Lotto Agent Should Be Your Online Lottery Agent of Choice for 2023

  • Payment Options : Credit and debit cards, and e-wallets
  • Customer Support : Customer support by telephone, live chat, and email
  • Available Languages : EN, RU, FR, ES, PT
  • Trustpilot Score: Excellent
  • Number of Lotteries: 22
  • Mobile App: Yes
  • Ticket Scan: Yes
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My job at Top 10 Best Online Lottos is to review lottery websites, searching for the best ones. I’m good at my job since I was part of the industry for a few years, and I know the ins and outs of it. Also, I go through all the funnels of the website. These funnels include registration and buying a ticket. Finally, I reach Customer Support with questions and clarifications.

Lotto Agent is an online lottery agent. It offers players a variety of lottery-related services. It launched its first website in 2012 and redesigned it in 2022. About ten years online makes Lotto Agent one of the longest-running websites in the niche. I can disclose right away that it is one of my favorite websites, and it shows in ranking across my website. It is reliable and offers a refind lottery experience that doesn’t skip any small details.

If you’d like to jump in and start playing the lottery, I’m confident you’d find what you need with Lotto Agent. In addition to a great gameplay experience, there’s an exclusive offer of buy one get one for free. You can find it only with top10bestonlinelotto. If you have about ten minutes, read through my inclusive review. It has everything a lottery player has to know before opening a new account with a lottery operator.

Review Aspects

I use the same set of review aspects for all lottery brand reviews. Having a fixed set helps for consistency. That means you can compare between different brands. It also ensures each review includes aspects a lottery player needs to make an informed decision. You’d find personal notes and impressions in the introduction and summary paragraphs. Elements that didn’t fall under any review aspect would also be there.

I used these review aspects in my review of Lotto Agent:

  • Security – Does Lotto Agent meet today’s web security standards? What efforts Lotto Agent makes to protect its players’ details and information?
  • Products – What products does Lotto Agent have on its “shelf” for players to pick? How well do they perform?
  • Features – What features does Lotto Agent offer its players? How do they contribute to the user experience?
  • Platforms – How does Lotto Agent’s experience carry across different screen sizes and platforms? Users are playing through a variety of devices.
  • Promotions – What incentives does Lotto Agent offer its players? Buy bonuses, bring-a-friend, loyalty program, and VIP points.
  • Support – How can a player get hold of Lotto Agent in case of something going wrong? What are Lotto Agent’s response time and availability?

Security Measures

This review aspect is essential and should be a deal-breaker for all lottery players. It rates the relevancy of tools and services Lotto Agent uses. The tools and services that keep all data transactions between a player’s device and Lotto Agent’s servers. Failure here makes all other review aspects irrelevant. It is a sign of trustworthiness, responsibility, and good intent.

Lotto Agent has a valid SSL certificate from Cloudflare. They switched to it from GeoTrust. Cloudflare encrypts the connection between its players’ browsers and its servers. This encryption protects both sides from anyone trying to steal data and abuse it. There’s a green/black lock at the left of the address/URL bar. This icon indicates the connection with the site is secure. Click on the icon to see the message stating the connection is secure. The message can change between browsers. See the screenshot below for the ‘Connection is secure’ message I got.

Lotto Agent - Connection Is Secure Message

Lotto Agent adds more security layers. McAfee SiteAdvisor and Norton’s Safe Web confirms that. These services show Lotto Agent is taking security seriously. They go above the minimum expected level.

Blacklist Status

Many companies track sites for any suspicious or mischief behaviors and practices. In this review, I took into account the most known and a few less known sources.

  • Google Safebrowsing – Google reviews billions of web pages daily for potential hazards. It approved Lotto Agent.
    Google Safe Browsing site status
  • Norton Safe Web – Symantec’s service found zero relating to Lotto Agent.
    Norton Safe Web - Lotto Agent

    Norton Safe Web – Lotto Agent

  • SiteAdvisor – McAfee’s service didn’t find any significant security issues and set its status to safe.
    McAfee WebAdvisor - Lotto Agent

    McAfee WebAdvisor – Lotto Agent

  • Other services, such as Phish Tank, SpamHaus, BitDefender, Sophos, and ESET, cleared Lotto Agent. You can see the complete list of services on VirusTotal.
    VirusTotal - Lotto Agent

    VirusTotal – Lotto Agent


While encryption is a technical aspect – a company can purchase over the phone a security certificate, and have its site tightly secured within hours – a reputation has to do with the company’s DNA, what use it makes with its data. This is something much harder to hide and cover as there are multiple platforms for lottery players to warn other players of not-so-honest lottery ticket operators.

The first time I checked TrustPilot for actual user reviews, Agent Lotto was a relatively small and new brand, and there were no reviews. Since then, things have changed, and for the better. In my second check, there were 1,400 reviews. As of now, there are over 2,200 reviews. The strongest signal of reputation is the overall score. Lotto Agent keeps its EXCELLENT score through the years – ~90% of raters gave the top rate.  This is an unusually high rank and a powerful indication of trustworthiness. The few negative reviews relate to a mandatory block that is set per country. Lottoagent has to deny some countries from reaching the site. In any case, Customer Support replies quickly to these comments. A prompt reply is a sign someone is caring for players’ satisfaction.

