LottoKings are Now Offering Ticket Bundles for All Major Lotteries

One of the world’s top lottery website – LottoKings offers you a great deal for your next ticket purchase: 5 tickets at a substantial low price.

For a website that doesn’t need much of an introduction, LottoKings always try to bring new deals and offers to its customers. This one caught our attention in the past few weeks and we believe you should definitely give it a try.

We wrapped up for you all the prices in one place, just like always we work hard for you so all you will have to do is just click and purchase your next ticket.

But wait! we have a special treat for you here, when you get to the checkout use the Promo Code “MYKINGS” that will secure you additional 10% off your purchase.

The Ticket Prices – How Much Do I Pay Per Ticket

  • Mega Millions – 5 Tickets in $12.50, that’s $2.5 per ticket. Apply “MYKINGS” promo code and each ticket will cost you $2.25
  • Powerball – 3 Tickets in $10.50, that’s $3.5 per ticket. Apply “MYKINGS” promo code and each ticket will cost you $3.15
  • SuperEnalotto – 3 Tickets in $10.50, that’s $3.5 per ticket. Apply “MYKINGS” promo code and each ticket will cost you $3.15
  • Euro Millions – 5 Tickets in $15, that’s $3 per ticket. Apply “MYKINGS” promo code and each ticket will cost you $2.7
  • California Super Lotto – 5 Tickets in $12.50, that’s $2.5 per ticket. Apply “MYKINGS” promo code and each ticket will cost you $2.25
  • Oz Lotto – 4 Tickets in $11.80, that’s $2.95 per ticket. Apply “MYKINGS” promo code and each ticket will cost you $2.65
  • Florida Lotto – 5 Tickets in $12.50, that’s $2.5 per ticket. Apply “MYKINGS” promo code and each ticket will cost you $2.25
  • Hoosier Lotto – 5 Tickets in $25, that’s $5 per ticket. Apply “MYKINGS” promo code and each ticket will cost you $4.5
  • France Loto – 5 Tickets in $30, that’s $6 per ticket. Apply “MYKINGS” promo code and each ticket will cost you $5.4
  • EuroJackpot – 5 Tickets in $32.50, that’s $6.5 per ticket. Apply “MYKINGS” promo code and each ticket will cost you $5.85

How Do I Purchase a Ticket Bundle

Simply use the fast bundle link in the main menu (see image below), fill the promo code “MYKINGS” in the checkout window and confirm your order – that’s it!

LottoKings Ticket Bundle Icon

LottoKings Ticket Bundle Icon

A Few More Facts You Need to Know on LottoKings

One of the great things in LottoKings, and we mentioned that quite often in its reviews is that it supports customers from all over the world and one of the few that accepts customers from US as well. That capability is making its offer one of the best ones online and enables you lottery fans to take advantage of it.

And if that’s not closing the deal tight enough on your end, check out LottoKing’s amazing Triple Satisfaction Guarantee that ensures you the ultimate lottery experience.

This policy of LottoKings ensures you will be refunded, no questions asked if one of the following conditions apply:

  1. If you do not win any prizes in the first 30 days
  2. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our product
  3. If our site or service are not up to standard

In addition, LottoKings are offering one of the best customer service around – with its Live Support chat. You can talk to a representative throughout the day if any questions are raised on the service or the lottery offers you see on the site.

Luck stroked you and won? LottoKings ensures that 100% of the prize is yours!

So what are you waiting for? give LottoKings a try now and enjoy this great discount


World Lottery Club Enhance Its Offers – Now With Slot Games

The guys at WLC not satisfying with a perfect online lottery experience – after launching the successful scratchcards section a new section is now launched with some exciting slot games.

World Lottery Club has been and still is one of our most favorable brands, its been there since 2011 and always evolving – ultimately bringing the ultimate lottery and gaming experience to its users from around the world.

The new Games section is all about slots, over 20 games are already there such as the likes of: Dracula’s Family, Atari Asteroids, Bloodshot and The Three Stooges and most importantly its translated to 6 different languages including Chinese!

World Lottery Club Games Section

World Lottery Club Games Section

Each game offers, quite the same as the scratchcard games, a demo mode and a “real money” mode. You can also enter the pay tables section where you can find additional data and RTP (return to player) ratio for each game.

