Most popular lotteries are available
  • Great VI}P rewards program
  • Site template is fully responsive
  • Lack of syndicate lottery tickets
  • Limited payment methods
  • No welcome bonus

If you’re looking for alternatives, see my list of best online lotto agents.

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Save up to 20% With Multi-Draw