Italy suspends all lottery activities [update: unsuspended]

SuperEnalotto paused due to COVID-19

The Italian government decided to pause all lotteries until further notice. This is because of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country that got it into lockdown. Here’s the official message, in Italian, from Marcello Minenna.

Most lottery brands (see the top ones here) have a message in their Italian lotteries – SuperEnalotto for example – pages saying that ticket sales will resume as soon as draws restore.

The Lotter is offering a lottery game called SuperEnalotto+ (game page). This game is replacing the one the is down and follows the same rules. The Lotter is randomly generating the winning numbers to create the same experience that the actual lottery delivered.

Here are a couple of suggestions for other lotteries you should play if you liked the popular SuperEnalotto.

Powerball is the first recommendation you would enjoy. It has better odds of winning a prize – 1:10 as opposed to SuperEnalotto’s 1:16.

Mega Millions has better odds of winning a jackpot – 1:302,575,350 as opposed to SuperEnalotto’s 1:622,614,630. It also has a higher minimum amount – $40 million as opposed to SuperEnalotto’s €1.3 million.

We hope these two alternatives would bring some joy to your day.

Update: all lotteries in Italy are back.