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There are many online lottery tickets carriers to choose from, and many new are added daily. Selection can get any lottery play confused about the who and what. Who should you trust with completing a deposit with and keeping your personal information safe? What can you expect from your lottery ticket carrier?

This review will cover the obvious aspects of the operator, and others that are not as obvious, but just as important.


The Lotter is not only a leader among all online lottery sites, but one of the first established (2002). Over the years it has shown stability and reliability. The site is operated from Belize by The Lotter Enterprises Ltd.  Nowadays it is getting a run for it’s money in recent years from the new brands that seem to launch every month. The brand provided its services in 13 languages and 5 currencies, so we know for sure you will be more than comfortable with this service.

The Lotter appeared on several news items across the web in regards to big winners taking home prizes bigger than $1,000,000. Most notable winner showed up to personally claim a Florida Lotto prize of $30,000,000 ! The site prides itself of paying out more than $80 millions in jackpots and prizes, a remarkable figure.

The Lotter is completely free of commissions,  service providers and uses own platform, this is a huge advantage as each feature, bug fix, or upgrade, has a quick time to market – The Lotter prioritizes development by its business needs.

We find at one of the biggest selections of lotteries online. You will be able to buy tickets for 51 lotteries around the world with multi millionaire prizes alone, with syndicates method or bundles.

Strong Points

  • Many years doing lottery ticket carrying
  • Solid service to players with great experience on web and apps
  • Huge variety of lotteries to choose from


The Lotter: 4/5 Top 10 Best Online Lotto Rating.


  • Languages: EN, RU, DE, SE, FR, ES, PT, IT, CN, JP, PO, RO, HU, NL, CZ
  • Payment options: Credit and debit cards, and e-wallets
  • Customer support toll-free over the phone for different countries, live chat, and email

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Review aspects

There are many review elements that can be taken to consideration, not all are included, but those with biggest value and weight to making a choice of weather to complete a purchase with the operator or not. These are the ones The Lotter will be reviewed by:


Does The Lotter meet today’s web security standards? What efforts The Lotter makes to protect its players private details and information?


What products does The Lotter have on its “shelf” for players to pick from? How well does they perform?


What features does The Lotter offer it’s players? How do they contribute the the over all user’s experience?


How does The Lotter’s experience carry across the many screen sizes and platforms it’s players are migrating between throughout the day?


What incentives does The Looter offer it’s players? purchase bonuses, bring-a-friend, loyalty program, and VIP points.


How can a player get hold of The Lotter in case of something going wrong? What are The Lotter’s response time and availability?


This review aspect is of the highest importance, and should be a deal breaker for any potential lottery player. It measures the relevancy of tools and services The Lottery makes use of in order to keep all data transactions between the player’s computer or mobile device and it’s servers. Failure to pass this test makes all other review aspects irrelevant. It is a sign of trustworthiness and good intent.

All transactions and personal details at are 128bit SSL encrypted using technology provided by GeoTrust.

  • Encryption

    The Lotter has a valid SSL certificate by GeoTrust, this means the connection between its players browser and its servers is encrypted. This encryption protects both sides from having their data stolen and misused. Visitors to the site can instantly see it is secured as there’s a green lock icon to the left of the site’s URL.

    This is the only security measure publicly mentioned on the site, and only trust logo used. A more thorough inspection shows The Lotter are not using the latest cipher algorithm (compatible with Advanced Encryption Standard) – it’s hard telling what risks The Lotter are facing and so if a more secure service is even needed.

  • Blacklist status

    There are numerous companies that track sites for any suspicious or potentially mischief behaviors and practices. For this review most known and a few less known were taken to account.

    • Google Safebrowsing approved – Google daily review pages by the billions for potential hazards. The Lotter’s domain was found not dangerous.
    • Norton Safe Web – Symantec’s service found 0 threats with The Lotter.
    • SiteAdvisor – McAfee’s service didn’t find any significant security issues and set its status to safe.
    • Other services The Lotter was cleared on: Phish Tank, SpamHaus, BitDefender, Sophos, ESET.
  • Reputation

    While encryption is a technical aspect – a company can purchase over the phone a security certificate, and have its site tightly secured within hours – a reputation has to do with the company’s DNA, what use it makes with its data. This is something much harder to hide and cover as there are multiple platforms for lottery players to warn other players of not-so-honest lottery ticket carriers.

