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  • Draw days: Tuesdays
  • Numbers to pick: 7/45
  • Win odds: 1:55
  • Jackpot odds: 1:45,379,620
  • Biggest Jackpot: AU$111,972,151

With tickets costing only AU$1 and offering players the chance of winning something 1 in 55 attempts, it’s no wonder that Oz Lotto is one of the most favored lotteries in Australia. It has been around for over two decades too, so they really know what they are doing and keep the people of Australia happy as well as many people from further afield who decide to chance their arm at the Australian Oz Lotto.

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Oz Lotto

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Tuesday, 10 Jan 2023

7102627373842 333447

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Tuesday, 17 Jan 2023

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Having been founded just over a week after Valentine’s Day in 1994, it is obvious why the world of lotto loves the Oz Lotto. Ever since then the Oz lotto has grown from strength to strength. Each line of numbers will set you back only a single AU$. For said AU$ you will have to choose 7 numbers from a selection of 45, then two extra numbers on top of that.

The two extra balls that are drawn, also known as the supplementary numbers are only used for the 2nd 4th and 7th prizes for the Oz Lotto. The supplementary balls do not play a part in the jackpot win; to win that you only have to match all of the 7 main numbers. For the 2nd, 4th and 7th prizes, you need to math 6, 5 and 3 main numbers respectively along with a supplementary number.

1Pick 71:45,379,620
2Pick 6 + 11:3,241,401
3Pick 61:180,078
4Pick 5 + 1 or 21:29,602
5Pick 51:3,340
6Pick 41:154
7Pick 3 + 1 or 21:87

The draw of the Oz Lotto happens on a Tuesday every single week of the year. With the minimum jackpot for the Oz Lotto set at a very good amount of AU$2 million. The Oz Lotto is also a rollover lotto so every time the jackpot prize goes un-won it will continue growing until someone eventually wins it.

In 2012 the jackpot had rolled over many times and accumulated to its peak in November of the same year. It was in this November, of 2012, that the jackpot was finally won. It was split between 4 winners, who all took home the sum of AU$27 million each. That was a rolled over jackpot of AU$106.5 million in total – which is the largest jackpot in the Oz Lotto to date.

For all of those who love the lotto, maybe you play the lotto in your country or even some of you may already be hardcore lotto lovers and play many from all around the world on your favorite online lotto provider, Oz Lotto is a great place to get some thrills and potentially win some nice amounts of money.

Results Date Main Numbers Lucky Numbers
January 2023
Tuesday 10th January 7102627373842 333447
Tuesday 3rd January 7202430354143 171940
December 2022
Tuesday 27th December 481219212733 71624
Tuesday 20th December 9101214272937 314047
Tuesday 13th December 11131725353738 142342
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