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The first thing that puts you off about the north India lottery is their website. It seems like the website is only interested in taking information from you as it does not provide any information as to who they actually are, where they actually originate from and who currently manages them.

The website is nothing to write home about as the design definitely needs a lot of touch up to give it a more professional look. The only thing glaring in the website is the game they offer and how to play it alongside a timer on the page to show that draws are coming closer. They have no basic information provided on the website and makes one doubt the authenticity of the online lottery itself.

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Lotteries and Software

According to what is being shown on the website, it is stated that they have 3 major kinds of lottery available on the website. The lotteries include Everest super, Jackpot royal and Everest mini. To participate in any of the games it is necessary to input random numbers in the box offered on the website. It is also very obvious that you can partake in all three lotteries at the same time. You actually have to place order first, once you are done pacing order you are then allowed to confirm order.

There are no rules per se. it is just basically to fill in the boxes in all categories. While filling in the boxes the numbers would be adding up to give a total number that would also be used in the draw. Game times have also been added to the website, so that you can partake in any of the draws that might fall at the best time that could make you participate in a draw.


There is no mobile application created especially for this lottery game. The only thing available for the north India lottery is their website which contains no information at all that can help you even understand what is going on in the website.


There is currently no form of promotion going on in the website. It is difficult as it is to actually navigate the website, this makes it very difficult to tell exactly what is news and what is not on the website.

There are no forms of making transactions visible on the website. It can be easily understood though that the objective of the game is to make you choose random numbers then buy the ticket to be able to qualify for the draws but the downside is that not enough information is passed on the website as to how to make payments or how to withdraw your winnings per adventure you emerge a winner.

Customer Support

There is no visible FAQ question, they claim to have over 3000 visitors but there is no means available to help answer questions one of these visitors might have.

There is no information whatsoever on the website that can help you with the contact details. If you stumble on this website, it would really be very difficult to get the hang of it. Information is missing on any contact options – phone, email, chat.

Is India North Lottery legitimate?

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the north Indian lottery and this comes from a poorly designed website. It is really difficult to tell if the website is legit or not as the only thing that they have on the website is just a list of the games and numerous timers telling that it would soon be time for another draw.


The north India lottery has no information online. For an online company, information that is needed to aid a player either a professional or a novice should be boldly stated on their website. The website is just a one paged website without other pages like the about us, contact us or FAQ page and as such does not do justice in telling exactly what goes on the website. No rule of play and not even a guideline to help. It is best to find another online lottery that is very open with their information if you are looking to play any online games.