Lotto Agent Users Name World’s Best Lotteries

Lotteries are one of the world’s most popular form of entertainment. They give a sense of hope and anticipation, an adrenaline rush, and positively influence your financial situation! There are so many lottery games out there, so it’s often difficult to know which ones are worth playing. You can find countless ratings and statistics on the Internet, but the main and most important critics are, of course, the players.

We’ve selected the six favorite lotteries of the Lotto Agent service players, and now we’ll take you through all the reasons why they’re so loved. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Best 6 Lotteries

1. MEGA Millions

MEGA Millions needs no introduction — it’s now considered a time-honored classic among American lotteries. It has existed for over 30 years, and during this time, it’s managed to win over the hearts of players from all over the world. There are several reasons for this undeniable popularity:

  1. Incredible prizes. The minimum MEGA Millions jackpot is $ 40.000.000, and it can grow tremendously. The secondary prizes don’t disappoint either. The biggest winner of 2019 was Laarni Bibal, with an incredible jackpot of 522.000.000 USD. It becomes clear why players love this game so much! 
  2. Prize tiers. MEGA Millions has as many as nine prize tiers. And the more prize tiers, the higher the chance to win a prize, even a secondary one. And consider this — even if you don’t win the Jackpot, you still have a chance to win $ 1.000.000!
  3. Chance to get more. This lottery has one exciting feature — players can increase the secondary prizes from two to five times. Just imagine: the secondary prizes can go up to $ 5.000.000. Not all lotteries’ Jackpots are even this big! 

Anna, 45, accountant: My favorite lottery! It’s nice to feel part of something this grandiose. I have already won prizes (so far only secondary ones), and every time I am happy as for the first time!

2018 winner Richard Wahl
2018 winner Richard Wahl

2. Lotto Austria

The first European lottery on our list is in no way inferior to its American counterpart. This lottery is well-loved not only by European players but by lottery lovers all over the world. And we understand why:

  1. Great format. Only 45 balls participate in the drawing, so players have a great chance to match all six numbers. This simple format is an excellent foundation for easy wins. And naturally, the players appreciate it.
  2. Winning chances. Even just one matched number is enough to win a prize. This means that many players have a reasonably high probability of winning a secondary prize. By the way, winning the Lotto Austria Jackpot is pretty easy as well!
  3. Tax-free. Lotto Austria winnings are not subject to Austrian tax. Not only do players win often, but they also take the full amount. Considering that some lottery winnings are taxed up to 50%, the Lotto Agent players especially love this aspect.

Kara, 39, housewife: I chose to try it when I first started playing the lottery. I was mostly guided by my love for Austria but never regretted it. Incredible matrix, fabulous prizes, and an excellent experience!

3. Powerball

The third Lotto Agent players’ favorite lottery also comes from the USA. Arguably, the most famous lottery in the world. And this reputation is well-founded; the lottery has several significant advantages:

  1. Prize categories. Powerball draws prizes in 9 categories, which means that many players have a great chance of winning at least a secondary prize. Even better — you only have to match one bonus ball to win a prize. That’s just incredible!
  2. Generous prizes. Powerball Jackpots are drawn from $20.000.000 and grow by unbelievable amounts. This is not a baseless statement — in 2016, US players hit the Jackpot of $1.586.000.000. Such generosity is exceptionally appealing to players from all over the world, and especially to Lotto Agent players.
  3. Tenfold increase. Powerball doesn’t just increase the secondary prizes; Powerball increases them up to 10x. And together with the pleasant ticket prices and many prize tiers, this feature makes Powerball one of the most profitable lotteries, according to Lotto Agent players.

Jon, 36, entrepreneur: My wife introduced me to the game — she’s been playing for several years now. And after the first attempt, I won a prize. It wasn’t a lot, but it still made me pretty happy. Now it’s one of our favorite family activities!

2017 winner Mavis Wanczyk
2017 winner Mavis Wanczyk

4. EuroMillions

A legend among European (and worldwide) lotteries. Even those who have never been interested in lotteries know this game. Players from all over the world strive to participate in every draw. And for a good reason:

  1. Superdraws. Two to three times a year, EuroMillions hosts Superdraws with life-changing Jackpots and other dizzying prizes. Indeed, the experience every player wants to have!
  2. Prize categories. This game has an incredible number of prize categories — as many as 13. This significantly exceeds the number of prize categories in most lotteries. And more categories mean more prizes for players!
  3. Unbelievable Jackpots. The size of the top prizes in this lottery is genuinely amazing! In February 2020, one lucky player hit the 250.000.000 EU Jackpot. The odds of winning the top prize are fairly good, so players especially appreciate the generosity.

Luis, 41, bank manager: I was a little worried (the game is so big!) that it was a waste of time. But it turned out that winning one of the prizes is not so difficult! I try to play all kinds of lotteries, but this one will always be special for me.

5. UK Lotto

This UK’s favorite has been drawing Jackpots since 1994. British players fell head-over-heels for this lottery since the very start, and now it’s taking over the rest of the world. The Lotto Agent users shared the reasons for that:  

  1. Great winning odds. Winning a prize in this game is not that difficult. The odds of winning are 1 in 10, which means that everyone has a chance to win a prize in one of 6 prize tiers. No wonder everyone loves UK Lotto so much!
  2. Secondary prizes. If you match 3 numbers, you get 30 GBP. Compare it to other games and you will be amazed by UK Lotto’s generosity! But that’s not all — if you are lucky enough to get in a Breakdown (no one wins the main prize in five draws), the amount of your secondary prize will be simply astonishing (several million GBP levels of astonishing!).
  3. The prizes are tax-free. Players not only have a chance to win a fantastic prize, but also take it in full. UK Lotto winnings are tax-free, which means you don’t have to part with much of your winnings. Lotto Agent players appreciate it!

Chidi, 59, teacher: Awesome game! I have already hooked my whole family on it; now, we are all playing together. My brothers and I now have a competition: who will win more. I’m still in second place, but I’m not going to stop!

2015 winner Peter Congdon
2015 winner Peter Congdon

6. Oz Lotto

Australians have loved this lottery for a long time, and now it’s winning the hearts of players from all over the world. The Lotto Agent users are no different, and it’s quite obvious why:

  1. Simple rules. Oz Lotto is a one-matrix game, which is a plus for many players. It is not hard to understand the rules of this lottery. Besides, players only have to choose 7 numbers out of 45, increasing their chances of winning.  
  2. Superdraws. Although the Oz Lotto Jackpots are not the biggest, the game conducts special Superdraws. And those Superdraw main prizes can easily compete with some European or American ones — they start from $20.000.000 and can reach an amazing amount.
  3. Prize tiers. This lottery has seven prize tiers, which also increases the players’ chances of winning. Secondary prizes can go up to hundreds of Australian dollars, so many players are quite satisfied with their winnings.

Matt, 39, pediatrician: I love this lottery for its simplicity, I don’t like to bother with the
rules. Сhose 7 numbers, make a bet, and take the winnings — pretty straightforward!


All of these games, although so different, give players an unforgettable experience and an irreplaceable sense of hope — for a bright future and positive changes. But the comfort and experience of the players do not depend only on the lotteries. Lotto Agent strives to provide the most enjoyable gaming experience for its users. Follow the link, join the game, and participate in new draws of the users’ favorite games.