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  • Payment options : credit card, instant wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin.
  • Available languages : English, Albanian, Czech (Čeština), Danish (Dansk), German (Deutsch), Spanish (Español), Georgian, Croatian (Hrvatski), Italian (Italiano), Latvian (Latviešu), Nederlands, Polish (polski), Portuguese (Português), Romanian (Română), Slovakia (Slovenčina), Slovenian (Slovenščina), Serbian (Srpski), Swedish (Svenska), Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt), Greek (Ελληνικα), Macedonian (македонски), Russian (Русский).
  • Customer support : contact form, email address.
  • Number of lotteries:
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LottoMat are new to the game but seem to take their job seriously. With a wide language and currency support, they plan to answer the need for non-English speaking lottery players – a lotto platform in their native language. Proper support means they get to start off strong.

Did the effort put into translating the website follow through across the site and into the actual services and gameplay? let’s dig a little deeper.


Lotteries and Software

LottoMat is built on an online lottery platform that feels very mature – the layout is well spaced and welcoming, screen size support (mobile view mostly) is notable, cart feature is spot on. The currency support makes users far more comfortable in completing a purchase. This feature is not yet fully implemented, I could find amounts not converted, but the direction is right. This is a well-developed website with some features that make is stand out in comparison to others, also some of the leading in the niche.

Some features are missing, syndicate and bundles are the ones most notable, but the visuals and UX make up for them. They can forfeit any fancy ticket number generators, such as astrology, the quick pick is just enough, but syndicate are a most for many lottery players, and bundles make the purchase funnel that more simple and smooth.


I couldn’t find any mobile apps – iOS, Android, or any other OS for that matter – but that is expected for a brand that was only recently launched (was established in 2017). Only a strong player base can justify a mobile app, especially when the mobile responsive view is this good.

While there’s no mobile app – iOS or Android – the website is responsive and offers a solid mobile view experience. Since the gameplay is simple – you participate in a daily draw and login to collect winnings – the mobile view gives a polished, native application like user interface.


There were no special offers of any kind – I was looking for first ticket purchase promotion, multi-line or subscription discount, and VIP or loyalty scheme. This could be the site’s biggest drawback. Lottery agents don’t offer bonuses as other gaming operators, but more often than none, there’s a promotion designed to attract new players with a discount and keep them coming for more with a returning players score based reward.

LottoMat, if you’re reading this, please address this request. It will make the lotto game a little more fun and give loyal players a chance to play longer.


Another critical review aspect LottoMat seem to get just right… payment options. Players who choose to play can complete a deposit using a credit card, instant wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, and (get ready for this…) Bitcoin. This is the first agent I reviewed that accepts Cryptocurrency! Currently, only Bitcoin is accepted, but this definitely leads the way for others.

Note, there’s a minimum deposit or purchase amount of €10. This is a common practice and a relatively low amount.

Any winnings of up to $2,500 are automatically credited to the winner’s account. They can be used for completing another ticket purchase or withdrawn. Any winnings bigger than $2,500 might require some actions – identification, etc. – with Customer Support.

Customer Support

New players and visitors to the website have an FAQ section with some answers to pressing questions. This is a leaner than should section and some relevant information is missing. This is not a big deal, as there’s the option of reaching Customer support.

Customer Support representatives are available over contact form and direct email address. They claim for a 24/7 availability, but it’s not reasonable. I didn’t get a chance to test their availability, but I’ll revisit this review as soon as I do. I would have liked an option of actively engaging CS using live chat or phone number, but these channels are not supported.

Is LottoMat legit or fraud?

There’s little to go with, Lotto Mat just doesn’t have enough credentials or real players reviews for an inclusive legitimacy audit. But, considering the website is operated by Seymour Marketing Limited, a firm we know as it also operates LottoPark, it is pretty safe to give LottoMat some of the haloes of its operator. At least for the near future, I have to consider that LottoPark as some pretty good review by real players, and this is enough to lower guards when looking at LottoMat.


LottoMat is a new player to the online lottery niche, but it is coming in strong with a solid platform I liked very much and notable support in languages and currencies. It is a leader in Cryptocurrency support and should be rewarded for that as this is a technological leap forward. I would feel much more comfortable scoring them higher if there were some more trusted player reviews to strengthen what Seymour Marketing is trying to do with their online lottery platform.

If you’re looking for a brand that supports your language, and you couldn’t find it till now, this might be the lotto agent for you. Enjoy! If you get a chance to, contact me with feedback so I can spread the word.

Pros / Cons
  • Probably the widest language support you'll ever encounter on a lottery agent's website.
  • Along with the language support, there's an even wider currency support – all ticket prices on the website are local (even if the native language isn't supported).
  • Overall experience feels polished and well though of – design is nice and mobile view support is tailor made.