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Is TheLotter a Legit Lottery Ticket Provider? We Gave It a Closer Look

Each review of an online lottery agent's website is comprised of several review aspects. Each review aspect is weighted in when its time to give an overall score, but lottery players are different, and so are their private considerations when they need to pick the next brand of a lottery to play at.

For this reason, knowing that the overall score might not suit those who just want to know if it's safe to play at a specific brand or not, we also try to cover the security aspect in greater details separately.

These are the review aspects we consider for the Legit Score (TM):

  • Valid license and ownership
  • Service (betting or ticket carrier)
  • Known real-life winners
  • Relevant feedback from real-life players
  • A suspicious technology used on the site

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The Lotter is one of the world's first online lottery ticket courier service – established back in 2002, this brand name is a synonym for loyalty and high-quality level of service.

Pay close attention to the findings of our legit aspects of this website, the results are abnormal when you compare to nearly every lottery website out there.


License and ownership is a brand owned by The Lotter Enterprises Limited, which is licensed by the government of Belize. Registration number along with proof of existence in the Belize business database can be found below:

Thelotter in Belize business search

The screenshot above was taken from the International Business Companies Registry in Belize (IBC) and proves that license wise The lotter's operation is valid.

A close examination of the company details will show that despite the fact the company is registered in Belize, its offices are held in Malta – a common location for online companies, definitely not something that should worry a new or existing customer of the website.

Type of service

The Lotter is an independent ticket purchasing service, this means they have an operation of carriers around the globe that purchase for their users real lottery tickets for the draw they chose.
The ticket is bought under the customer's name, that way in case of winning all of the prizes can be withdrawn only by the customer of The Lotter who ordered the ticket.

Important to mention as well, that The Lotter focuses on transparency in the way they handle existing customers. For example tickets purchased by their carriers are being scanned uploaded to the customer's personal account page in the site – a big sign for legitimacy operation here.


Winning Lottery Ticket By TheLotter

As you can see in the image above (a winning ticket by the way) each ticket purchase accompanied by a scan of the ticket to the personal account of the customer.
That way every TheLotter customer can be sure his card is officially purchased and valid for the next draw.

Real winners

This is an aspect TheLotter truly excells, despite the fact the operator doesn't have any real control over the chance a customer will hit the right numbers or not – we can clearly see series of true succes stories. As we already covered extensively back in 2016, The Lotter has a worldwide recognition of crowning people from around the world as worldwide sensations:

Presented in the video above is Aura D. from Panama who used The Lotter's services and purchased a ticket for the Florida Lotto draw on 19 July 2017. It was a complete shock when she will quickly discover she was the only winner of the $30,000,000 jackpot!

The Lotter team not only purchased the card for Aura, but took care of flight arrangements to get the Panamian winner to Florida in order to claim the prize.

Want more? how about the 2015 sensation when an Iraqi player chose The Lotter to purchase an Oregon Megabucks ticket for him. It didn't take much of time to realize a $6,400,000 prize is won by none other than M.M, the Iraqi lucky winner.
That story hit the American press like a storm with extensive coverage on The New York Times, AP, Daily Mail and NBC. Check out the amazing news update on that historic winning:

There are over 20 amazing winning stories presented here, so go ahead and feel free to dream how will your winning experience sound like

Players' feedback

The Lotter receives an impressive score on TrustPilot, thanks to its superb support and customer service. No surprise this experienced brand gets such a positive feedback, especially due to its excellent variety of products and its unparalleled purchasing experience.

Some of the recent feedbacks posted on the site:

“Honest company. I have been playing for a while now although no major wins but definitely have had a couple of small wins. I have no issues with withdrawals or anything. I like these guys”.

“I was skeptical at first but have grown confidence in placing my bets with after having had frustrating transactions with other comparable online sites. (Copies of your tickets are sent to your email as final confirmation that your ticket is in play for the desired play/date.)”.

“Best online lottery site. It may seem to cost a bit more, however, their work ethics, trustworthy policies, and customer service make up to it so in my honest opinion the extra charge on the tickets is totally worth it. Thank you for your honesty and keep up the good work.”

Technology used

Tech speaking the site is completely up to date with all relevant security certificates, supports a wide collection of payment methods and it is probably the only lottery ticket purchase site that has an iPhone, an iPad and an android app (more details on that can be found in our article on lottery mobile apps).

Add to that a top-notch support service through chat (not all online lottery websites offer that, most cases you get a phone number or an e-mail address) along with an independent technology to process the ticket orders and transferring them to the couriers deployed in the different countries. All of the above place The Lotter at the crème de la crème of online lottery websites.


A true lottery experience awaits for you on The Lotter website, from amazing and true winning stories to a real scanned ticket that's emailed to you the moment it's being purchased on the lottery kiosk – its all good. Given its astonishing aggregated score (over 80) of trust in the world biggest trust arena – Trustpilot, we grant a 10/10 legitimacy score.

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