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  • Payment options : Credit card, EFTSecure, wire transfer
  • Customer support : Email, phone, live chat
  • Available languages : English, Spanish, Afrikaans, Ukrainian, Russian
  • Trustpilot Score: n/a
  • Number of lotteries: 12
  • Mobile App: Web only
  • Ticket Scan: Yes
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Giant Lottos ( operate a simple and valuable service of a lottery ticket carrier. This service, in comparison to betting, has pluses and minuses and we’ll go through them all in this detailed review. I can say in advance that while the design might seem outdated, the experience is polished and works well.

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Review Aspects

All of the online lottery agent reviews on the site follow a similar structure with a set of review aspects. These sections make up the main elements an online lottery player should consider before making a commitment to a brand – creating an account and adding payment method details. It also means that you, a reader and potential player, can compare between different brands easily.

These are the review aspects:

  • Security – Technical measures that the online brand takes in order to keep its players’ data safe.
  • Products – Different games that the website offers – lotteries, scratchcards, casinos, sports betting, etc.
  • Features – Features that make playing the lottery fun and user friendly. Since there’s competition between brands on the attention of players, this can make or break a brand.
  • Platforms – Website’s support of devices and screen sizes. This aspect also includes apps in addition to the web experience. Players login from different devices throughout the day and the user’s experience should be consistent.
  • Promotions – Bonuses and rewards make for a great acquisition tool for new players, but they can hide unfair terms in the small print.
  • Banking – Payments methods and terms for completing a deposit or withdrawing winnings. This is a trust aspect and a user experience one.
  • Support – Customer support channels and availability, plus any knowledge sharing page such as a FAQ page. Basically, how easy it is to get or find help if needed.

Security Measures

This aspect is focused on technical aspects. The actual technology Giant Lottos is using to keep users secured. The connection between the players and Giant has to be encrypted properly. For this check, I run a server test on SSL Labs and read through the report for warning signs. See the screenshot below and the report here. Giant Lottos aced this test with a grade of A. There are very few brands with an SSL implementation that’s almost flawless. There are some inconsistent server configurations, but they don’t impact the top grade. Well done.

Cloudflare, one of the biggest cyber companies, issued the certificate. It is using 256bits encryption.

SSL Labs SSL Report - giantlottos A

SSL Labs SSL Report – giantlottos A

Next, I check if any security vendors flag Giant as fraudulent. These are known services that crawl the internet in search of malicious websites, apps, files, services, etc. They can even find linked services to make the browsing experience of their clients safe. I use Virus Total for this check as they aggregate results from multiple vendors, and show linked services that are hosted on the same server. See the summary in the screenshot below, and the complete report here. Out of 85 security engined sampled, none flagged as malicious. This is a perfect result and a great trust inducing sign.

Virus Total Detection - giantlottos

Virus Total Detection – giantlottos

The last check is with McAfee’s SiteAdvisor. This service checks billions of websites for any negative signs, and it identified as safe. It categorized the website as a gambling site even thou Giant Lottos offer a carrier service, but this could be a technical distinguish that McAfee doesn’t make. See the result in the screenshot below and the test here.

McAfee SiteAdvisor - giantlottos

McAfee SiteAdvisor – giantlottos

Product and Games

Since Giant Lotto is an online lottery carrier service, as opposed to a betting service, it only offers lottery draws. This means players will find only lottery tickets on the site.


There are 12 lotteries on the site – Mega Millions, SuperEna Lotto, USA Powerball, EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, Canada Lotto 649, France Loto, Lotto 6aus49, Irish Lotto, Cash4Life, Mega-Sena, and UK Lottery. It’s a limited selection of lotteries, but includes all the major ones – those with the biggest jackpots and hold the highest records. Also, it is much more complicated to support lotteries in a carrier service as someone has to buy an actual ticket from a local retailer in the lottery’s country. It is logistically challenging.


Other than lotteries, Giant has raffles. During this revisit to the site (April 2021), there’s one raffle on offer – Loteria Nacional Extra. It is also available in a syndicate. Few online lottery agents offer raffles, and this is a plus for Giant. Spanish raffles are well known and liked by many players.

Giant offers two more products to enhance its players’ experience – bundles and syndicates.


This is a commerce product. Giant group lottery tickets together to offer a package that improves on the player’s gameplay. A bundle could have better odds of winning, offer the top jackpot of each week, or an outtake on the industry (the most popular lotteries).