For those of you who are unaware RTP rate is the percentage of all the wagered money a slot machine will pay back to players over time. For example, if you make a hundred $1 bets on a machine on which the RTP is 90%, you might expect to get back about $90 in wins. So obviously you should prefer games with as highest RTP ratio as possible.

We want to use this article to answer a question we keep getting all the time regarding World Lottery Club: IS IT LEGIT?

Well, that’s probably one of the most easiest questions to answer and we will use 3 simple facts to support our claim that World Lottery Club is 100% legit and legal:

  1. Its completely regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission – here’s the complete licence info
  2. Operating since 2011, that’s much more than most lottery operators out there
  3. Has already proven it can bring winners – check out for yourself this great article in the Mirror

If you’re still not convinced, we sure you’ll find all the answers on the full article we made on this matter.

To conclude, this new Games section in World Lottery Club is fun, entertaining and brings a completely new flavour to the already extensive choice of selections this website has. From the world’s greatest jackpots to Scratchcards and slot games – all is now available on World Lottery Club!

Atari Asteroids Slots on World Lottery Club

Atari Asteroids Slots on World Lottery Club


World Lottery Club Offers a New Euromillions-Scratchcards Bundle

World Lottery Club is probably turning to one of the biggest online lottery websites out there on the web. With a fully regulated and licensed brand in the UK, ever-changing deals and new features – you simply can’t go wrong with them.

In the past few months we already published several articles on WLC great offers: World Lottery Club Now Offers Online Scratchcards and Is World Lottery Club Legit? We Gave It A Close Look all pointing out that this website excels in 3 main aspects:

  1. Trust and 100% Legal
  2. Innovative promotions
  3. A perfect customer experience

And now, WLC is bringing one of the best offer we’ve seen in a while for Euromillions: Get 2 bets for the next Euromillions jackpot + 10 free scratchcards – only for £0.98 ($1.2)!

Euromillions is huge among lottery fans in UK and Europe in general, which turns this deal to an absolute must.

World Lottery Club Euromillions Offer

World Lottery Club Euromillions OfferNow imagine yourself hitting the next big jackpot with World Lottery Club, with the new deal offered here you can even win up to £1,000 with the popular Dragon Scrolls scratchcards given free to those who claim the deal.

Fancy for some more scratchcards action? check this website rankings for scratchcards sites

So what are you waiting for? go to WLC website and enjoy this limited time offer

Online Lottery On The Go – Great Online Lottery Apps

Once online lottery was introduced to the world, it gave each and everyone, not matter where they live, a fair chance to win some of the major jackpots from around the world.

As of this moment, there are dozens of online lottery lottery websites out there – some of them are trustworthy and some you should definitely stay from. But those who really stands out in superb lottery experience also did an “extra mile” towards a lottery experience the customer can take anywhere he goes with his mobile or tablet.

In this article we will cover the best online lottery apps that truly deliver a high quality gaming experience to its users and rank them. Its clear from the first minute of reviewing which one of the operators truly invested time and effort in developing a quality app and which one simply took their mobile website and framed in a mobile app framework.

We recommend to check our online operator reviews before choosing one’s mobile application.

No. 3

WinTrillions logo

It was such a disappointment to see WinTrillions, one of all time favorite lottery websites – to have such an awful mobile app experience. We downloaded WinTrillions app for iOS devices and were sad to realize the app simply doesn’t work on Apple’s recent iOS version.

Then, after we managed to get the app running in an older iOS version the app delivered the same experience as the mobile optimized website, without any true native components that such an application must have. In addition, WinTrillions doesn’t offer an android app for relevant mobile devices.

Given the fact Wintrillions is one the only lottery websites that allow US citizens to use its services, its totally unclear how such a big name in the online lottery world couldn’t find the resources needed to bring a proper mobile app experience to its existing and new acquired users.

Check WinTrillions website

No. 2

Lottoland logo

One of the best online lottery operator in the UK, fully licensed and regulated – Lottoland delivers a top notch experience even on the go with its mobile apps. Lottoland’s award winning app offers you to bet on lottery draws from all over the world directly from your iPhone or android device, view account & game history, get automatic win notifications and enjoy special offers and discounts.