Lotto Agent Trustpilot Score

Lotto Agent Trustpilot Score

Products and Games

Lotto Agent is not using any online lottery platform. Using a self-developed platform is a blessing and a curse. They have complete development freedom to focus on and answer their players’ needs. This freedom includes no dependency on 3rd party services and a shorter time to market. On the other side, Lotto Agent is missing the experience of the platform’s white-label websites. Also, develop once and use on many brands is more cost-effective.

These are the features Lotto Agent polished over the last years:


A lottery line – as a lottery player would buy at a local kiosk. The single lottery is the starting point for all operators. It is the basic service and product, and all other rely on it. Lottery players can manually pick a line’s numbers or automatically Easy-Pick it. Lotto Agent allow customers to pick 1 line rather than automatically “force” them to pick many. I see this as an advantage over other lottery operators. It’s giving players the option of trying different lotteries with a low minimum entry. When a player finds the “right” lottery, he buys many lines and benefits from the discounts on offer. A multi-line discount can be up to 12%.

Lotto Agent has a decent selection of world lotteries. Lottery players would find a few they like out of the twenty. A wide choice means players can play daily – there’s at least one draw every day. Lotto Agent excels with a basic but solid product list and a variety of attractive lotteries.


Lottery products answer the immediate need a player has to buy a lottery ticket. Features form their experience while they buy a ticket. Creative teams design and develop them to create a tailored experience. A positive experience brings players back whenever they want to play. Short flows across the site mean players get what they want quickly.
These are the features Lotto Agent has:

Easy Pick

Autofill all incomplete lottery lines with one click of a button. Few players take the time and manually pick more than a couple of lines – It’s redundant. Lotto Agent’s lottery ticket page has several controls to open up to five lines empty lines. The quick pick auto-fills all those. A player can quickly pick five lottery lines with two clicks.


LottoAgent new design - Screenshot 14 - lottery page boost

LottoAgent new design – lottery page boost

Lotto Agent gives the option of buying a multiplier for lotteries that support it. The feature comes at an extra cost.

Here are some lotteries that have a multiplier:

  • Powerball’s Powerplay multiplies the prize by up to 10 times
  • Mega Millions’ MEGAPLIER multiplies the prize by up to 5 times

Most operators skip this exciting opportunity, and their players lose a fun feature. Competing operators miss out on a key part of playing the lottery. Lotto Agent’s benefits by including it for his players.


When I last reviewed the site, the syndicate feature was missing.


Another feature that Lotto Agent added recently.

Lotto Agent has a limited, but well-developed, features list and it scored high in this aspect. All the parts for a great user experience at present.


Online service providers face the challenge of tracking their users’ funnel between devices. An average user could migrate between three to four screens during the day. A screen is a mobile smartphone, tablet, home and office PC and laptop, and smart TV. Users interact with these devices through a web browser and application. Each screen has its functionality and the time of day it’s in use. For example, most visitors are uncomfortable buying over a smartphone. They would research for a service over a mobile device and complete the journey on their home PC. Tailoring a UI to match the platform is a challenge that holds a reward. It’s easy for Lotto Agent to shine here as its competitors are behind in an already lagging industry. Lotto Agent benefits from the data and experience it gained throughout the years. In those years, it was free of competition.


The site’s width is 1000px, and the current trend is widening sites towards 1200px. Still, with 1000px, Lotto Agent is doing better than most. Other lottery websites stop at 980px. The design is clean, and the layout is easy to navigate and get around. I didn’t notice any bugs in the hours I spent auditing the site, and there was nothing ‘off.’


Lotto Agent did a fine job adapting its website’s design to the narrow screen of mobile devices. Coming lottery draws, and the main promotions appear clearly at the top. In terms of functionality, picking a line is simple. The overall user experience is solid. I’m not too fond of the brand’s color scheme and images, but this is my personal preference.

Bonuses and Promotions

LottoAgent new design - Screenshot 08 - all promotions bonuses

LottoAgent new design – all promotions bonuses

Promotions are one of the tools marketing and customer relations have. The two departments use it to reward players for engaging with Lotto Agent. They reward for:

  • Acquisition of new players – getting new players to sign up and complete the first buy
  • Retention of existing players – keeping players playing
  • Reactivation of dormant players – bringing back players who stopped playing

Exclusive 20% Off Any Lottery Ticket Using the Promo Code top10bestlotto

It took some persuasion, but I got an exclusive offer from Lotto Agent! All visitors to the site get a 20% discount on their first lottery ticket. All you have to do is use the promo code top10bestlotto. The biggest plus is the offer is on top of the Buy One Get One.

Buy One Get One Free

With this bonus offer, you can buy one ticket and get a second, free of charge, to the next draw. This offer is an excellent opportunity to try a service for the first time with a good chance of winning any prize. There’s nothing new about this bouns. Many other agents use it to attract new players.


