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  • Available languages : English
  • Customer support : email address
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Play Here Play Here was created by former marketing executives from publishers clearing house and it is now owned by sharestakes LLC. Just like every other lottery game you should not expect to win every day but the Winloot team has put together provisions that can enable you play up to 65 times in a day and the beautiful thing is that it is absolutely free.

The Winloot website is fairly well created and gives an impression of spam. This is what most free lottery websites resort to. From navigating the website, you would come to realize that what is most important to the Winloot team is your email address.

To participate in the sweep stakes all you need to do is to register with your email address and confirm your account via your email address to enable you receive notifications in case of any winnings.

Then you decide the number of picks for everyday or you could let the site chose the picks for you, whatever rocks your boat, and you submit your entry and wait to see if you won. Winners are selected every day and this means that you have to play every single day to qualify for the daily draws.

The website also has a blog that helps in giving out information and news about current winners and passing any new useful information to the public.


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Level of encryption or, in other words, what is the site’s commitment to keeping users’ detailed secured. In addition, what regulatory compliance the lottery agent is subjected to.


What are the lotteries offered on the site and what game modes are available. In addition, we check if and what side games – such as: Keno, Scratchcards, Instant Win, etc. –  you can play.


We test the site’s functionality and overall user experience – which languages and currencies are supported.


Who well does the online lottery agent’s site support different screen sizes – Desktop, Tablet, Mobile – and if there are any apps available for download.


Online lottery sites offer attractive bonuses that range from free shares on registration, to free tickets with a purchase or bonus on deposit. There are also VIP/ Loyalty plans for returning players.


All lottery agents offer some kind of Customer Support, and we review them. Being able to reach the site’s owners at any given time should be an important aspect to any lottery player.


Winloot is majorly about sweepstakes and has provided a total of 35 sweepstakes opportunity that you can choose from. You are guaranteed to win either of the following prizes if you win; $25, $50, $77, $100, $500, $1000, $2500, $5000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $1,000,000 and $10,000 a month for life. In order to participate in the $100,000 game you must have participated in the other games before it. The simple rule is therefore, to participate in the highest stakes; you must have participated in all the preceding stakes.

The idea of the game is to pick random numbers or you could allow the website to pick random numbers for you and submit. Selection of winning numbers would be announced every night. This only means that you have to play a game every single day till you win. It is therefore very important that you submit your selected numbers every single day to participate and too qualify for winning every day.

Winning numbers are always displayed on the website with a # sign at 3AM pacific time the day after the game. There is also a section which is called the “winner way” that shows the details of members who have previously won. Winloot also provides a way for members who forget their numbers to view it in a section called the “prize draws”.


There are no mobile apps available but provision has been made for a fairly seamless navigation of their website that is mobile friendly.


There are currently no on-going promotions for they already offer a free access to participating in any of the stakes.


There are no deposits required as it is a free game but if you win in any of the games, you would be contacted via email which is why it is really important that you register with the right email address and activate your account from that email address afterwards.


There is a FAQ page that outlines the answers to all the questions one might need answered. The glitch though is the fact that the FAQ is found I the contact page tab.

There in one available channel for reaching customer support:

Reaching customer support only via email address is pretty limited, a couple more channels would give some reassurance in Winloot.


The website itself is legit so also are the dealings within. You don’t have to be precautions as you do not have to give out your bank or credit card details.


Winloot is definitely not a scam as you do not have to pay any amount of money to register but giving out your email address would warrant receiving a lot of spam mails from their advertisers. If looking for a means of making money online, it is best you find something else as Winloot does not guarantee you winning but if you have enough time to spare, then you can consider Winloot and maybe one day be a lucky winner.