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La Primitiva is one of the longest running lotteries in the world and is certainly a national favourite in its home nation of Spain. La Primitiva has been running since all the way back in 1763! Since then, of course the game has changed and the amount of money that is being won is a lot more than it was when it first started. But nonetheless, it is extremely impressive that a single lotto game has been running for such a long period of time.

When La Primitiva first started in the 18th century it was a lotto game where players chose 5 numbers from a selection of 90. The lotto ran in this form until 1862 when it was stopped. There were other lottos running in Spain that where of more interest to the locals than what La Primitiva was offering, so there was no need for it and it was stopped.

The years rolled by and Spain had all but forgotten about its former love – La Primitiva. This was until 1985 when Loteria Primitiva was brought back to Spain as a part of their national lottery or Loteria Nacional. This was the big turning point in the fortune of La Primitiva.

It was at this point, in 1985, that the game was changed from the pick 5 from 90 options format to the currently used format of picking 6 numbers from a selection of 49. La Primitiva then rapidly grew in popularity and is now run twice a week offering huge jackpots every single time.

The Jackpot of La Primitiva is now set at a minimum value of 3 million Euros and is only won by matching all of your six numbers with the six numbers that where drawn in the lotto plus you also have to match the Reintegro number which is a number that is randomly printed on every lotto ticket issued.

Of course when the jackpot is not won, it will simply roll over to the next week and the jackpot will grow in size. At the time of writing the largest jackpot ever won on the La Primitiva was 73 million Euros which occurred after the jackpot rolled over an incredible 39 times! This all happened at the start of 2014 and was won by two lucky players who matched all six numbers as well as the Reintegro number.

La Primitiva is a great lotto and is certainly something that all lotto lovers should get involved with when they get a chance

The Odds of Winning La Primitiva

1Match 6 + 1 Bonus1:139,838,160
2Match 61:15,537,573
3Match 5 + 1 Bonus1:2,330,636
4Match 51:55,491
5Match 41:1,032
6Match 31:56.6
7Match 0 + 1 Bonus1:10

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