Lotto Dominator’s eBook for Lottery Strategies

If you are a lottery enthusiast you have probably heard about Lotto Dominator, a very popular eBook. This book has created quite a buzz, and we got our hands on a copy so embrace yourself, because you are going to read about an honest and accurate review.

lotto dominator ebook

The Lotto Dominator is an eBook that claims to provide its readers with some lottery winning strategies. The book is supposedly written by a Richard Lustig, who has won the lottery not once but seven times. Keep reading because it turns out that he might not be the author, and there might not be any secret to learn.

Anyhow, the book is supposed to work with any lottery out there. So you can easily grab all the big jackpots once you read it.

What is the secret formula of Lotto Dominator?

So, basically there is a formula which is very simple to use, and it helps you predict the most likely combinations for future draws. You can do that by using the winning numbers from the last few draws, run them through the formula and you will get the numbers that are mostly likely to be the winning numbers in the next draw.

This might not result in an immediate success, but you can use the formula as many times you like, and it will make your decision when picking numbers a bit easier.

First impressions of the book

Well, once you start reading the book you will realize that no one put any effort into it. The book is 181 pages long and it is divided into 20 chapters. The content is nothing we were impressed by. You can find some useful information here and there, but you can come along that information elsewhere for free. And don`t let us start on the formatting. It is impossible to navigate and jump to different chapters if you want to.

When it comes to tips on how to pick numbers and which strategies to use, they are not helpful either. For instance, in one chapter you are advised to use your winnings on more tickets, couple of chapters later, it says not to spend your winnings at all.

There is a repetitive content throughout the book, and to be honest, the entire content could have been condensed to just a couple of pages.

And, remember the formula we mentioned above? Well, there is no formula. After carefully reading useless stuff, we didn`t come across any formula at all. They are just using that to advertise the book, and it appears to be one big fat lie.

So, if you want to increase your odds of winning the lottery, instead of buying Lotto Dominator, spend that money on tickets. That way you may win something.

Is Lotto Dominator another scam?

So the big question arise, is Lotto Dominator a scam. And it turns out it is.

Richard Lusting - Lotto Dominator author

Before we came to that conclusion we did some investigations and these are the following things that we`ve come to find:

  • Richard Lustig might not be the author – The Lotto Dominator is associated with Richard Lustig, who is a 7-times lotto winner. But there are some shady things here. When you visit Lustig`s official website, Lotto Dominator is not even mentioned anywhere, and he never mentions the book while he`s doing interviews either. Another thing that we found to be suspicious is the fact that the website is registered in Panama, and we know that Lustig is from the USA.
  • The book is overpriced – the book that we know for sure that was written by Lustig, and which can be found on his website is priced only $40. Lotto Dominator on the other hand is $300, and it is usually sold for $147, sale price.
  • The official website is closed – The official Lotto Dominator website is closed for new members. People who have already purchased the book can access the website, but the fact that it doesn`t accept new members should serve as a warning.
  • The book was renamed couple of times – Lotto Dominator was first released as Lottery Winner University, and it was later renamed as Lotto Crusher. We believe this is because the people who are behind this book have changed the name to escape all the negative reviews.
  • Lotto Dominator is removed from Amazon catalogue – This comes as no surprise to us. And even though you can`t find the product page, you can still find all the bad book reviews though.

So, we would advise you not to waste your time and energy with this book at all. This is just another cash grab product disguised as a legitimate one.

Some other Software Scams

As we said before, Lotto Dominator has gone through many name changes so we won`t be surprised if the book can be found under other names too.

After the huge Lotto Dominator`s sales, there are now numerous similar softwares that try to sell the same product. We won`t be surprised if the same people are behind these products as well.

Auto Lotto Processor

Auto Lotto Processor is a software that creates a lot of buzz lately. The website shows some striking similarities to Lotto Dominator and they have even added the name Richard in the legal disclaimer. We have to admit this is a nice touch, but it is not fooling anyone anymore. The only difference is that this software is cheaper and you can have it for only $97. Our advice is to not even bother at all, and save your money for something else.

Auto Lotto Processor

Lotto Annihilator

Lotto Annihilator is the last software that gains a lot of popularity. Their website is almost the same as the Auto Lotto Processor one. It is obvious that the same people are behind this website. What we found striking, is that they are not even trying to change anything else, but the name.

lotto annihilator

Lottery Winner University

We are adding Lottery Winner University to the list just for comparison. This website is on the market for a very long time. And it seems that everyone else is using this template, or the same people are just changing the name of the website and their product.  

lottery winner university

These are all the names that we`ve come across so far. It appears that whatever these people are doing, they are not planning to stop. It is very likely that once their product is revealed as a scam, they will come up with a new one. So what we can advise you here is to be very careful, and do some research before you decide to spend your money. This doesn`t mean that all the products are bogus and a scam. There are some that are worth a while, you just have to know which ones.