Increasing Winning Odds: Lotto Agent Users’ Favorite Options

Playing lotteries is a pleasant activity, but every player secretly (or not so secretly) dreams of hitting a huge Jackpot. For this, games and lottery services add extra options for their players. These options allow players to increase not only their prizes but also their chances of winning. Lotto Agent users told us about their favourites.

Lotto Agent’s 5 Best Options of Increasing the Odds of Winning

I got a rare opportunity to openly talk about online lottery with an industry expert from Lotto Agent. We’ve covered their players’ favorite lotteries, and now we’ll talk about winning them.

1. Secondary Prize Boosters

This option is a significant advantage of many American lotteries. Games such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Texas Lotto, and others allow their players to increase the secondary prizes. Usually, prizes increase from 2 to 5 times, but Powerball excelled especially. If the Jackpot of this game is less than 150.000.000 USD, then the prizes can be increased up to 10 times.

Ana, marketing manager:

It is great when the Jackpot is huge, but I prefer to play it safe and secure myself a decent side prize. To be honest, I even get a little upset when the Powerball Jackpot is too big, and I cannot increase the secondary prizes by 10 times.

2. Syndicates

A syndicate (or a lottery pool) is an excellent opportunity to increase your winning odds. By joining a syndicate, you share your bets with other players. When the results of the draws are known, the winnings get summed up and divided between the players in proportion to the number of bets. It is not surprising players love syndicates so much – they collect 20% of all prizes.

Michael, business owner:

Syndicates are my best discovery this year! The winning depends not only on my luck but also on the luck of many people. I won several prizes this way! I constantly recommend this option to everyone who is even slightly interested in lotteries.
Canadian Hospital Syndicate, 2015 Lotto 6/49 winners
Canadian Hospital Syndicate, 2015 Lotto 6/49 winners

3. Bundles

Bundles is an utterly unique option that combines several draws. Players get the opportunity to compete for several Jackpots by placing several bets at once. This way, the odds increase significantly, and the players save a lot on bets’ cost. In these combos, only the best Jackpots and the highest winning odds are usually chosen.

Tomas, accountant:

I love this option! And it is not just about discounts, although it is nice. Thanks to this option, I do not have to track the best Jackpots myself — everything is collected in combos for me. All that remains is to place a bet and wait for the prizes!

4. Subscription

With this option, players can reserve participation in several draws at once. For example, Lotto Agent users are given the opportunity to book participation in 10, 25, 52, or 104 draws. Firstly, players save their time and don’t miss the draws of their favourite games. Then, every tenth Subscription bet is free on the site, so users also save some money.

Laura, sales manager:

Due to family and work, I don’t have time to monitor new draws constantly, but it would be a pity to miss the chance to win a prize. This is just the perfect option for me! Especially since some tickets come for free.
Kelsey Zachow, 2014 MEGA Millions winner
Kelsey Zachow, 2014 Mega Millions winner

5. Millionaire Option

Lotto Agent offers its players an incredible exclusive Millionaire Option. With its help, players can double the Jackpot or increase it by outstanding amounts exceeding the prize itself. Users especially love the times when this option can be used entirely for free. To use the option, players need to place a bet on the draw results instead of buying a ticket.

The betting option has recently appeared on the site. Its most significant difference from buying tickets is that the winnings are paid out not by the lottery operator but by the insurance company, so the prize is credited directly to the bank account.

Luis, mechanic:

This is my favorite option! Let’s be honest, sometimes you want the Jackpot to be bigger. So, I try not to miss the opportunity to increase it (especially for free!), the game becomes much more pleasant.


Although lotteries are fun as they are, it is always nice to have something that guarantees better odds or higher prizes. Such options add to a pleasant experience, give the players additional hope of winning, and provide an advantage over those who don’t use them. Join Lotto Agent users, try out their favourite options on the site, and win prizes.