The Lotter’s Exclusive Millionaires Club – Be Amazed by True Stories

The Lotter Exclusive Millionaires Club

Out of hundreds of online lottery websites that operate right now across the globe, The Lotter is one of the websites that truly delivers mouth dropping success stories of online lottery winners.
Being active in the online lottery market since 2002, theLotter is in charge of the most famous online lottery winners – some of them even got serious viral echo all over the world.
We gathered for you the top stories of The Lotter winners from the last few years that simply drives you to try your luck yourself in one of the world’s biggest lottery draws, regardless to where you live: whether its Canada, Australia, Europe, South Africa, South America or Asia.

The $1,000,000,000 Club

theLotter delivered so far 3 Online Powerball winners – each won a million dollars:

On 27th of February 2016, P from Quebec in Canada tried theLotter’s services and bought an online ticket to the US Powerball that reached a staggering jackpot of $1 billion.
P was shocked to find out he won right after this draw and joined the luxurious $1 million club of TheLotter winners.

P from Quebec - $1,000,000 Winner
P from Quebec – $1,000,000 Winner

H.V from El Salvador also tried for the first time to send a Powerball ticket using TheLotter’s website, the result was a massive $1 million win as part of the 2nd Prize for the biggest jackpot ever drawn in Powerball – $1.6 billion. Now the lucky pensioner has all the time in the world to travel and enjoy spending this huge prize.

El Salvador Winner of a $1,000,000 with The Lotter
El Salvador Winner of a $1,000,000 with The Lotter

B.U, a British lottery fan from London won back in 2012 a $1 million prize and even enjoyed a fancy trip to Florida (funded by theLotter) to claim and collect his winnings – B.U reached a smart decision and consulted immediately with a financial advisor that supplied B.U and his wife tools to enjoy this prize for as long as possible.

$1,000,000 Lottery Winner from U.K
$1,000,000 Lottery Winner from U.K

All these stories – as crazy as they are were only the warm-up to theLotter’s biggest win.

The Iraqi Lottery Winner That Shocked The World

On 24 Aug 2015 M.M from Iraq that used theLotter’s services in purchasing an online ticket for the Oregon Megabucks draw, was amazed to discover his lucky numbers came up and that he is now the sole claimer for a $6.4 million prize.

theLotter flew M.M across the world to claim the prize and started a viral buzz all over the world. The story got to the main headlines of acclaimed newspapers and tv channels such as The New York Times, Associated Press, NBC, and many more.

M.M incredible winning story got thousands of lottery fans from all over the world to use theLotter’s service to purchase lottery tickets from them right from the comfort of their home. You can be the next lottery millionaire too – visit The Lotter website and join.

Iraqi Lottery Winner of $6.4 Million
Iraqi Lottery Winner of $6.4 Million

More Life changing lottery wins

S. from Russia took a chance on the Austrian Lotto using The Lotter’s website, his life changed completely once he and his wife discovered they won €824,000! theLotter took care of S. and booked him a flight to Vienna to collect the prize.

A.K from Latvia tried his luck with Italian SuperEnalotto using The Lotter’s site and successfully nailed 74 lines out of the 84 he played – eventually leading him to the whopping prize of €578,079.

B.G from Spain purchased on theLotter a multi draw subscription for US Mega Millions a decision that paid off for him bigtime on 2012 when he won the second prize of the Mega Millions: a $250,000 check.

theLotter’s vast experience in delivering a top notch online lottery experience no matter where you are in the world firmly place this operator on the top of lottery websites ranking. The never-ending list of REAL winners simply shows you’re safe with theLotter in purchasing your next lottery ticket.