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One of only a few transnational lotteries from around the world and arguably the biggest in the world, the Euro Millions is certainly a big hitter in the lotto world. Granted there are lotteries around the world that have larger prizes in general and bigger all time Jackpots. But as far as lotteries offered across national borders are concerned, the Euro Millions is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

The countries that are currently involved in the Euro Millions draws are the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. The draws themselves are held twice a week offer two chances to win every single week. The draws are held on a Tuesday and a Friday night at 20.45 CET. The draws take place in Paris.

The concept of the Euro Millions first came about in February of 2004 as a joint effort by the French Française des Jeux, Spanish Loterias y Apuestas del Estado, and Camelot from the United Kingdom. These lottery boards came together and decided to offer a lottery that would span across their respective countries.

The first ever Euro Millions draw happened on Friday 13th of February 2004. The countries involved where only France, Spain and the UK. The countries that are now involved have since expanded to include all the above-mentioned countries in October of 2004.

With the tickets being available in different countries with different currencies, each country charges slightly different amounts and offers slightly different extras. For example the ticket in the UK costs £2.00 but automatically enters you into the Millionaire Raffle. In Ireland, a ticket will cost you 2 euro but also has an option called “Plus” that is available for an additional euro.

The game itself is 5 numbers from a selection of 50 plus 2 “lucky star” numbers which come out of a selection of 11 numbers. Up until 2011, there were only 9 numbers available to select the lucky star numbers from but that was changed to 11, which has remained the same to date.

The Euro Millions is undeniably one of the best lottos available in the world today. It is loved by people all across Europe and many people from other places around the world also love to play the lottery games on offer from the Euro Millions. So if you are currently not involved in the Euro Millions but are playing other lotteries you are really missing out.

The Odds of Winning EuroMillions

1Pick 5 + 2 Lucky Stars1:139,838,160
2Pick 5 + 1 Lucky Stars1:6,991,908
3Pick 51:3,107,515
4Pick 4 + 2 Lucky Stars1:621,503
5Pick 4 + 1 Lucky Stars1:31,075
6Pick 41:13,811
7Pick 3 + 2 Lucky Stars1:14,125
8Pick 2 + 2 Lucky Stars1:985
9Pick 3 + 1 Lucky Stars1:706
10Pick 31:314
11Pick 1 + 2 Lucky Stars1:188
12Pick 2 + 1 Lucky Stars1:49
13Pick 21:22

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