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Free ticket AND multidraw discount

  • Payment options : Credit card, wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, 10 most popular cryptocurrencies
  • Customer support : contact form, email address
  • Available languages : EN, SQ, CS, DA, DE, ES, FR, GE, HR, IT, LV, LT, NL, PL, PT, RO, SK, SL, SR, SV, VI, EL, BG, MK, RU, AR, HI, TH
  • Trustpilot score: Average
  • Number of lotteries: 18
  • Mobile app: No
  • Ticket Scan: Scan
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LottoMat is now one of the most accessible online lottery agents. It launched in 2017 and focused on language and payment options support. Few competitors have a wider range.

The site launched in 2017 and is keeping a clean user satisfaction and trustworthiness record since. They are gaining more and more satisfied users. They take their job seriously and describe themselves as lottery fans who became online lotto industry professionals.


Lotteries and Software

LottoMat is using a mature online lottery platform. It shows as the layout is well spaced and friendly, support for the screen size (mainly mobile view) is noteworthy, and the cart/basket function is in place. Navigating the site is very intuitive. The Game, Information and Results section is very clear and legible, providing much-needed information on particular lotteries. This is a well-developed site with some features that stand out from the rest, including some of the leading ones.

Very good graphics and UX, in my opinion, puts the site quite high. The design is truly user-friendly, clean, fully responsive, with a modern feel, providing a smooth online lotto experience. The systematically growing number of available lotteries and the number of available language versions is an additional advantage. The development team at LottoMat is continuously developing and implementing new features for the players.

There’s a nicely developed notification system that makes a good impression. This system is guiding the player through all stages of the game, from the purchase to the information about drawn numbers. At the same time, unobtrusive mailing systematically reminds about larger accumulation.


Lately, LottoMat introduced a number of new features I find really interesting and attractive from the player’s point of view. The multidraw function being the first. It’s convenient and attractive for the player, as he doesn’t have to remember to buy the ticket every time he wants to participate in the draw. That’s not all, deciding to go with a multidraw purchase gives him a nice discount that may reach up to 12%, so that’s a big difference.

Only the syndicate function is missing, however, as customer service informs, the development team is working on it and it will be implemented soon. I’ll make sure to update this review as soon as it is live.

Getting on to the lotteries, the selection is nice and wide, so I don’t think any devoted lottery player may ever be disappointed. As expected, the website provides the possibility to play all of the world’s most popular lotteries like Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Eurojackpot, just to name a few – a common thing in the world of online lotto agents. Still, there’s one game (or three actually) that makes LottoMat stand out from the crowd. The website recently added a series of GG World lotteries, a new introduction to the lottery world.

GG World lotteries come in three kinds, building up an attractive, new lottery offering. It guarantees one of the highest minimum jackpots out there, amounting to $100 million. The X minimum jackpot equals $10 million, but the price per line is significantly lower at just €1,40 per line, while GG World Millions – as the name suggests – gives the possibility to play for $1 million jackpot and the price per line is just €0,70. All that combines into an opportunity to play for a lower stake with higher chances or the other way round.

Language Support

Lottomat’s platform is supporting a long list of languages, that includes English, Albanian, Arabic (العربية), Bulgarian (български), Czech (Čeština), Danish (Dansk), German (Deutsch), Hindi (हिन्दी), Spanish (Español), Georgian, Croatian (Hrvatski), Italian (Italiano), Latvian (Latviešu), Lithuanian (Lietuvos), Nederlands, Polish (polski), Portuguese (Português), Romanian (Română), Slovakia (Slovenčina), Slovenian (Slovenščina), Serbian (Srpski), Swedish (Svenska), Thai (ไทย) Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt), Greek (Ελληνικα), Macedonian (македонски), Russian (Русский).

Apart from most of other competing websites, LottoMat operates in ticket scan model and not betting on the lottery draw outcome. I don’t say the latter is any worse, as it doesn’t change anything in the end for the player, but still, such an approach may be attractive and trust-building for a relatively new brand like LottoMat.


I couldn’t find any mobile apps – iOS, Android, or any other OS for that matter – but it shouldn’t be expected from a brand that was only recently. Only a strong player base can justify a mobile app, especially when the mobile responsive view is this good.

While there’s no mobile app – iOS or Android – the website is responsive and offers a solid mobile view experience. Since the gameplay is simple – you participate in a daily draw and login to collect winnings – the mobile view gives a polished, native application-like user interface. This is saying that a user doesn’t really need an app as the mobile version of the site provides just the same lottery playing experience as the desktop version. Nicely done.


Lottomat offers its new players a Welcome Bonus. Each new player receives a free lottery ticket along with his first purchase. That’s a nice way of greeting the player and, of course increases the chances of winning. Such a bonus is a true, free giveaway. There are no terms and conditions (such as a turnover requirement) that need to be met. If you get lucky, win and want to withdraw your winning, you can.

Multidraw purchase feature, as I’ve already pointed before, is a kind of a bonus. It gives the player an attractive discount that may reach up to 12%, so he can increase his winning chances. Getting more lines for the draws, while spending less.

