How We Rate and Rank Online Lottery Sites

We rate and review online lottery agents from around the world. Our readers trust our recommendations, but it’s also important to know how we rank the sites we mention. A lot of aspects, both objective and subjective, are put into our reviews to offer:

  • Clear reviews that you can understand
  • Comparable reviews

While we mention the top websites in the world, their features and games, there is so much more involved in the rating process than most of our readers understand.

Objective Review Aspects

We follow a set structure for our reviews that remains relevant today and years from now. By offering a structure that is familiar to our readers, we’re able to keep consistency. This means we provide a highly accurate review you deserve that focuses on all key aspects.

The main objective points of our reviews are:

1. Security, Safety, and Trust

Security is, for us, the most important factor when choosing an online lotto website. If the site is insecure, you’ll lose your deposit or may not be able to withdraw your winnings. It’s better for a site to have a handful of games and be trustworthy than hundreds of games and be riddled with security concerns.

Online agents take your information, store it on their servers and will have no issues taking your money.

When we rate online lottery websites, we will first consider security, safety and trust. We ensure these aspects of the site in a few key ways:

Malware and malicious software are a major security threat. If there are any “red flags” during a scan, we’ll be sure to mention them during the review process. It’s important to trust the site that you’re using. An additional aspect that we look at is if the site is using an SSL certificate.

If you’re depositing money or inputting sensitive information into a website or gambling platform, an SSL certificate ensures that this information is encrypted when transferred. There are some aspects of a site that we can’t examine, such as if the site salts and hashes their passwords, but we do our best to ensure a high level of security, safety and trust to the best of our ability.

2. Products and Games

An online gaming website that’s secure is a good start, but you also need a variety of games to play. The products and games may include:

  • Lottery
  • Casino
  • Live games
  • Sports betting
  • More

The games and products that are offered are what keep players coming back to the website over and over again. We do our best to list the most popular categories and their respective games or options, but keep in mind some of the larger sites have hundreds of games.

For brevity, we include the top games and expect our interested readers to check the site to see what additional games may be included.

We’ll check if the site has a variety of games or lotteries, what options are available, and try and determine if there are enough options to keep people invested in the platform. Some platforms cater to different players.

You might not want to play the lottery, so there’s no reason to focus on a platform that relies heavily on this type of feature. In an effort to help our readers find a platform that truly meets their needs, we’ll list a variety of alternative platforms to consider.

There’s also nothing wrong with choosing to play on multiple platforms. Variety is good for anyone in India that wants to experience online gambling.

3. Gameplay Features

When reviewing and rating online gambling websites, we take a careful look at the gameplay features that are offered.

These are features that enhance the gaming experience, such as Quick Pick options for lotteries or streamlined deposit and betting options. These relay first on the service model the website is providing – carrier, betting, or official.

We provide as much information as possible on the gameplay features that matter most to players. 

4. Platforms and Compatibility

There was a time when we wouldn’t have considered platforms and compatibility. People would play at an online lottery website using their personal computers, and screen sizes didn’t vary widely.

Today, the best lottery agents in the world put a major focus on compatibility and the ease of use of their platform.

We look, and mention, if a site offers:

  • Responsive web design practices ensure that the user’s screen size doesn’t impact the usability of the site. A responsive design will adjust the site and its elements to your screen to offer the best gaming experience possible.
  • Apps are also very important because today’s gamblers want to access their accounts and games from their smartphones. We check, and link to, the apps that are available and tell our readers what platforms are available.

Usability can mean the difference between a high-end rating or a platform that we might not recommend to our readers. 

5. Bonuses and Promotions

Want to attract new and returning players to an online lottery? Offer bonuses. Just like in traditional online casinos where they offer players bonuses for being new or playing a lot, online lotto uses these same bonuses and promotions.

We will check on all of the bonuses that are currently running and provide information on:

  • What the bonus offers
  • How to be eligible for the bonus
  • What requirements need to be met to claim the bonus

Keep in mind that while we do our utmost to list all bonuses, these bonuses can change at any time. We mention the current bonuses available to players at the time of writing each review. While bonuses shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when choosing a site to gamble on, they are enticing and should be considered when choosing an agent to join.

6. Banking Options

Banking is one of the features that a lot of players don’t consider when they sign up for a lottery website. The banking options may not meet your needs or allow you to deposit or withdraw money using your desired banking method.

We list all of the banking options offered by each lottery agent for deposits and withdrawals. We also provide information, when possible, on:

  • The requirements to make a withdrawal. A first-time withdrawal may require additional screening and verification from the website operator.
  • Minimum deposit requirements when applicable.
  • The terms and conditions of each payment method. For example, there may be fees for using certain types of payment options.

Since we cater to Indian players, we like to list all of the banking options you’ll find. It’s a good indicator of the lottery brand’s quality and commitment to players when they have numerous baking options offered.

7. Customer Support

What will you do if you have an issue with your account or when playing? Contact support. A lot of online gambling websites offer multiple support options, but there are a few that are very difficult to contact.

We look at all of the customer support options and list them for you.