There are four offers in the Lotto Bundles section on the site:

  • All Draw Bonanza – 23 tickets of the biggest lotteries of the week. The participating lotteries change from week to week, so take note if you buy future bundles.
  • MegaPower – 2 USA Powerball and 2 Mega Millions tickets each week. A great US bundle.
  • Giant4 Favourites – 2 US Powerball, 2 EuroMillions, 1 Eurojackpot, and 2 Mega Millions tickets. These are Giant’s top four lotteries in one bundle.
  • Euro Millionaires – The EU’s answer to US’ MegaPower bundle. 2 EuroMillions, 1 EuroJackpot, 3 SuperEnaLotto, 2 UK National Lottery, 2 German Lottery and 3 France Loto tickets. A chance to play Europe’s biggest draws on the site.


The motto of a syndicate could be – play together, win together. Giant makes it easy for players to group together anג play a pool of tickets. By playing a syndicate, the odds increase at the cost of sharing the winnings according to shares.

There are five offers in the Lotto Syndicates section on the site:

  • EuroMillions Syndicate – Pool of 300 shares for 30 weekly EuroMillions tickets – 15 for Tuesday and 15 for the Friday draws.
  • Mega Millions Syndicate – Pool of 400 shares for 40 weekly Mega Millions tickets – 20 for Tuesday and 20 for the Friday draws.
  • Mega Power Syndicate – 52 tickets – 13 tickets for each of these draws: Tuesday and Friday Mega Millions, and Wednesday and Saturday Powerball. This bundle has a GUARANTEED WIN feature. If, by any chance, the pool doesn’t win any prize Giant will “simply give you your money back”. Few brands can match this attractive offer.
  • Double Euro Syndicate – 40 tickets – Tuesday and Friday EuroMillions, and the Friday EuroJackpot draws. This bundle also has the GUARANTEED WIN feature described above.
  • UK Syndicate – Pool of 150 shared for 15 UK Lottery tickets.

Considering the few lotteries that Giant is offering, the game options are impressive. Bundles and syndicates are enjoyable and definitely improve the lottery’s gameplay.


Lotteries, raffles and game types make the player’s experience, but features can build on top of that.

Cart is one way to simplify the ticket buying experience. Buy multiple tickets from multiple draws with one transaction. The cart also enables quick edit from the checkout process  – it means you can add as many products you like, and make a final decision on checkout.

Google sign up means you can create an account by linking a Google account. All personal details autocomplete immediately, and the process takes seconds. This is not a must feature, but a nice-to-have. To my opinion, you create an account once and really should pay close attention to what personal details a lottery brand is asking.

SUPA-QP™ is Giant Lottos’ auto-fill feature. According to the site, the proprietary technology behind this picks numbers that are overdue to be drawn. The skeptic in me has to cool the enthusiasm, but Ginat is offering a Money Back Guarantee under certain terms. I suggest you read about this proposition on the site.

Quick Pick buttons as at the top of each lottery draw page. Each button with a different number of lines. If you use the quick pick, Giat would auto-complete a number of lines, add them to the cart, and redirect you to the checkout. It is a quick pick by name and function. This is a basic feature, and Giat executed it nicely.

Future draws mean you can buy one set of lottery lines for weeks ahead. This is a basic feature that is expected.

Platform Support

The website’s – – design is outdated but functional and effective. The designer makes good use of screen real estate and keeps a focus on completing a purchase. I guess users can easily find their way on the site, and the onboarding is quick. The simple design means the experience is consistent between screen sizes – desktop, laptops, tablets and different generation smartphones.

Someone did the numbers picking element poorly. Tickets are too big on desktop and you have to use the keypad to pick numbers on mobile. There’s room to improve here, and competing brands do better.

Giant didn’t create a mobile app – iOS or Android. There’s are few online lottery mobile apps, and most of them only offer draw results, so it’s expected of a small brand to forfeit developing one. On the other hand, an app could be a differentiator from other brands and a good communication channel with players.

Bonuses and Promotions

Since Giant buy tickets and don’t offer scratch cards or casino games, they can’t offer attractive bonuses. There’s little margin for that.

The Money Back Guarantee offer on a couple of products and features – syndicate and auto-complete – is unexpected and very attractive. Giant has a strong offer here.