One of Lottoland’s greatest advantages is its compatibility to a wide variety of languages – this is relevant to both its website and mobile apps (a local version to selected languages is available in the relevant App Stores). In addition, Lottoland took its mobile experience seriously and developed an app that’s fun to play with and its a must for every lottery fan – truly worth a try.

Check Lottoland’s website


TheLotter logo

This was quite an easy task to point out which online lottery website delivers the best mobile experience out there – make way for The Lotter. This online lottery heavyweight developed a separate native app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The Lotter’s mobile app is available in a wide range of languages: English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Swedish.
Alongside its great support in multi languages in The Lotter mobile app for iOS and Android you can enjoy all the following great features:

• Instant Lottery Results Checker for all major lotteries
• Enter your numbers and find out if you’ve won
• Official Lottery Tickets – securely scanned, easily accessible
• Beat the Odds – strength in numbers – boost your chances with lottery syndicates
• Receive all-important jackpot alerts directly to your phone
• Buy lottery tickets online for over 45 lotteries

And many many more features – its simply a must app for every lottery fan!

Check TheLotter’s website

Found our article useful for you? don’t miss our blog, constantly updated with online lottery news and recent offers.

Best Online Lottery Sites – April 2017

Every month we’re bringing you the most updated ranking for all online lottery websites out there on the web, all allowing you to participate in the world’s greatest jackpots: whether its American Powerball or Mega Millions or the big European jackpots like Euro Jackpot or Euromillions.

The chart for April 2017 is all around special bonuses and current promotions offered you by the different online lottery websites. Not like the main ratings on our site the monthly charts will concentrate only on the top 5 performing operators that have the best offers right now.

So, without further ado lets start with this month’s ratings:

No. 5

LottoKings (Formerly known as CongaLotto)

Formerly known CongaLotto is keep bringing you super prices for the big US jackpots: 50% off for Powerball (using promo code: CGLPB50) and 40% off for Mega Millions (using promo code: CGLMM40). Pay attention Conga Lotto along with Win Trillions are the only websites that can serve clients from the U.S and that’s a big advantage comparing to the other sites on the list.

CongaLotto’s team will do all they can to keep you satisfied with the lottery experience on their site and to ensure it they’re presenting the “Triple Satisfaction Guarantee” – which means: money back, no questions asked on all the following 3 cases: no win after 30 days of subscription, lack of satisfaction from the product and lack of satisfaction from the level of the customer service.

Convinced? Give LottoKings a try by clicking this link

No. 4


One of our favorites for a very long time, Lotto Agent is probably the best choice you can have starting your way in the online lottery fun. However, it lacks of major promotions for the upcoming month. Besides its great service and buy 1 get 1 offer, you can find exclusive raffles such from the house of Loteria Nacional that has one of the best winning odds in the entire world: 1 to 3!!

LottoAgent is one of the few operators that buys for its customers a real ticket (and not a bet on a lottery numbers) and scan it to their systems. Its customer service is one of the best in the market and has regular promotions throughout the year.

Ready to try Lotto Agent great lottery services? click here

No. 3

World Lottery Club Black Logo

Probably one of the most respected operator for UK customers, World Lottery Club is fully regulated by the UK Gaming Commission and has at the moment one of the best offers in the market to beat: 2 bets for the next Euromillions draw + 10 free scratchcards for just £0.98 (approximately $1.2).

Its long lasting reputation along with multilingual support, ensures a top notch gaming experience to customers arriving from all over the world.

Enjoy World Lottery Club great welcome offer using this link

No. 2

TheLotter logo

A regular member of our top 3 ranking, The Lotter has a long lasting proven capability to deliver one of the most exciting, secure and diversified lottery experience. Just a quick look in its special offers section sets a comfortable on-boarding process to The Lotter services.

Along with a proven record to make lottery millionaires, The Lotter has probably the widest range of supported languages (15!) as well as great tools to help every lottery fan reach a wise decision on the chosen numbers for the next jackpot.

