Lottery Strategy

With jackpots reaching hundreds of millions, who in their right mind doesn’t want to win the lottery? So, the next question that comes to mind, is there something you can do to turn odds in your favor? It can’t just be luck since there are several players who have won the lottery not only once, but multiple times. And, they swear in their strategies and systems of winning.

lotto strategy

It seems like they know the secret of winning, and it leaves us wondering, can we include some of those strategies and grab some of those life-changing sums for ourselves.

Can you incorporate a strategy to winning the lottery?

Most experts will tell you that there is no winning strategy when it comes to the lottery. They say that you can’t predict which lottery numbers get drawn since they are picked randomly. But knowing that there are people who managed to win the lottery a couple of times leaves us restless.

We don’t believe that we should just buy tickets, pick random numbers and hope for the best. It is simply not in human nature to stay still. We should do anything that is in our power to improve our chances. That means investigating, trying out new strategies, new tips, and tricks and see what works the best.

We should distinguish one thing at this point. What is winning for you? Are you aiming for the big money, or you are just fine with any kind of a win.  Let’s be honest here with you, you need to be very realistic here. A good strategy should be logically sound and should align with your goals.

The chances of predicting the jackpot numbers are very small, but if you are in for any kind of a win, then you have better chances of finding a formula that works for you. Remember, no strategy will guarantee that you will win every time. But, if you enjoy playing the lottery and hope to win then you won’t end up with tickets that are sunk cost.

Nowadays, you can find many different lottery strategies on YouTube even, videos promising that the first ticket you buy is the winning one. In our opinion, you should watch those videos with a sound mind. It is impossible to be hitting the jackpot consistently, right?

On the other hand, lottery operators go to great lengths to ensure that the draw is random. For instance, they switch the lottery machines, fine-tune their random number generators, just to name some. There are just so many variables included in the process so it is impossible to predict the winning numbers every time you decide to play the lottery.

Is there a guaranteed way to win the lottery?

As we said many times before, winning the lottery is an impossible task. Some people can play the lottery all their lives and not even coming close to a win. At the same time, there are people in the past that beat the system and won the lottery, not just once but a couple of times.

If you are a math wizard, you might have the key to winning the lottery. And the good news is that there are plenty of books claiming to be in-depth guides to hacking the lottery. You don`t have to buy and read them all since there are so many. But you should do a research and find the one you think is the best for you.

Don’t get us wrong. Not all the books that are sold on this topic are bogus. Some of them offer you an assurance of winning a certain amount, others help you choose better numbers. It would be suspicious if all the books were about winning the jackpot, right?

If you are not familiar with the statistics regarding lottery winners, then Richard Lustig won`t mean anything to you. But if you do simple research you will find out that he had won the lottery not once but seven times. Then he decided to write a 40-page booklet where he shares all his secrets behind his lottery wins. The name of the book is ‘Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery’ and you can have it for only $40.

richard lustig lottery strategy

Lottery critics, on the other hand, say that this book is not worth your time or money, but it is all up to you whether you want to check it out or not. Richard Lustig`s name is also connected to the book called ‘The Dominator’ but it seems that this is a scam and he is not even the author.

Another very popular name is Gail Howard. She has some of the most highly rated books on Amazon, like ‘Lottery Master Guide’ and ‘Lottery Winning Systems’. All of her books include a similar system known as lottery wheeling. This system helps you in generating combinations from a given set of numbers.

gail howard lotto strategy

This means that if you hit a certain number of matches, at least you will win a given amount or a prize tier. Gail Howard hasn’t won any jackpots yet, so we are slightly reluctant about her strategies. Though, we must point out that lottery wheeling does give better reassurance than just picking random numbers.

Pick 3 Lottery Strategies

Boxed bets are games that allow matches for winning numbers in any order. They are very popular since it is easier to score a win this way. Let`s see in detail what kind of bets these are. Namely, if you have bought a ticket with a ‘123’ combination, this means that if the winning numbers were drawn ‘312, your ticket is still a winner.


‘Straight’ bets require you to match winning numbers in the order they are drawn. So, you see the difference now.

There are also Pick 4 boxed bet options, and they are perfect if you want to level up your game.

Boxed bets are perfect for every beginner out there, because there is no better way than playing a game with better odds.

‘1 Number Guaranteed’ is another strategy that allows you to pick one number and playing it in 36 possible combinations for all positions. You need to remember that this system doesn’t cover all possible combinations.

This is a good strategy that does give you a good spread of combinations. For instance if you choose number 1, you`d have a list like this: 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019, 139, 145, 146, 147,148, 149, 156, 157, 158, 159, 167, 168, 169, 178, 179, and 189.

This system could be refined even further in combination with Frequency Analysis and Positional Tracking.

