About Us

Top10bestonlinelotto is a blog and review website focused on playing the lottery online. We started this website in 2015 when we realised there’s a vacuum in this niche in the gaming world. The goal was to be a trustworthy entrance to the world of online lottery.

We’re industry veterans, and we can share our take and knowledge with lottery players who are not in the know. Furthermore, our experience comes from working for some of the more prominent brands in gaming – operators and agents, platforms and marketing agencies.

Since the first articles we published, the website grew to become one of the most significant information sources for online lottery. We reach visitors from anywhere in the world and try our best to lend a hand.

How Do We Rank Lotteries and Agents?

We audit lottery agents thoroughly to give an accurate representation of their lottery experience. Each review follows a fixed list of review aspects, a section about legitimacy, and a summary. A set review structure means that the reviews are comparable.

Does the Affiliate Commission Impact Our Review?

Firstly, we get a commission from some of the brands we review, but the majority doesn’t offer an affiliation plan. This commission is a share of a player’s net gaming revenue (NGR) – if you play, we get a percentage. 

Why Choose Top 10 Best Online Lotto?

When you play through top10bestonlinelotto you support the site that helps you – pay for servers, negotiations with brands, reviewers, designers, etc. We all enjoy working on this project, but it can be costly.

Here are some of the site’s strengths:

  • Reviews on all major online lottery operators
  • Personalized ranking per country
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Putting the players first – only the biggest and most trustworthy operators and being audited

In addition, we’re transparent and encourage you to reach out to us with any subject.