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  • Payment Options : PayPal, Direct credit, Cheque and Wire transfer
  • Customer support : contact form, telephone and email
  • Available languages : English
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  • Number of lotteries: 5
  • Mobile App: iOS
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Welcome to NetLotto! This is a 2023 revisit of the original review, and I’ll check how NetLotto evolved in the last three years and how well it meets modern standards. There are fewer online lottery websites servicing Australian players, and for this, the top list of Australian online agents is shorter.

Australian lotteries are some of the most exciting games within the lottery niche. Few websites can offer Australian lotteries to Australian players who want to participate in draws online. For that reason, NetLotto is one of a few relevant brands.

The brand is an official accredited online lottery agent of Australian Lotteries (Tatts). It’s just as safe and secure as buying a lottery ticket at the local news agency. For being an official seller, it is working under strict regulatory norms. With more than 15 years in the field, you can deduct they keep clean.

As a result, you will find at Netlotto all the Aussie lotteries at one site and online. The site is open for players worldwide, excluding US players.

Review Aspects

Check all the elements I take into account when I write a review about an online lottery website. Each review element is taken into account, in different weight, in the summary. After years of working within the gaming industry, these are the main considerations a player has to take into account before joining a new lottery agent.

  • Security – Compliance with technical security norms. I review the level of encryption for data and transactions, meaning the level of security for users that the brand uses.
  • Products – What are the lotteries and lottery-type games that NetLotto offer on the website? Syndicated lotteries and scratchcards make for a great gameplay experience and valuable addition to each platform.
  • Features – What game features and which user experience features are available. This includes different features, from quick pick and shopping cart to translation to different languages.
  • Platforms – How well does the site load on different devices and machines – Desktop, tablet and smartphones. Is the site fully responsive and is there a mobile native app?
  • Promotions – Which bonuses and promotions NetLotto offer its players – existing and new. This includes welcome bonus and VIP/loyalty schemes.
  • Banking – Which payment methods can you use to complete a deposit or purchase, and which you can complete a withdrawal with.
  • Support – How you reach contact support? I list the communication channels, expected reply time and working hours. The quality of response is also an important measure.

Security Measures

The level of security at Netlotto, both for personal data and transactions, is eating the high standard of the industry. They have the GoDaddy verify security badge with 256-bit SSL protection. As a result, we can be sure that our data, transactions and gaming are well protected. This means that communication between player and NetLotto is encrypted, but it doesn’t mean that NetLotto won’t make abusive use of its player data.

Technical security measures are a sign of capability and intent – these services costs – and are the first threshold a website has to meet.

Product and Games

The main attraction of Netlotto is the Australian lotteries it offers its players. This means that anyone looking to play world lotteries, such as SuperEnaLotto, EuroMillions, or the USA PowerBall, should consider alternatives from my toplist.

NetLotto has two lottery gameplay options – single ticket/line and syndicate share.

You can buy a line of these Aussie lotteries: Monday Lotto, OZ Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, PowerBall, and Saturday TattsLotto. Some of the lotteries in Australia are branded differently between states. Monday Lotto is also known as X Lotto Monday in South Australia (SA). Wednesday Lotto is also known as X Lotto Wednesday in South Australia (SA). OZ Lotto is also known as Super 7’s in Victoria (VIC), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Tasmania (TAS), and Northern Territory (NT).

There used to be more lotteries, such as The Pools and Super 66, but they are no longer available.

If you’re willing to share your winnings with others for a better chance at the jackpot than you have to try NetLotto’s syndicate. You’ll buy a share of a pool of tickets – could be as many as 5000! – and split winnings with other shareholders. Syndicate is available for all lotteries on offer, and with different combinations – HIGH ROLLER SUPER 15, 9’s & 10’s, PowerHIT 20, Every Number Covered, 5 Draws – Systems + PowerHIT, and more. This is NetLotto’s biggest strength and more acciting game.

There are no side games, such as keno or scratch cards.



NetLotto offer, within a limited array of lotteries, a few game modes – Solo, Smart System, System, Autoplay, and Syndicate. These game modes are NetLotto’s strength.

Solo means a single line or few lines of a specific lotto. This is the very basic option for playing the lottery, and it is identical to what you would find at the shop. Smart System lets a player pick x numbers and from these numbers create 10 lines. The system lets a player pick x number and all line combinations automatically generate. Note, this option gets expensive really fast. Autoplay lets a play replay his picks for an x number of weeks, and follows set conditions – minimum jackpot for example. Syndicate is a game mode that gives many players the option of sharing the cost of many lines (could be of more than one lottery). This way, for a small cost a player can participate in a draw with many lines. It means the winning odds are much higher, but the prize is shared between participants.

A common feature that is used widely is the quick pick, and here there’s a quick pick all or unfilled numbers.

The shopping basket (or cart) is executed poorly here but is still valuable as it means a player can buy a few products and pay once.

User Experience

NetLotto’s website is only available in English. In this case, it is fine. The website is targeting Australian players who want to play Australian lotteries. In short, the website is replacing a stop at the local shop. I value an agent’s attempt to localize a website to as many audiences as possible, but there’s no demand in this case.

The theme and design were simple and straightforward a few years ago, but now feel dated. You’ll be able to find a lottery and play it, but it won’t be intuitive or quick as with other websites. The layout is narrow and the font is small, and there’s a poor use of space in general. Images load in mismatching resolutions.