  • Frequency Analysis – this strategy is not exclusive to Pick 3 lotteries, but it is fairly easier to do when fewer numbers are included. This strategy follows the trends and tracks previous results. Numbers that appear more often are called ‘hot’ numbers, and numbers that rarely get drawn are called ‘cold’ numbers. For that reason, some players choose to play only ‘hot’ numbers hoping that they will guess the outcome of the game easier that way. Some players will play ‘cold’ numbers thinking that they are overdue for a draw. There are those that will mix ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers. It is all up to you how you decide to choose your numbers, but at least you are using a system and making a decision based on research rather than just picking numbers on a whim.
  • Positional Tracking – this method is considered to be adding just another layer to frequency analysis. So, not only it`s tracking how frequently a number comes up, but it’s also keeping track of which position a number tends to occupy. Both these trends can get so complicated so it is better to find software to do the job for you. Just imagine keeping track of 5 or 10 different digits across 3 positions, it won’t be easy.

These strategies will not guarantee a sure win, but they will help you be more organized when it comes to picking numbers.

Pick 4 Lottery Strategies

Lottery Wheeling is a method that is very popular when it comes to Pick 4 lotteries, but it’s not exclusive only to them. You can use it for any kind of lottery. This method is all about maximizing your chances with your chosen set of numbers.

Maximized Number Arrangement vs. Reduced Wheels

Maximized Number ArrangementReduced Wheels
Numbers draw in lottery66
Range covered in wheel1510
Matches needed for a win33
Number of combos covered420326
Amount of lines1010
Numbers used1,2,3,4,5,6,7,89,10,11,12,13,14,151,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
Wheel01, 02, 06, 07, 09, 1001, 02, 03, 04, 05, 10
Wheel01, 02, 08, 11, 12, 1301, 02, 03, 06, 07, 10
Wheel01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 0801, 02, 03, 08, 09, 10
Wheel01, 03, 07, 11, 14, 1501, 02, 04, 05, 08, 09
Wheel02, 03, 04, 09, 12, 1401, 03, 04, 06, 07, 09
Wheel02, 03, 05, 10, 13, 1501, 03, 05, 06, 07, 08
Wheel04, 05, 07, 09, 11, 1302, 04, 06,07, 09, 10
Wheel04, 06, 10, 11, 12, 1502, 05, 06, 07, 08, 10
Wheel05, 07, 08, 10, 12, 1403, 04, 05, 06, 08, 09
Wheel06, 08, 09, 13, 14, 1504, 05, 07, 08, 09, 10
3 ball combos200 out of 200 from 10 tickets120 out of 200 from 10 tickets
4 ball combos150 out of 150 from 10 tickets136 out of 150 from 10 tickets
5 ball combos60 out of 60 from 10 tickets60 out of 60 from 10 tickets
6 ball combos10 out of 10 from 10 tickets10 out of 10 from 10 tickets
Total ways to win420 from 10 tickets326 from 10 tickets
Increase chances of a win using LSA's MNA's system 94. That's 22.4% more or 94 extra chance of a win costing the same as a reduced wheel.

There are even many lottery wheel configurations you can find online and use them the next time you try to pick numbers.

The main advantage of this method is to win at least something. If you are aiming for any win, then this might be for you.  For instance, if you have a 6 number system for Pick 4 with a match 3 guarantee if 4 out of those 6 numbers are drawn. This means that if you have 4 out of 6 numbers than you have a match 3 prize at least.

Again, this doesn’t mean that you will be presented with a sure win or can guarantee you’ll hit the jackpot either. Lottery wheeling is just a nice way to ensure that you will win a certain amount at least.

Pairs or doubles analysis is another method that analyzes the probability of two numbers appearing together in a winning draw. In Pick 4 lotteries you can use a combination of other methods that we mentioned before, such as frequency analysis and positional tracking.  You need to find a reliable software if you want to be thorough here or use a spreadsheet if you believe that you can do a better job manually.

Once again, pairs or doubles doesn’t offer any guarantees since all the lottery operators do everything that is in their power to make each draw random.

Pick 5 Lottery Strategies

Odd or even number analysis is a method that helps you pick a wider number spread for your lottery ticket. According to this method, you should always bet with a mix of odd and even numbers.

PatternsExpected frequency
in 147 draws
Actual frequency
in 147 draws
3 odd and 3 even4844
4 odd and 2 even3642
2 odd and 4 even3436
5 odd and 1 even1310
1 odd and 5 even1210
6 odd and 0 even24
0 odd and 6 even21

This lotto strategy isn’t exclusive to Pick 5 games only, and it can be used from Pick 3 through Pick 6 games.

So, for a Pick 5 game you can make this combination:

  • 4 odd numbers and 1 even number
  • 3 odd numbers and 2 even numbers
  • 2 odd numbers and 3 even numbers.

The reason many choose this method is the fact that it encourages number variety. Any number can be picked at any time, but less people choose higher numbers, so if you do choose higher numbers, then you can be sure that not many people will have the same combination as yours. This means that if you win then you don`t have to split the prize with anyone else.

Sector analysis is a method that is strictly used for Pick 5 lotteries. This means that these lotteries have vastly bigger ranges and you are looking at numbers anywhere from 30+ to 50+. What sector analysis does is divide those numbers into 3 different sectors:

  • Low Sector which includes numbers from 1 – 15
  • Middle Sector which includes numbers from 16 – 30
  • High Sector which includes numbers higher than 30

The thing you need to do here is go through previous results and see which numbers are most likely to hit. If you find that the low sector is the one that offers the most frequent winning numbers than you should stick to numbers from 1 through 15.