The best sites in the industry offer:

  • Email support, which is one of the most common forms of support available
  • Phone support that allows you to speak to a real person about your issues
  • Live chat options, which are one of our favourite choices because they offer one of the fastest ways to get answers to your questions

When it comes to support, the more options, the better for the player. While this is not the first consideration when choosing an online lottery website, frequent players will appreciate the ability to reach a real person when they have any issues.

websites that lack customer support can be frustrating to use. In some cases, poor support is also a red flag and may indicate that the platform is not legitimate. For these reasons, we scrutinize the customer service offered by each platform that we review.

8. Localisation

Online lotto agents cater to players across the globe, so we feel that it’s important for them to offer a customised experience based on the player’s location. Casinos that have such a large global base should be adapting to the needs and desires of players in different countries.

This can mean:

  • Offering different language options.
  • Accepting a wide range of currencies.

When online casinos make their websites available in the user’s native language and accept their local currency, it enhances the user’s experience. 

Casinos that only accept a limited number of currencies or only have one or two language options make it more difficult for global users to confidently use their platforms. Language barriers can erode trust and make it difficult to understand the casino’s terms and conditions.

For Indian players, localisation is especially important. Online gambling is still a legal grey area in India. It’s imperative that players are able to make deposits via eWallets or in rupees to avoid breaking the law.

For this reason, we take localisation features very seriously. We want you to be able to play and make bets confidently. These features help you do that.

Subjective Review Aspects

The subjective aspects of our reviews are based on our opinions and impressions. We put a lot of time and effort into researching these aspects of online brands – lottery, casino, and sports betting – to provide unbiased and transparent opinions.

Two important things we look at with our subjective aspects are legitimacy and reputation. 

1. Is the Brand Legit or a Fraud/Scam?

When reviewing an online operator, one of the most important aspects is the credibility or legitimacy of the platform. The online gambling world is fraught with scams, and the last thing we want is for anyone to lose their hard-earned money. 

Yes, gambling is risky, but if you win, you should be paid out for your winnings. Unfortunately, there are more unsafe platforms out there than there are legitimate ones, and new ones launch frequently.

We take the time to research the brand and its platform and give our opinion on whether It’s legitimate or a fraud. Several things may be considered when determining legitimacy, including:

  • Licencing and regulation.
  • Awards or achievements the platform may have been awarded.
  • Celebrity ambassadors that may be tied to the platform.
  • Number of employees and revenue generated.

The key most important thing is to check whether the operator is licenced. Licencing ensures that the lottery, casino or sportsbook is following local regulations and complying with gambling laws.

Legitimate online operators will often be licenced in several countries to ensure that they can operate in these areas. 

If a brand has a reputation for not paying out winnings or just scamming players out of their money, people will be talking about it on forums and reviews. We scour the web to find as many first-hand experiences as possible to make a sound judgment on the legitimacy of the platform.

2. Reputation

Another important thing that we look at when reviewing agents is reputation. Reputation and legitimacy go hand-in-hand. While there are many legitimate and responsible online websites, there are also many that fail to pay out winnings or have other features that create a negative experience for the player. 

We want to make sure that we only recommend brands that have excellent reputations. To gauge reputation, we look at:

  • Reviews and comments from real players
  • Whether the platform has been sued for failure to pay or other violations of the law
  • Media reports (if possible)

Comments and reviews from actual players provide the best insight into the operator’s reputation. 


Why trust the reviews from top10bestonlinelotto? Because we consider the most important aspects of a betting platform, including:

  • Security, trust and safety
  • The variety of games offered
  • Standout gameplay features
  • Compatibility with devices
  • Promotions and bonuses offered
  • Deposit and withdrawal options
  • The quality of customer support
  • Localisation features
  • Legitimacy of the platform

Our reviews are complex because we take a close look at each online platform that we rate. You can feel confident that we have done our due diligence when reading our reviews. 

By providing you with as much information as possible about each online lottery agent, casino or sportsbook we review, you can make an informed decision on where to play and how to spend your gambling money. We believe that the factors listed above are the most important when considering any online gambling platform.

If you have any questions you’d like to raise or any additions you think should be included in our reviews, please contact us.

Best Online Lottery Websites

These are three of the highest ranking websites I reviewed. They are here because they excel at any of the ranking factors and have a clean record that leads to a great reputation.

1. Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent Logo

It is on the toplist for many years and countries as it is offering an excellent online lottery experience. The people behind the brand and experts in the field enjoy an unmatched user review. Read the review for the in-depth coverage. You can jump right in and start playing the lottery with Lotto Agent here.

2. The Lotter

The Lotter Logo

No list of top lottery brands is complete without The Lotter. This brand has been around for many years and you can find a long list of real jackpot winners who won world lotteries using their carrier service. Read more about The Lotter in our review or check out their website here.

3. Lotto Kings

Lottokings Logo

This is another excellent brand that is operated by a trusted company. LottoKings comes highly recommended by many players. It offers an excellent lottery experience, with a variety of draws and lotto related features. Read our review to find out more or play the lottery here.