    Two leading services were taken to consideration for scoring this review aspect – TrustPilot and Webutation. As with any other lottery ticket carrier, there are mixed reviews, the overjoyed and very disappointed. The bad is The Lotter offer a service that is far from perfect. Players had issues with payment, misunderstandings with terms of use, etc., but these are, unfortunately, expected when there is a huge volume of players.

    The good is The Lotter’s customer support is very responsive – they have a decent response time on all the platforms reviewed. This is a good signal for The Lotter’s good intentions. Even though far from perfect, The Lotter is working hard on solving any issue.

The Lotter does well protecting its players data and satisfaction. Upgrading to a more secure SSL certificate is something to look for (updates to follow), but definitely not a deal-breaker. The Lotter has a solid reputation and is considered trustworthy. Customer support has a quick response time, and seem to make an effort for resolving player’s issues.


The Lotter is not a licensee of any online lottery platform, this is both a blessing and a curse. They have complete development freedom – no dependencies on the service provider’s schedule, shorter time to market of new features – to answer their players’ needs. On the other side, they’re not benefiting the collective experience of all the platform’s white labels.

Also, develop once and use on multiple brands is more cost effective. With these business considerations in mind, these are the features The Lotter polished over the years:

  • Standard

    A lottery line just as a lottery player would buy at a local kiosk. This is the starting point for all carriers, it is the basic service and product – all other services and products are based on this standard line. A player can manually pick the line’s numbers, automatically Quick Pick it, or use a pre-set favorite numbers. Each lottery has a minimum numbers of standard lines a players has to fill to complete a purchase, and a maximum of 25 lines. If you want to buy more lines, you either have to complete another purchase or check the other products available.

  • Syndicate

    A classic pool product, and a great value online lottery carriers give their players. The Lotter actually buys hundreds of lottery tickets, groups them together, and sell shares to the pool. A share of a pool has a far greater odd of winning a prize, but any prize won has to be shared between shareholders. This is a compromise between odds and prize amount.

  • Bundle

    Bundles solve the compromise between better odds and prize amount by offering both in a value for money package. You buy one of three bundles – Deluxe, Premium, and Extra – and get syndicate shares and one standard line entry (auto or manually picked). Deluxe has one standard line and one pool share, Premium has one standard line and a share of two different pools, and Extra has the best winning odds with one standard line and three shares of three different pools.

The Lotter offers an unbelievable selection of 50 (!) world lotteries. This means that as a Lottery player The Lotter must certainly has a lottery to match your preference, and you can play more often as there is always a draw just about to close. This is probably the biggest selection in the online lottery industry.

Within this big selection you will be able to play the following major lotteries: US PowerBall, EuroMillions, Mega Millions, SuperStar, SuperEnalotto, EuroJackpot, Mega Sena, Vikinglotto,  UK Lotto, El Gordo, Australia Saturday Lotto and Pick 6 XTRA from New Jersey.

Considering they need to have someone at a local kiosk to complete a purchase and support scanning each lottery ticket, this number of lotteries is even more impressive. The Lotter excel with basic but solid product list and a huge variety of lotteries.


While products answer players’ immediate need to buy a lottery ticket, features form their experience and designed in the mind of creative Product Managers to enhance a session, and hopefully gets them coming back. Shorten flows means players are getting what they came to The Lotter for quickly. These are the ones The Lotter has:

  • Quick Pick

    Auto fill all incomplete lottery lines with one click of a button. Not many players take the time and manually pick more than a couple of lines – It’s redundant. The lottery ticket page has several buttons to open multiple empty lines – lottery’s minimum/ 5/ 7/ 10/ 15/ 20/ 25 – and the quick pick auto fills all those who are clear. A player can potentially quick pick 25 lottery lines with just two clicks.