Visually, the site isn’t up to par with its direct competitors – targeting the same audience – or industry standard.

Platform Support

Netlotto website is available for all devices – from desktop to mobile. While the desktop view is usable, the tablet and smartphone views are not. Since the design isn’t responsive, it shrinks to fit the screen. This is not ideal on a tablet, and is practically unusable on phones. The writings on the site are unreadable and buttons are hard to click/tap.

Desktop view

The website was designed with the approach of desktop first, and in a time when screens were very narrow. As mentioned above, use of screen space isn’t ideal and not even close to what you will find on modern sites. Still, out of all views, the desktop one is the most functional.

Tablet view

Since design and development are not responsive, the website is shrinking smaller and smaller to fit the screen. Fortunately, modern tablets are wider and have a high resolution so the site is fitting them nicely. Still, a desktop design on a tablet isn’t a good practice.

Mobile view

This is where things completely fall apart… mobile device view is limited to the point of unusable. Texts are hard to read and buttons are hard to tap – elements are too small and too close to one another. If you have an iOS device, you can download the app on Apple’s App Store. If you have an Android device, you’ll have to make do with the mobile view.

iOS App

In terms of user experience, the app is much better than the web mobile view. If you own an iPhone and want to play with NetLotto, this is your best option.

Being the best option doesn’t mean this is a good option. The app’s updates are far apart – as of January of 2023, the last update was almost two years ago – and there are bugs and usability issues reported by users. The overall score is pretty low at 2.5 out of 5.

NetLotto iOS reviews - 2.5 out of 5

Bonuses and Promotions

NetLotto is not offering any rewards to existing or new players. No seasonal promotions or welcome bonuses, and no VIP plan for loyal and returning players. The only value proposition NetLotto has to offer its players is the comfort and ease of completing a purchase of a lottery ticket online, and additional play options.

If Netlotto wants to compete with the big online players, it must compare the value it provides with what its direct competitors provide.

Banking Options and Terms


You can deposit/purchase on NetLotto’s website with PayPal. This is one of the most widely used payment options and very few websites have it. This is a major plus for NetLotto.


You can transfer your account’s balance – deposits or winnings – to any bank account. If you prefer an alternate withdrawal method, there’s the option of a cheque. If you choose a cheque, NetLotto will send it to your listed address. Other agents have integration with e-wallets that make the process simpler.

You can buy additional tickets with any winnings.

Customer Support

I can state, first hand, that customer support is responsive, informative and helpful. In our email thread, I got clear answers to all of my questions and promptly. For me, this is a strong trust signal and a critical aspect of my opinion of a brand and its overall score.

Let’s review the communication channels and their availability as they appear on the site – in the footer and the contact us page.

Postal Address

You can write a letter to the address: PO Box 10243, Brisbane, QLD, 4001, Australia. Not fast and not relevant to online players, but showing it is a positive sign.

Phone number

The most immediate contact method is by phone. You can reach customer support from Australia on (07) 3235 6280 or from the rest of the world on +61-7-3235-6280.


The option I used to reach customer support is email. Their address is [email protected] and they were exceptionally responsive. You can use this method if your issue isn’t urgent or outside of working hours.

Contact Form

Similarly to email, you can message customer support using the contact form. I didn’t make us of it personally, but you can expect a similar response time to that of email.

Is NetLotto Legitimate or Fraud?

If you read the above and still have concerns about legitimacy, I can say right off that you shouldn’t. NetLotto is a very trustworthy platform with many years of growing reputation supporting their activities.

Technically, they take the necessary precautions to avoid any external abuse – hackers or anyone with malicious intents.

Accreditation from the Australian lotteries as an official reseller means you use NetLotto as a proxy to buy a ticket directly from the lottery. Your funds are used to buy an e-ticket is bought and any winnings will be paid to your account.

In the contact us page there’s the company’s – Netlotto Pty Ltd – Australian Business Number (ABN). I like that they clearly state the number and not hide it in the legal pages. The number also checks out in Australia government’s site.

NetLotto’s customer support provided me with this – “Our systems are connected to the main lottery systems and we electronically lodge the games for the daw and produce an e-ticket.All tickets are officially recorded, with an official ticket number and winnings are audited by the official government lottery”.

Which Are the Best Alternatives to NetLotto?

NetLotto gets a lot of credit for its level of trustworthiness. But since user experience and lottery selection are low, there are more than a few decent alternatives. If you’re an Australian looking to play an Australian lottery, you should try The Lottery Office. They offer the same level of legitimacy with an improved website and many global lotteries. If you’re a non-local looking to play Australian lotteries, you should try Lotto Agent or The Lotter.

To Which Lottery Player is NetLotto For?

To my opinion, NetLotto is relevant to Australian players who want to save a walk to their nearest shop to buy a ticket or try one of their gameplays – syndicate or system. For other players, there are better alternatives.


If you are a local looking to play local lotteries from a trusted reseller, Netlotto just might be for you.

It’s a brand of contrast as it shines in some review aspects – banking and trust – and completely fails in others – platform support and promotions. Each one will have to read through and consider which aspects of my review he considers as valuable over others.

Pros / Cons
  • High level of data encryption
  • Official ticket seller
  • Many gameplays for top lotteries
  • No global lotteries
  • Dated website and low score iOS app
NetLotto Logo

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