Top Online Lottery Websites For US Visitors

Always wondering is online lottery legal in the US? Well, we gathered for you the only legitimate and legal online lottery websites that supply quality service for all major lottery raffles inside the U.S whether it is the Powerball, New York Lotto or Mega Millions – we have you covered.

Top Online Lottery Websites By Country

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Why here are only 2 lottery agents in the list?

This is a very common question we get from American clients that want to play lottery online but afraid its illegal.
Well, in this case like many others Top 10 Best Online Lotto have you covered – you see most of the online lottery operators out there forbid American clients to use their services to buy an online lottery ticket, but only 2 of them are 100% legal to allow that.

LottoKings and Wintrillions are the only operators that based outside the US and allow American clients to take full use of their services of acquiring lottery tickets for them to any big lottery around the world.