Want to take a chance on the serial millionaire maker The Lotter – click here

No. 1

WinTrillions logo

And the #1 spot for April 2017 is WinTrillions, so many reasons why this pick was chosen: one of the few lottery websites that accepts customers from the U.S, special ticket deals changing daily, syndicate option and participation in worldwide lottery raffles (probably the widest rage of raffles) and an exclusive membership feature that’s offers you 3 key features:

  • Enjoy an enhanced playing experience and more chances to win
  • Play exclusive games and receive exclusive promotions and discounts
  • Enjoy unique bonus benefits every time you play

Ready to take your chances on the next big jackpot – jump to Wintrillions

All lottery websites above ensures you a top lottery experience, but only a few truly stands out. Keep tracking our monthly rankings and our extensively detailed reviews to know all there is to know on online lottery.

World Lottery Club Now Offers Online Scratchcards

All the major online lottery websites are enhancing their services lately with new and cool features, World Lottery Club is no different and has a brand new section on the website dedicated for exciting online scratchcards.

As opposed to their competition at LottoKings, World Lottery Club offers a much wider selection of games – 12 as opposed to 7 by LottoKings. Prizes vary from £1000 to £125,000 and the participation cost starts at the super cheap price of £0.50.

Games available at the moment are: Santa’s Workshop, Dragon Scrolls, Cash Cuisine, Cops And Robbers, Barn Ville, Rio Bingo, Atari Star Raiders, Ocean Fortune, Lucky Irish, Fruit Basket, Mega Love and Zodiac Fortune. All games are supplied by Gibraltar based Pariplay which is one of the top online scratchcards supplier out there.

Cops and Robbers Scratchcard - Biggest Prize Available On This Game

Cops and Robbers Scratchcard – Biggest Prize Available On This Game

Pariplay’s games odds are being verified by Gaming Associates, which is key factor to ensure you playing a safe and fair game. At our reviews we always have a suspicious eye for any operator’s activity and do our best to make sure we can validate that they are not scams. World Lottery Club, as a respected lottery brand is expected and delivers, as always, a fair and enjoying online gaming experience.

If you wish the get the maximum out the scratchcards experience, WLC offers you up to 16% discount if you buy a pack of several games rather than just one – not only those packs are improving your odds to win one of the great prizes for each games, they also save you money and we highly recommend to give them a try.

To conclude

Scratchcards are always a fun game to play, prizes are high and participation cost is affordable, so while you’re waiting to see if you got the next big lottery jackpot don’t miss a chance to have some scratchcards action at World Lottery Club.

Want to Try World Lottery Club Scratchcards?

LottoKings Offering You up to $300,000 in Scratch Cards Prizes

As a brand that stands firm on providing nearly perfect user experience, LottoKings (formerly known as Congalotto) is adding another winning product to their basket.

LottoKings Scratch cards are now available to play, offering prizes up to $300,000 (this specific prize is live on Fruit Basket scratch card). Each game has dedicated money prizes and tickets starts at $0.5.

Fruit Basket Scratch Card

Fruit Basket Scratch Card – largest money prize is available on this one: up to $300,000

The games variety is a bit disappointing to our taste: just 7 games available, each one has a different theme and sets of prizes attached to it. However, we expect LottoKings to keep adding more games to this new section in the near future.

You can save up to 10% of the tickets price by purchasing a large bundle of tickets, this can also dramatically improve your odds to win of the game’s money prizes. Next to each game there is the winning odds starting at 1 in 2.82 (means that averagely every ~3 attempt at this specific scratch card results a win).

The games are supplied from the Gibraltar’s based games supplier: Pariplay. The scratch cards are highly entertaining and some of them even contains old time favorites such as Atari’s Star Raiders. More games that available at the moment are: Cash Cuisine, Cops & Robbers, Dragon Scrolls, Fruit Basket, Mega Love and Zodiac Fortune.
To conclude – Lottokings ever growing product range has now a new exciting addition to try your luck with – the scratch cards. So while you’re waiting to hit the major lottery jackpots from around the world you can use some spare change to give the new scratch cards a try – maybe you will enjoy a mini jackpot before the draw.

Try LottoKing’s Scratch Cards now and let the fun begin

theLotter’s Exclusive Millionaires Club – Be Amazed by True Stories

Out of hundreds of online lottery websites that operate right now across the globe, theLotter is one of the websites that truly delivers mouth dropping success stories of online lottery winners.
Being active in the online lottery market since 2002, theLotter is in charge for the most famous online lottery winners – some of them even got serious viral echo all over the world.
We gathered for you the top stories of theLotter winners from the last few years that simply drives you to try your luck yourself in one of the world’s biggest lottery draws, regardless to where you live: whether its Canada, Australia, Europe, South Africa, South America or Asia.

