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  • Payment options : credit cards, wire transfers.
  • Available languages : English, Azərbaycan, Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, Eesti, Español, Français, Hrvatski, Indonesia, Italiano, Latviešu, Lietuvos, Magyar, Mакедонски, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Română, Shqipja, Slovenčina (SK), Slovenščina (SI), Srpski, Svenska, Tagalog, Tiếng Việt, Türkçe, Ελληνικα, Български, Русский, ქართული, العربية, हिन्दी, বাংলা, ไทย, 한국어, 中文.
  • Customer support : contact form, direct email address, phone number, live chat.
  • Number of lotteries:
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LottoPark is an online lottery website own by a Curaçao company but operated by a UK company. They offer players full access to seven of the world’s biggest lotteries: EuroJackpot and EuroMillions, Polish lotto, US Mega Millions and Powerball, UK Lottery, and Italian SuperEnalotto, with the option of playing one line or more at the same time. However, the site does not offer discounts if more than one ticket line is played at once.

The website is available in two main languages; Polish and English, which makes them one of the very few lottery websites offering Polish as a language, and also the Polish 6/49 Lotto. And though the jackpots are a bit lower than others, the buy-in is relatively small, making them a great start for people new to the business of lottery playing.


Lotteries and Software

All players have to do to get started on Lotto Park is to read up on the available lotteries, choose the lottery that they think suits them best, and play right from the comfort of their homes.

To register for an account on the website, an initial deposit of a minimum of €10 is required, which is a bit confusing since they stated in their Terms and Conditions that to open account with credit cards, a minimum of €2.50 is required.

The LottoPark does not really have a lot of interesting options like Syndicates, Subscriptions or Multiple plays. What players just do is, buy their lottery tickets on the website and choose which lottery they wish to play. That’s all!

It is often expected that whether a lottery pays a lump sum or in an annuity, players that win a jackpot should have the option of getting paid in lump sum, with less fees, handling charges, taxes or any other costs that may be incurred. However, the LottoPark website does not give any written information about any handling charges on the winnings of players. All that is stated is that, for less than €10,000 winnings, LottoPark will transfer the winnings to the account of the players, while for winnings more than that, they will negotiate with the player, which is a bit weird.

For players to get their winnings on the website, a minimum of €5 is required, and it usually takes about 3 to 5 working days to process, and another 7 working days for players to finally receive their winnings. A bit too long, some might think.


There’s no mobile app support, but this is expected as this is a relatively small operation. fortunately, the website has an excellent mobile view with just the right adjustments needed for getting the sense of a completely tailored experience.


I couldn’t find an offers on the site, but I’ll tune in from time to time and check if anything changes.


The acceptable payment methods on the LotroPark website include bank transfers, credit cards, SOFORT, Neteller, Skrill, and the popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. But using PayPal for payments does not seem to be an available option on the website, which might cause some people to lose interest in playing lotteries on the site.

Customer Support

I loved the categorized FAQ page, it is really easy to navigate, and seem to be pretty extensive and comprehensive. New users to the online lottery and Lotto Park would find the most common issues and queries covered. There’s also a well-written blog that is really interesting and valuable for avid lottery players. It also covers some of the products and features that Lottopark offers and supports.

Customer support is available on a number of channels – email for general queries, email for payment issues, and contact form. Lottopark claims a 24/7 availability, but it is not confirmed.

Is Lottopark legit or fraud?

This is a niche website that competes for the online lottery player’s heart with some specific selling prepossessions. For this, it’s hard to give weight to real users’ review and feedback – there’s just too little comments to rely on.

As of now, there’s no indication of fraud or wrongful doing.


The LottoPark website is easy to understand and straight to the point. They offer 7 of the world’s biggest lotteries and seem to be among the very few that offer the Polish 6/49 Lotto. Though the website does not offer options like multiple plays, subscription or syndicate, it offers players a welcome back and a “Tell your friend” bonus. A minimum of €10 is required to open an account with payment methods that include Credit cards, bank transfers, Neteller, SOFORT, Skrill, and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Being online lottery website operated by a UK company but own by a Curaçao company, it is available in English and Polish, and offers lotteries like EuroJackpot and EuroMillions, Polish lotto, US Mega Millions and Powerball, UK Lottery, and Italian SuperEnalotto, which are 7 of the world’s top lotteries.

The website also transfers player’s winnings that are less than €10,000 into their bank accounts, and for winnings not up to that, they try to negotiate with the player, which might cause people to think twice about going to the site to play in the first place. But in all, the website is not so bad.