Top 3 Rare Lottery Events Rated by Lotto Agent’s Users

Each new draw is an exciting event in every player’s life, but occasionally, we all want something extra special. That is why players are looking forward to those rare draws. Draws where the prizes are way more significant, but the chances of winning are just as high. Lotto Agent asked three dedicated players what events give them this sense of anticipation.

The 3 Rarest Lotto Events

1. EuroMillions Superdraw

The pan-European EuroMillions Superdraw is one of the most anticipated events among Lotto Agent players. They are held a few times a year once there is enough money in the EuroMillions Reserve Fund. The main prize is impressive — a nine-figure amount, which everyone has a chance to win. Besides that, Superdraws are like the standard draws: the same rules and prize tiers. The main prize can increase in subsequent Superdraws if no one wins it in the current one. All lottery lovers look forward to this rare event every time!

2014 Superdraw winner, Neil Trotter

Sofia M., Lotto Agent user from Romania:

I anticipate each of the EuroMillions Superdraws! I used to think that it was impossible to win in these draws, but my colleague got lucky one day. Then I thought, why not! EuroMillions Superdraws give an incredibly special feeling — it feels like Christmas! Everyone should get this fantastic experience.

2. Saturday Lotto Superdraw

The Australian Saturday Lotto is famous for its simple 6 out of 45 matrix which provides high odds of winning. Therefore, Jackpots in regular draws are usually not remarkably high. But when it comes to the Superdraws, the players are not disappointed — their amounts reach tens of millions of Australian dollars. The Saturday Lotto Superdraws are held several times a year, so you don’t want to miss it!

The event is held in the same way as regular draws: to win, players need to match 6 numbers. Prizes are awarded in 6 categories, but in this special draw, the amounts are significantly higher. In 2018, Saturday Lotto made as many as 16 winners happy — each player received a prize of 1.700.000 AUD.

Carlos L., Lottery Agent user from Mexico:

I love Superdraws for the atmosphere of something unique and exclusive! So far, I have only participated in two, but I know for sure that I will not miss a single Superdraw in the future. It feels so magical!

3. Lotería de Navidad

Lotería de Navidad is an incredibly special event, unlike anything else! This Christmas draw is held in the form of a colourful show that attracts the players and the Spanish media. It is one of the largest draws in the world in terms of the prize pool — the total amount of prizes paid out is billions of euros. Also, every seventh ticket is a winning one! No wonder the players love it so much.

This lottery’s rules are rather unusual — 100.000 five-digit numbers participate in the drawing, each of which is repeated in 170 series. Therefore, 170 winners will share the main prize, and the prizes in the remaining categories will be shared by millions more. By the way, there are over 20 prize tiers. A real Christmas miracle!

Lotería de Navidad gave the world the most touching winning story — a Senegalese man named Ngan, who arrived in Spain by boat many years ago, was fired just before Christmas. But Lotería de Navidad changed his life forever — he won 400.000 EU almost right after getting fired!

Lotería de Navidad Draw at the Teatro Real in Madrid
Lotería de Navidad Draw at the Teatro Real in Madrid

Yasmin T., Lotto Agent user from Malaysia:

This is a real Christmas tale! Even just watching the draw feels so magical and exciting. Once I even won an imposing prize, and there is no better Christmas gift! Even my kids are hooked. This year they are going to participate too.


Each of these events is unique: with its own rules, prizes, and features. However, they are united by the unforgettable experience that they give to all players. Share Lotto Agent players’ experience and participate in these unique draws on the Lotto Agent site.

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