Start your journey to become the next winner story with theLotter

The $1,000,000,000 Club

theLotter delivered so far 3 Online Powerball winners – each won a million dollars:

On 27th of February 2016, P from Quebec in Canada tried theLotter’s services and bought an online ticket to the US Powerball that reached a staggering jackpot of $1 billion.
P was shocked to find out he won right after this draw and joined the luxurious $1 million club of theLotter winners.

P from Quebec - $1,000,000 Winner

P from Quebec – $1,000,000 Winner


H.V from El Salvador also tried for the first time to send a Powerball ticket using theLotter’s website, the result was a massive $1 million win as part of the 2nd Prize for the biggest jackpot ever drawn in Powerball – $1.6 billion. Now the lucky pensioner has all the time in the world to travel and enjoy spending this huge prize.

El Salvador Winner of a $1,000,000 with The Lotter

El Salvador Winner of a $1,000,000 with The Lotter

B.U, a British lottery fan from London won back in 2012 a $1 million prize and even enjoyed a fancy trip to Florida (funded by theLotter) to claim and collect his winnings – B.U reached a smart decision and consulted immediately with a financial advisor that supplied B.U and his wife tools to enjoy this prize for as long as possible.

$1,000,000 Lottery Winner from U.K

$1,000,000 Lottery Winner from U.K


All these stories – as crazy as they are were only the warm-up to theLotter’s biggest win.

The Iraqi Lottery Winner That Shocked The World

On 24 Aug 2015 M.M from Iraq that used theLotter’s services in purchasing an online ticket for the Oregon Megabucks draw, was amazed to discover his lucky numbers came up and that he is now the sole claimer for a $6.4 million prize.

theLotter flew M.M across the world to claim the prize and started a viral buzz all over the world. The story got to the main headlines of acclaimed newspapers and tv channels such as: The New York Times, Associated Press, NBC and many more.
M.M incredible winning story got thousands of lottery fans from all over the world to use theLotter’s service to purchase lottery tickets from them right from the comfort of their home. You can be the next lottery millionaire too – visit theLotter website and join.

Iraqi Lottery Winner of $6.4 Million

Iraqi Lottery Winner of $6.4 Million


More Life changing lottery wins

S. from Russia took a chance on the Austrian Lotto using theLotter’s website, his life changed completely once he and his wife discovered they won €824,000! theLotter took care of S. and booked him a flight to Vienna to collect the prize.

A.K from Latvia tried his luck with Italian Superenalloto using theLotter’s site and successfully nailed 74 lines out of the 84 he played – eventually leading him to the whopping prize of €578,079.

B.G from Spain purchased on theLotter a multi draw subscription for US Mega Millions a decision that paid off for him bigtime on 2012 when he won the second prize of the Mega Millions: a $250,000 check.

theLotter’s vast experience in delivering a top notch online lottery experience no matter where you are in the world firmly place this operator on the top of lottery websites ranking. The never-ending list of REAL winners simply shows you’re safe with theLotter in purchasing your next lottery ticket.

Start your journey to become the next winner story with theLotter


How To Get A FREE Powerball Lottery Ticket With Lottoland

Following our recent article How To Buy Powerball Tickets Online – 2016 Review we recieved many comments from lottery fans all over the world who are excited about this amazing offer from Lottoland but have issues using it.

Therefore we will show you in this article how you can use this amazing offer – step by step. Before we get started, important to mention 2 main conditions to this extraordinary offer:

  1. This FREE Powerball lottery ticket offer available only for new Lottoland customers. If you already have an account there, you cant use the voucher code.
  2. The offer is not open for US citizens – all other countries are applicable.