  • Systematic

    Something not many online lottery carriers offer, and has great value to high tiered VIP players as can get pricey. Simplified, this features allows a player to pick more numbers than the lottery’s pick, by buying all the line combination to cover the pick. Cover all the combinations of picking one more number is affordable, but covering more could cost a five digit amount. It’s design to systematically cover all the options of picked numbers.

  • My Lucky Numbers

    Nothing a player can’t do without, but definitely a nice to have feature that not all carriers offer. The Lotter lets it’s users to re-pick favorite numbers with one click on a button. It saved the time or picking the same numbers over and over with each purchase.

  • Multiplier

    The Lotter give the option of purchasing a multiplier for lotteries that offer this at an additional cost. It is the Powerball’s Powerplay that multiply the prize by up to 10 times, Mega Millions’ MEGAPLIER that multiply the prize by up to 5 times, and others. Most carriers take a shortcut and don’t offer this fun exciting feature, and this is to The Lotter’s benefit as it is an almost exclusive feature.

  • Multi-Draw

    Buy in advance the same lines for future draws at a discount (to be reviewed with all promotions). If you have a favorite lottery, this is a way for you to complete a purchase for draws following the next one. It’s recommended for lottery lovers who wants to be in control of their play.

  • Syndicate

    When using multi-draw a player set a number of future draws he’d like to take part in. When using subscription, there is no set number, The Lotter will keep repeating the same purchase over and over until asked otherwise. For this reason alone the feature is not recommended. Most of players complaints had to do with subscription. Some just forget they have one, or don’t fully understand it is an ongoing action. If you like playing the lottery, use multi-draw.

With a limited, but well developed, features list, The Lotter scores high on this carrier aspect. There’s everything a lottery player needs for a great experience. Systematic and Multiplier are the top features The Lotter has to offer its players – not only that other carriers don’t provide these services, they are easy to use, and definitely raise the bar for the industry in terms of UX.

One, uncommon, feature is missing – shopping cart. There’s only the option of completing one product purchase with each transaction. A shopping cart makes sense as online lottery is more of an e-commerce type of service/ product and a cart would allow a mixture of products with each purchase.


Online service providers face an interesting challenge of tracking their users’ funnel between screens – mobile web and app, tablet web and app, home and office PC, home and office laptop, and TVs. An average user (if there is such a thing) could migrate between three to four screens during the day.

Each screen has it’s own functionality and time of day it’s in use – most don’t feel comfortable with completing a purchase over a smart phone, and would prefer to research for a service over a mobile device, but complete the funnel on the home PC.

Tailoring a UI to match the platform functionality is a true challenge holding a reward. It should be easy for The Lotter to shine here as it’s competitors are behind in an already backward industry. The Lotter have the benefit of accumulated data and experience gained throughout the years of being practically competitor free.

  • Desktop

    Site’s width is 1000px. Current trend is widening sites towards 1200px, but with 1000px The Lotter are doing better than most of their competitors who are at 980px. Design is clear and easy to navigate and get around. There are not visible bugs and there’s a clear guidance in the form of little “hand” written comments throughout the site.

  • Mobile

    The Lotter excel in supporting mobile devices. Mobile has distinct visuals, framework, and even features that are much more focused. Many desktop elements are hidden in favor of easy navigation and straight to the point approach. They have very little competitors with this level of polished mobile experience.

  • Applications

    The Lotter take mobile seriously, it’s clear when using mobile view of the web site, and clearer when downloading the application. There’s an iOS app for smart phones [link] and a dedicated one for tablets [link]. There’s no other operator with a tablet tailored app, this is a sign of a mature business.

    They know players have different needs when using different devices and look to answer these needs. There’s also an Android app available. One thing is unfortunate, links to these apps are not clearly visible on the site’s mobile view. This is a dent into a review aspect they could have easily shined.


The Lotter’s achievements on this review aspect are unmatched – a lot of thought was put into the different site views, and a lot of effort was put into developing three apps. There’s some minor issues with communicating these apps to mobile device users who go to the site.


Promotions are one of the tools marketing and customer relations have to reward player for engaging with The Lotter. They are used for acquisition of new players, retention of existing, or reactivation dormant.

