Is Online Lottery Safe?

If you’re a lottery player and have some concerns about playing online, I’ll try to relieve some of them.

There’s a risk in making any monetary transaction online, regardless of the product or service. You should take precautionary measures and make the experience safe whenever you give personal and payment details. Play the lottery online with trustworthy brands that have a record of keeping their players secure and content.

A Scam or Real and Legit

Lottery agents I review and rank on the site are legitimate, whenever there’s a concern, I clearly state it.

Lottery agents offer one of three services:

  • Ticket carrier/messenger service – pick your lucky numbers and someone goes and buys an actual ticket on your behalf
  • Lottery betting – complete a wager/bet on the results of an actual lottery
  • Lottery-style games – play games with gameplay that is similar to that of the lottery. There’s no actual lottery draw, but a computer-generated odds for winning or losing

Out of my experience, most brands are using off the shelf platforms and services. This means that as long as the platform is true, the brand is too.

That said, the gameplay is not the only mean for a brand to be fraudulent. There’s also the matter of what brands are doing with our information and payment details. Brands that comply with gambling licensing authorities – UK, Malta, Curaçao, and others – have to meet strict regulations. A lottery brand that is offering lottery betting or lottery-style games has to meet and keep these guidelines in order to get and keep its license.

Collect the winnings

The method for collecting the prize of a winning ticket depends on the amount of the prize and the service type.

Small prizes, this definition changes between brands, are credited to the player’s account instantly. Carriers cash the ticket for you, but pay the prize from their own account. Betting is also credited from the brand’s account.

Big prizes require a longer process. Since lottery jackpots can be in the millions of dollars, the process is slightly different. Lottery messengers would fly the ticket owner to the lottery’s country to cash it directly. They don’t have, most likely, these amounts lying around. A lottery betting brand would have to use his insurance policy in order to pay a large amount, and this might take a few weeks. Lottery-style games are paid from the brand’s account as they never reach lottery jackpot amounts.

In any case, this is something you should check with the brand you choose to play with. The terms and conditions should clearly explain the prize claiming process.


You can make playing the lottery online safe by playing with reputable brands and reading the terms and conditions.

I list the best agents to play lottery with. These brands have a record of paying large winnings and excel in my review.