LottoMat has also informed me about the plans of introducing a loyalty program to extend the bonus offerings. This feature is currently in development by the team and will launch soon on the website.


That’s already a nice number of perks for the player, but the list goes on. Another interesting and attractive feature is the Refer a Friend program. Any player who registers on the website is opting in for the program by default. There’s a referral link in the account details section he may share using any social media or just spreading it with a messenger of his choice. If a new player registers using the given link and makes a purchase for a minimum €10, the referring player will receive a completely free ticket for Mega Millions draw.

What’s even more attractive and may be perceived as a way of claiming more free tickets is the fact, the referral link may be used without any limitations, thus the number of free tickets that may be claimed is actually unlimited. That’s a pretty generous approach I have to say, but on the other hand, the more players use the website, the bigger the profit. Nice, this creates a win-win situation.

Lottery Affiliate

Apart from everything described above, there’s one more thing worth mentioning, and that’s the affiliate program. It’s not a unique feature and most online lottery ticket-selling websites have it on offer. It is still an attractive one. Anyone who run blogs, fan pages and social media profiles may use it as a source of passive income (which may be seen as a way of building a free budget to be spent… on lottery tickets of course). The commissions are tiered depending on sales and may reach up to 50%.


A wide range of possible payment options is a critical aspect of any online lotto website and I have to say LottoMat shines here and provides anything that’s needed for a flawless lotto playing experience. Players have the possibility to deposit the funds to their accounts using credit cards, e-wallets like skrill or Neteller, but the world goes on and cryptocurrencies are the next big thing also in e-commerce.

LottoMat is actually the few lottery agents I’ve came across that provides the possibility of using cryptocurrencies for payments. This is possible thanks to the cooperation with BitBayPay, a payment processing operator, belonging to a widely-known and trusted cryptocurrency exchange BitBay. Everybody knows Bitcoin, but the list of accepted cryptos goes way beyond the most popular digital currency and includes bitcoin’s fork – Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Lisk, Dash, zCash, Bitcoin Gold, Ripple and Tron, so I don’t think it’s possible for any cryptocurrency fan to be disappointed with the range of possibilities.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit amount at LottoMat is €10 euros (or the equivalent in other currencies). That’s a common practice and a relatively small amount. note that you don’t need to spend the amount on a single purchase. Any remaining funds are kept on the player’s account balance. The player may use them for buying tickets in the future.

Any winnings up to $2,500 are automatically credited to the winner’s account after the draw. They can be used to make another ticket purchase or withdrawn. Ongoing payouts up to $ 2,500 are processed very smoothly and without problems. Any winnings greater than $2,500 may require some additional actions related with KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures. Customer service is nice and helpful, so that’s not a drawback of any kind. Following regulations is a strong sign of trust.

Customer Support

That’s another crucial aspect of any website offering any kind of services, and online lotto is no exception. Good customer support builds trust and long-lasting relations with the players. Which, in turn, translates into profits and LottoMat team seems to be perfectly aware of that fact.

New players and website visitors can use an extensive FAQ section with answers to the most common questions. It shows a lot of attention is put into this page as there is extensive coverage of topics and regular updates. This means that it is growing and improving as more and more users reach customer support with inquiries. LottoMat’s FAQ is nicely organized with categories so it’s easy to navigate and find the required information. That’s another example of a nice and well-thought UX design I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this review.

A nice FAQ is one thing, but it’s the direct contact that really builds a long-lasting relations. Players have the possibility to contact LottoMat’s team using the contact form or sending their message directly to the support email address. LottoMat’s support team are friendly and helpful, and that’s one more major point for the website. Direct chat is not available at this point of time, but it is coming in one of the future version releases.

Is LottoMat legit or fraud?

The constantly growing position of the site, the number of players and the fact that they are constantly implementing new functionalities testify to the fact that LottoMat is a solid partner that you can trust and rely on. White Lotto Limited, a company residing in UK, is operating Lottomat. It also runs the LottoPark website which has a large number of positive reviews. I have not found any negative reviews that could indicate that this is an illegal or simply scam website. So far, most reviews are positive, and I do not see any contraindications for using the Lottomat website.


LottoMat is a new player to the online lottery niche, but it is coming in strong. It has a solid platform I liked very much and notable support in languages and currencies. It is a leader in Cryptocurrency support and should be rewarded for that as this is a technological leap forward. I would feel much more comfortable scoring them higher if there were some more trusted player reviews to strengthen what Seymour Marketing is trying to do with their online lottery platform.

If you’re looking for a brand that supports your language, and you couldn’t find it till now, this might be the lotto agent for you. Enjoy! If you get a chance to, contact me with feedback so I can spread the word.

Pros / Cons
  • Truly wide language support
  • Great currency support - all ticket prices on the site are local
  • Multidraws options
  • Bonus scheme with Welcome Bonus, Refer a Friend Program, and an Affiliate Program
  • UX is refined and well thought out across platforms
  • No dedicated mobile application
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Free ticket AND multidraw discount