If you matched the 2 conditions mentioned above you are now free to use this amazing FREE Powerball lottery ticket offer

Step by Step How To Get A FREE Powerball Lottery Ticket Online

Step 1 – Click on the following link, Lottoland’s homepage will be open in a new window

Step 2 – On the bottom of the main banner click on the link “View all Free Line Offers”

Step 1 on How to Get A FREE Powerball Lottery Ticket

Click on “View all Free Line Offers”

Step 3 – Now you should get a list of all free line offers Lottoland has to offer, scroll down the browser and you should see a dedicated offer for Powerball lottery, below the voucher code UKPBFREELINE you should click on the green button “Get Your Free Line”

Step 3 on How to Get A FREE Powerball Lottery Ticket

Step 3 on How to Get A FREE Powerball Lottery Ticket

Step 4 – The system will automatically generate you lucky numbers, and you should see them on screen alongside with a green button, click on it.

Step 4 on How to Get A FREE Powerball Lottery Ticket

Step 4 on How to Get A FREE Powerball Lottery Ticket

Step 5 – fill in your details, click on Next and you should receive a thank you message that ensures your ticket is saved and successfully placed.

Now all you have to do is wait to the next Powerball draw and see if you’re about to become a millionaire!

How To Buy Mega Millions Tickets Online – 2016 Review

After we received great comments on our How to Buy Powerball Tickets Guide, it was more than obvious we will bring you the same great research on Mega Millions ticket prices, so here it is: the full guide on how to buy Mega Millions ticket online.

Mega Millions is the 2nd best lottery in the US, jackpot prizes are beaten only by Powerball – but yet this one of the most popular lotteries by American and now thanks to online lottery: players from all over the world as well.

In the table below we gathered all the best deals available for Mega Millions tickets online, these tickets are available for players from all over the world and for your continence we converted the currency figures from all the different operators to US Dollars so you can easily compare between the different offers.

Its important to understand participating in the Mega Millions draw using an online ticket is 100% safe and available to participants from all over the world. Whether you’re from Canada, Russia, South Africa or Australia, it doesn’t matter – you can simply participate from anywhere in the world.

Still not convinced – take a look at one of many online lottery success stories published here at Top 10 Best Online Lotto.

So, we gathered all the best deals we can get for you to buy your next Mega Millions ticket online, pay attention to all the additional details since some operators force you to purchase a subscription, some of them compensate on high ticket prices with additional ticket for free – the choice is yours.

Mega Millions Ticket Prices (Updated to 16/04/2016)


Minimum Price For ParticipationPrirce for 1 line in USDLines Included in Minimum PriceDo I Must Buy a Subscription?Important Notes
Lottoland$ 0$ 01No

Don’t forget to Use UKMMFREELINE promo code to get the your free line. Only for new Lottoland customers

Lotto365$ 2.10$ 2.101NoMake sure you click on the choose numbers link and not the Buy Now link that automatically add a 6 lines order to the cart
World Lottery Club$ 2.80$ 2.801NoYou get an extra ticket for free
MultiLotto$ 2.85$ 2.851No


$ 2.90$ 2.901No


$ 2.90$ 2.901No100% Cash back on your first purchase (up to 55$)


$ 3.20$ 3.201NoIncludes 0.39$ fee for the transaction


$ 3.20

$ 3.20

1NoIncludes 0.39$ fee for the transaction


$ 4.20$ 4.201No 100% first deposit bonus: The first deposit you make into your account, within 7 days of your registration, will be matched


$ 4.20$ 4.201No 100% first deposit bonus: The first deposit you make into your account, within 7 days of your registration, will be matched


$ 4.20$ 4.201No 100% first deposit bonus: The first deposit you make into your account, within 7 days of your registration, will be matched


$ 4.90$ 4.901NoIncludes 0.39$ fee for the transaction


$ 7.50$ 1.505No

Don’t forget to Use CGLMM40 promo code to get the 40% discount


$ 8.50$ 2.833NoYou get an extra ticket for free (up to the amount paid for the first ticket) + 1 Share in a megamillions ticket


$ 8.97$ 2.993No


$ 9.00$ 0.1850NoUp to 30$ bonus on your first purchase and you can only buy ticket shares (your winnings will be devided to 36 available shares)

Lotto Leader

$ 9.20$ 3.073No


$ 10.20$ 3.403No

The Lotter

$ 12.50$ 2.505No5$ Credit


$ 23.94$ 2.391Yes - 4 Weeks / 10 Draws

Don’t forget to Use TRIMM40 promo code to get the 40% discount, you will also get 11.97 VIP Loyalty Points