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  • Draw days: Saturdays
  • Numbers to pick : 6/45
  • Win odds: 1:85
  • Jackpot odds: 1:8,145,060
  • Biggest Jackpot: AU$1,000,000

The Saturday Lotto was launched in Australia in the year 1972. It was introduced by the lottery giant Tattersall and this lottery has been running for forty years. The Saturday Lotto is widely played in New South Wales and Western Australia. It is still played in the rest of Australia but in different names. For example, it is known as the Gold Lotto in Queensland and is known as the X Lotto in South Australia. And it is known as the TattsLotto in Victoria, Tasmania, ACT, and the Northern Territory.

The first draw for the Saturday Lotto was on 24th June 1972.


How to play Saturday Lotto

The Saturday Lotto as the name suggests draws numbers every Saturday. The structure of the game is simple. Each weeknight eight balls are drawn. These are the winning numbers. Apart from the eight numbers, two numbers known as the supplementary numbers. These numbers allow players to win prizes even if they don’t match the winning numbers. The prizes are divided into divisions. In order to win division one, which has the highest prize, players have to match six out of the eight numbers drawn. This significantly increases the chance of winning for the players. In Australian lotteries, the prizes are usually won by syndicates of two or more people. The prize gets divided between the winners. The first division has an estimate of $4 million that winners can take home.

The Saturday lotto has an additional feature known as the Superdraws. This offers division one prizes and prizes larger than that. The winning amount can come up to $20 million and more.

The draw for Saturday lotto happens every Saturday night on the live broadcast at 7.30 PM AEST.

Who can play Saturday Lotto

Anyone above the age of 18 can play Saturday Lotto. Players from anywhere in the world can also participate in the lottery via an online website. However, if a non-resident’s and international players will be bound the laws of the country they are playing from.


The odds of winning a Saturday Lotto

There are totally six divisions in which players can win the prizes. The divisions are slightly different from how the tiers of prizes are normally divided. The winner i.e. the first division winners will have matched six numbers. The odds of winning this is 1 in 8,145,060. The second division winners match five numbers + supplementary. The odds of winning this division is 1 in 626,543. The third division winners match five numbers and the odds for this 1 in 34,659. For the fourth division, players match four numbers with odds 1 in 718 on their side. And for the fifth division, they have to match three numbers with either one or two supplementary numbers. For this, the odds of winning was 1 in 210. And finally, to win the sixth division with the odds 1 in 85, players matched one or two numbers with two supplementary numbers.

JackpotPick 61:8,145,060
2Pick 5 + 11:678,755
3Pick 51:36,689
4Pick 41:733
5Pick 3 + 1 or 21:297
6Pick 1 + 2 or pick 2 + 21:144

Payments and Costs for Saturday Lotto

The tickets for Saturday lotto cost AU2 for a single player to play one single line draw. This applies to both online and offline purchases. The additional features such as the Quick Pick, Syndicate tickets etc. will have additional charges based on the player’s choice. All details for these can be found on the Tatts website.

Claiming the prize money

The players can claim their prize online and offline depending on where they have purchased it. The players will receive an email notification if they have purchased the tickets online. In this case, the prize money will be automatically transferred into the registered online account. The speed of transfer of the prize money depends on the division that the player has won. Division 1 winners will be given their prize money within the next 24 days from which the winning numbers are drawn and announced. Division 2 players will be paid within the next eight days of the draw. For all the other winners since the prize money will be lesser, they will be paid within the next 24 hours of the draw. Once the prize money is transferred into the winner’s online account they can choose to withdraw it or use this money for further purchases of lottery tickets.

The process for claiming the prize money if the ticket has been purchased directly from an authorized retailer is slightly different. The claiming process depends on the prize won by the player. The price can be cleaned at any of the Tatts outlets if the amount is less than $1500. However, the ticket can be claimed only in the jurisdiction where it was originally bought. There may be slight differences from one jurisdiction to another. For example, in Victoria, you can claim the prize at any of the Tatts quick outlets if the amount is $200 or less. 4 prices between $1500 and $3999 the prices can be claimed at any of the outlets depending on the outlet’s discretion. If the particular outlet has the required funds to pay the winner they are authorized to make any immediate payment necessary or arrange for an alternative method of payment. For prizes more than AU$4000 and less than AU$24,999, outlets have to get authorization from TattsLotto before transferring the money. First division winners who won more than AU$24,999 must collect the prize from TattsLotto office within two weeks of the draw.

Tax payments for Saturday Lotto

The Saturday Lotto is tax-free for Australian citizens and residents. International players will be bound to their country’s taxation laws. It is for the winner to let the authorities know of any significant win.


The Australian lotteries have always contributed towards many social causes. Some of the iconic Australian wonders we known today such as the Sydney Harbor Bridge were built because of the lotteries.


The Saturday Lotto is a highly anticipated lottery by players everywhere. The chances of winning big prizes weekly keep the players engaged and interested.

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