  • Multi-Draw

    By purchasing a product for a number of future draws, The Lotter reward the player with a substantial discount that varies between 15% for 5 draws and 25% for 52 draws. This is a great way to save money on lottery tickets as is it also discounting the product most recommended.

  • Subscription

    Completing a subscription purchase a player is rewarded with a free (every) 10th ticket. As the subscription is continuous, so does this offer. There’s an automatic billing and automatic reward. Subscription is not recommended as it is best to complete a purchase with expiration date, and the offer of a free 10th ticket is not attractive enough to change the recommendation.

  • Tell-A-Friend

    A player who invites a friend to play lottery with The Lotter is rewarded once he completes a first purchase. The one who invited is given a bonus of $10 and the invited is given a bonus of $5. It is always nice to bring a friend who is looking to play lottery and be rewarded for it. It’s a win-win situation and no many brands offer this deal.

  • VIP club discount

    VIP players are segmented into five tiers – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond – each with it's own discount. Players gain VIP points when purchasing products, each $1 spent is worth 1 point. These are the tiers:

    • Bronze – 51 – 200 points get a discount of 2.5%
    • Silver – 201 – 500 points get a discount of 5%
    • Gold – 501 – 2,000 points get a discount of 7.5%
    • Platinum – 2,001 – 5,000 points get a discount of 12.5%
    • Diamond – 5,000+ points get a discount of 20%

    VIP players also enjoy a 24/7 priority lotto assistance from a personal account manager, and take part in exclusive promotions not advertised online.

Promotions are straight forward and cross industry. All operators use the same offers to attract players, just different rates. What should be an interesting review aspect is a completely generic one, and The Lotter has no excuse. As it is using it’s own platform, there really is no reason why they shouldn’t bring some news and lead the industry.


There’s usually very little use of customer support, especially in comparison to other review elements. But a lottery player need to know there someone on the other end of a line that can assist in real time, or as close to real time as possible.

  • Live Chat

    A customer support representative is available 24/7 for assistance in 15 different languages. This service is provided through LivePersone, a very acclaimed service. On a couple of instances, a very kind and informative service was provided over live chat. It is also available over the different platforms.

  • Phone

    There are toll-free phone numbers in seven different languages. This is most impressive as some online lottery brands don’t even publish phone numbers they can be reached on. There’s also a fax number in needed.

  • Email/Contact Form

    here’s no email address published, but a contact form for reaching customer support. Once processed, within a time frame of 24 hours, customer support reply by email. Adding a text line with the email address for customer support would have been nice, but a contact form is good enough.

There’s not much more The Lotter can do to score higher on this review aspect. They support 15 languages on a 24/7 live chat service, publish 7 toll-free customer support phone numbers for 7 languages supported, a fax number, and a contact form. High availability, on multiple channels, and multilingual.


The Lotter have been around for many years, far longer than it’s competitors. During these years it took the time to polish the products, add features, tackle the mobile platform, and most importantly, build an unparalleled customer support service. They still have a long way to go as there are features other are offering, such as a cart, but have not yet perfected.

The gap is narrowing, but still substantial. The Lotter get’s a sign of approval with ease, there are just too few that does lottery ticket carrying so well. If you’re in the market for an online lottery ticket, give The Lotter a try. Good luck!

Legit or Scam?

The Lotter is one of the pioneer platform where you can buy online tickets for the biggest lottery raffles of 20 different countries. Is online since 2002, but still when it comes to your security and safety, is perfectly reasonable to ask: is TheLotter a legit business or a scam?

We think that with more than 15 years online and with the great reputation the platform has we can start answering this question. Also, you might take into account that all your information is encrypted and secure as well your transactions. Also, banking methods available includes the most popular and secure ones.

Having payed more than $80,000,000 in prizes is another great indicator of the site behavior.

Finally, we strongly think that the platform will show more serious getting into regulatory laws. Anyway, we strongly recommend you to buy online lottery tickets at the site. Thelotter is definitely a legit player in this industry. Not convinced yet, check out our extensive article on all the critical legitimacy aspects of the TheLotter.


  • Over 50 games on offer
  • Ability to join syndicates
  • Easy to deposit an withdraw your funds


  • Not clear on fees and charges

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