Lotto Agent rewards any player who invites his friends to play. They credit the account with a bonus of $5, but only after the invitee buys his first ticket. It is always nice to bring a friend looking to play the lottery and get a nice reward for it. It’s a win-win situation, and few brands offer this deal.

Promotions on the site are straightforward and cross-industry. All operators use similar offers to attract players but at different rates. The gaming industry considers promotions a critical review aspect. But it is generic for the lottery vertical. Lotto Agent is missing an opportunity to bring new bonus offers that other agents do no. They put a lot of effort into the design but should put some into a bonus engine. It based the website on its platform and has complete control of it.

Banking Options and Terms

Lotto Agent attempt to include as many payment options as they can. This provides a good service to players from countries that have niche payment services.


To make a deposit and buy a ticket, you have to go to the Add Funds section. There you’ll complete the deposit process.

These are the payment methods that are available:

  • Visa – Instant processing and 0% commission, for US$/€/₹.
  • Mastercard – Instant processing and 0% commission, for US$/€/₹.
  • Maestro – Instant processing and 0% commission, for US$/€/₹.
  • Skrill – Instant processing and 0% commission, for US$/€.
  • Trustly – Instant processing and 0% commission, for US$/€.
  • Sticpay – Instant processing and 0% commission, for US$/€.
  • NETELLER – Instant processing and 0% commission, for US$/€.
  • WebMoney – Instant processing and 4% commission, for US$/Ք.


These are the withdrawal methods that are available:

  • Visa – Withdraw a minimum of $15 or a maximum of $3,000, with a processing time of between 1 and 3 days and a withdrawal commission of 5% with a minimum of US$3.5.
  • Mastercard – Withdraw a minimum of $15 or a maximum of $3,000, with a processing time of between 1 and 3 days and a withdrawal commission of 5% with a minimum of US$3.5.
  • Maestro – Withdraw a minimum of $15 or a maximum of $3,000, with a processing time of between 1 and 3 days and a withdrawal commission of 5% with a minimum of US$3.5.
  • Skrill – Withdraw a minimum of $15 or a maximum of $3,000, with a processing time of between 1 and 3 days and a withdrawal commission of 2%.
  • Sticpay – Withdraw a minimum of $15 or a maximum of $4,000, with a processing time of between 1 and 3 days and a withdrawal commission of 2%.
  • WebMoney – Withdraw a minimum of $15 or a maximum of $4,000, with a processing time of between 1 and 2 days and a withdrawal commission of 0.8%.
  • Bank transfer – Withdraw a minimum of $1,000 or a maximum of $100,000, with a varied processing time and a varied withdrawal commission.

Customer Support

Every lottery player needs to know there is someone on the other end of the line. That someone is there to assist in any case of an issue in real-time. Ideally, there would be little to no use of Customer Support.

Live Chat

A customer support representative is available. On a couple of instances, live chat provided a very kind, informative, and prompt service. They value your time as they value their own and address any issue ASAP. It is also available over different platforms, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Lotto Agent’s customer support is available 24/7 over the phone. Representatives are answering in various languages, and this is remarkable.

Email/Contact Form

The contact page on the site doesn’t have a direct email address. You can leave a message on the contact form, and it will reach customer support. They will get back to you by email. The response time is 24 hours, and it is reasonable.

Is Lotto Agent Legitimate or Fraud? Is It a Scam?

Based on the years I’ve been auditing Lotto Agent and the number of real lottery player reviews, I can determine with confidence that Lotto Agent is legit and trustworthy. It is one of the most reliable lottery agents.

Agento N.V. is the company that runs Agent Lotto. It is registered in Curaçao (#157283) and sub-licensed by the government of Curaçao (#GLH-OCCHKTW0705252017). All the details check out. There’s no attempt to hide the body behind the brands. Transparency is an indication of honesty.

Which Are the Best Alternatives to Lotto Agent?

If you’re looking for something else, have a look at my top list for a comparison between the 10 best websites. Only the highest-ranking websites reach that list. You can take a shortcut and try Lotto Kings, as it is equally great.

To Which Lottery Player is It For?

The site is relevant to all lottery players who come only for the lotteries and game types. Agent Lotto doesn’t offer side games yet. If you’re looking for additional games, like casino and sport betting, you find them with other brands.


Lotto Agent is doing great since it launched in 2012. Staying relevant this long is a strong vote of confidence from its players. They polished the product over the years and continued to build a leading lottery experience. The reliable customer support and clear record give this brand a perfect score. For this reason, they top my comparison tables. Other lottery agents are working hard to narrow the gap. Lotto Agent gets a sign of approval with ease. There are few that do lottery ticket carrying and betting so well. If you’re in the market for an online lottery ticket, give Lotto Agent a try. Good luck!

Pros / Cons
  • Buying an actual ticket and sending you a scanned copy
  • Impressive variety of payment methods supported
  • Invite A Friend Special – get $5 on every friend you bring to Agent Lotto
  • 24/7 support including live chat
  • Doesn’t support syndicate or systematic methods of lottery tickets