Top 10 Global Lottery Winnings in 2020

It’s a new year, which means most of us will be looking back at the previous year, wondering where we would be if we had won the lottery. 

2019 saw some massive jackpots being given out to lucky winners, so let us take a trip around the lottery globe and look at the top 10 lottery winners of 2019.

10. A €4 million prize was paid out in the Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad (the Spanish Christmas Lottery)

Just like its name suggests, this lottery takes place every Christmas and there are a number of prizes given out. The main prize in 2019 was a wonderful €4,000,000 given out to what is known as El Gordo (The Fat One), i.e. the winning number.

9. Irish Lotto gave out a jackpot of €11 million in August

€11,225,280 is the exact number, and it was claimed by just one lucky individual. Who knows how their life changed when they realised they were the sole winners of the Irish Lotto of the 21st of August 2019?

8. €31 million were won through the German Lotto

Saturday 29th June 2019 made one person very happy. Having tried their luck on the German Lotto, the sum of €31,482,812.60 made its way to an enthusiastic pocket.

7. An Australian lottery ‘s jackpot reached $40 million

This massive jackpot was snatched by a Western Sydney resident last year. Although the guy did not immediately realise that he was a winner, we’re sure that he was positively surprised when he checked his ticket!

6. $60 million for a British Columbia winner

The winner of the $60,000,000 Lotto Max jackpot was Joseph Katalinic from Richmond, B.C., Canada. This was the largest lottery prize ever paid out to a single person in B.C., so Mr Katalinic must have been glad he participated in that Lotto Max draw.

5. EuroMillions’ £71 million jackpot

EuroMillions are known for their great jackpots. From a factory worker to one of the biggest lottery winners in Britain, Ade Goodchild won £71,057,439 through EuroMillions. 2019 was definitely a life-changing year for the Hereford resident.

4. Another EuroMillions jackpot – $170 million

Another EuroMillions prize! The marvellous sum of £170,221,000.00 was one of 2019’s biggest jackpots, and a single ticket-holder from the UK won the full amount – how amazing must that have felt?

3. A €209.1 million prize from SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto‘s mega jackpot of August 2019 is the largest jackpot paid out in Europe by any lottery. The lucky winner, who wanted to remain anonymous, won the massive €209,100,000.

2. A Mega jackpot of $491.7 million from Mega Millions

The actual jackpot was that of $1.537 billion, which would place it first in this list. However, some lotteries give the option of either taking a one-time payout (which would be less than the actual jackpot), or receive an annual payment over a number of years which would amount to the full jackpot amount. The North Carolina winner chose the lump sum option of $491.7 million after tax, which still puts this jackpot high up in the list.

1. $768.4 million (Powerball)

What would you do if you won $768,400,000? A lucky Powerball winner from Wisconsin snatched the wonderful nine-digit number on the 27th March 2019. According to Powerball, the person had the same option as the Mega Millions winner above – either a one-time $477 million payout or an annual payment of approximately $768.4 million over 29 years. Since the winner chose the full jackpot amount, they landed themselves top of this list!

So there you have it! 2019’s biggest jackpots around the world. As we close the 2019 chapter and start the 2020 one, we may all be asking the same question – who will take home the big numbers in 2020? We do not have psychic abilities, but if you do, make sure not to spoil the surprise for the lottery winners of 2020!

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