New players get a £1 FOR 6 CHANCES TO WIN MEGA MILLIONS. The offer is for 6 shares – 3 shares for 2 draws – and a free ebook “The Lotto Secret”.

Banking Options and Terms

The option of depositing and withdrawing in local payment methods and currencies is important. This kind of support attracts players as most prefer to use existing payment options. Know that Giant is PCI compliant.


There are three options for depositing funds:

Credit cards are the most widely used, and Giant accepts Visa and Mastercard. If you have another card, I suggest you reach a representative from customer support and see what can be done.

EFTSecure is a 3rd party payment platform. If you choose to complete payment using EFTSecure, you’ll be redirected to a payment portal to complete the transaction.

Bank transfer is the least convenient of the three as it takes the longest to complete – up to 72 hours – and requires taking multiple actions. If you’d like to complete a wire, read the instructions carefully as you’ll have to use your reference details and email wire details to [email protected].

Customer Support

If you need any assistance – per or post registration and deposit – you need to know there’s someone on the other end. Giant does well in offering users the means to reach customer support.

Email addresses for general ([email protected]), account ([email protected]), and payment ([email protected]) queries are readily available on the site. There’s also a UK phone number (+44-20-87207448) with availability – Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm GTM. Live chat widget with limited availability.

There are more than reasonable communication channels. Still, I suggest you have a look at the FAQ page before reaching customer support. The FAQ page is extensive and the answers are complete. You’ll find it useful.

Is Giant Lottos Legitimate or Fraud?

Neezy Technologies Limited is the company running the brand Giant Lottos. It is part of the online lottery industry since 2004 and was one of the first to operate in this niche. The company has a clean record and there are no red flags. It is very transparent clear. There are no real player reviews on websites like TrustPilot, but players use these platforms to rant most of the time. In this case, no review is a positive sign.

Giant is a carrier service and this means it doesn’t need a gambling license. It doesn’t have to comply with the regulations of any gambling authority. On one hand, the service is simple enough so there’s no need for regulations. On the other hand, a regulator standardizes practices and requires a certain threshold to be met.

Every check I made lead me to the conclusion Giant Lottos is a legitimate brand and the company bind it true.

Which Are the Best Alternatives to Giant Lottos?

If you read the positive review and still like to explore alternatives, you can see the toplist for the recommended agents. Want to start playing? Try The Lotter if you’d like to play with a ticket carrier or Lotto Agent if you’re ok with lottery betting.

To Which Lottery Player is Giant Lottos For?

Since there are no scratch cards, casino or sports betting games, Giant Lottos is for lottery only players. Those that have little to no interest in gambling. Giant is also a carrier, so any lottery players who insist on getting a scanned ticket would find one with Giant.

How to Start Playing the Lottery With Giant Lottos?

Registration is straight forward. There’s the option of using Google’s account for signing up – all fields are auto-completed – or manually inputting values. The registration form asks for a first name, email address, password with five characters & one number, date of birth, country, mobile phone number, optional promo code, two checkboxes – “Call me with your best offers!” and “I am not a Robot”.

To deposit using a credit card you need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Click on deposit funds
  3. Add your card – click “Add Card” and complete details
  4. Sade your card
  5. Put the amount you’d like to deposit
  6. Confirm

To deposit using EFTSecure (instant bank transfer) you need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Click on deposit funds
  3. Put the amount you’d like to deposit
  4. Click on “EFTSecure”
  5. Follow steps in the 3rd party portal

To deposit using bank transfer you need to follow these steps:

  1. Complete a deposit to the bank details on Giant’s banking page.
    ** Add your unique reference – your full name
    ** Add your reason for the transfer – ticket proxy
  2. Send your proof of payment to [email protected]
    ** Your’ transfer would update to your account during working our


Giant Lotto gets a full recommendation based on the availability of a variety of games on their platform, high game quality, and a fantastic user experience. Giant lotto is one lottery agency with a very large amount of credibility and approval.

To create a Giant Lotto account, you would need to complete a step-by-step simple registration process that requires you to input personal details, after which you would be required to credit your Giant Lotto account with a minimum of €10 up to €400. Once this is done you can start playing by choosing lotto numbers and paying from your account, you can select numbers manually or through an automatic generation option.

Pros / Cons
  • There's a translation to Afrikaans for those who find this missing with other online lottery websites
  • Variety of payment options for players' convenience
  • Selection of leading lotteries from around the world
  • No side games - scratch cards, keno, etc.
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