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UK National Lottery

The UK’s National Lottery is a country wide passion for many residents and hopefuls looking to be the world’s newest millionaire. The National Lottery itself has been around for over 20 years and has made many people into millionaires in that time. The lottery itself is operated by the Camelot Group who are widely respected as a great lottery organisation. To make sure everything is above board there is also the UK National Lottery Commission who regulate all of the goings on within the National Lottery in the UK.

One major difference with the National Lottery in the UK as compared to many other lotteries in the world is that all the winnings from the National Lottery are paid out in a single lump sum. Most other countries will issue payments yearly up to the sum of the total amount won as default but offer a smaller amount if the winner wants it as a single cash lump sum. The UK only offers the lump sum to winners.

The National Lottery was originally started in 1994 in the UK under the government of John Major. In the UK for a lottery to be legal it has to be officially authorized by the government otherwise it is considered illegal as per the statute of 1698. However in 1994, John Major’s government brought the National Lottery into existence.

The main lotto game on offer by the National Lottery is a simple pick 6 numbers out of a choice of 49. Players can either choose the numbers themselves or they can choose what is known as “lucky dip” which is an option whereby the numbers will be randomly assigned by the machine issuing the lottery ticket.

Much like other 6 in 49 type lotteries, the UK lotto also draws an extra “bonus” ball which will help out all those that managed to match 5 of their main numbers with the main draw. The bonus ball will give them another chance to match their 6th number.

As of 2013 the minimum jackpot that the National Lottery offers in the “New Lotto” is a figure of £10,000,000. The highest jackpot to ever be awarded by the lotto is a staggering £163,000,000. That is enough for anyone to live a very nice life.

The National Lottery is loved inside and outside the UK alike and is one of the most popular lotteries offering nice jackpots. If you are getting involved in the lotto world then checking out the UK National Lottery should definitely be on your to do list.

Want to enjoy a FREE ticket to the world’s greatest lotteries?