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  • Draw day and time : Wednesdays
  • Numbers to pick : 6/48 + 1/8
  • Winning odds : 1 in 50
  • Biggest Jackpot: €44,262,542


The Vikinglotto started in the year 1993. As mentioned, when it started, it was first of its kind in Europe. The lottery goes with different names in each of the countries it is played. For example, in Denmark, it is simply known as the Wednesday Lotto. The lottery was launched in Norsk Tipping in Norway. Initially, it was just five countries that began the lotteries together, namely, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. With the increase in the success of the lotteries, more and more countries from the Scandinavian regions of Europe joined in.

Vikinglotto is currently played in 8 countries. These are Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Slovenia.

The draw for the Vikinglotto happens weekly on Wednesdays.


How to play Vikinglotto Lottery

The Vikinglotto is a game that is easy to understand. There are two formats in this lottery – the 6/48 format and 1/8 format, which is an additional format. Players have to choose six numbers within the range of 1 and 48 and another additional number between 1 and 8. Winners of the jackpot must match all of the six chosen numbers along with the additional number. This additional number is known as the Viking number. Those who are unable to match all of these numbers will still have the chance of winning any of the second tier prizes. The Vikinglotto has nine different ways in which players can win the jackpot. There are totally eight secondary prizes that winners can take home.

The Vikinglotto offers €1 million as a guaranteed prize to the jackpot winner. This is the minimum prize. From this amount, the jackpot rolls over until someone matches all the seven numbers (the six numbers plus the Viking number) and wins.

The highest the prize money has rolled over to is €25 million that was won in the year 2013.

Who can play Vikinglotto Lottery

In order to play this lottery, players must be at least 18 years of age or older. Estonia and Lithuania are the only countries with an exception to this rule where players can play at the age of 16. The Vikinglotto can be played by anyone online, provided their country law allows it. Players should double-check with the lottery laws of their country before participating in the lotteries.


The odds of winning the Vikinglotto Lottery

Although the Vikinglotto gives away among the highest prizes and has nine different ways in which players can take home large sums of money, the odds of winning the Vikinglotto is not that great. It does have higher odds that some of the international lotteries, but it is still low. However, this is only for the jackpot.

The first tier prize is the jackpot. The odds of winning this is 1 in 98,172,096. In order to win this prize, winners have to match all six number plus the jackpot number. The second tier prize is for those who match six numbers and are not able to match the Viking number. The odds of winning the second tier prize is 1 in 14,024,585. The third tier prize winners match five numbers plus the Viking number. The odds for winning the prize for this tier is 1 in 389,572. The fourth tier winners have to beat the odds of 1 in 55,653 to match five numbers. The fifth tier winners have to match four numbers plus the Viking number. For this, they have to beat the odds of 1 in 7,061. The next is the sixth tier winners who match any four numbers at the odds of 1 in 1,086. The third tier winners, as per structure so far, match three numbers plus the Viking number with the odds of 1 in 428. And finally, the last seventh and eighth tier winners have to match any three number and just the Viking number respectively. Their odds are at 1 in 61 and 1 in 19.

1Pick 6 + 1 Viking Number1:98,172,096
2Pick 61:14,024,585
3Pick 5 + 1 Viking Number1:389,571
4Pick 51:55,653
5Pick 4 + 1 Viking Number1:7,601
6Pick 41:1,085
7Pick 3 + 1 Viking Number1:427
8Pick 31:61
9Pick 2 + 1:58

Payments and Costs for Vikinglotto Lottery

The cost of the ticket varies from one country to another. For example, the cost of choosing one line of six numbers is €0.80 in Latvia and €1.10 in Slovenia. Most online websites show the cost of the tickets to be €2 for one line of numbers.

Claiming the prize money

The claiming process also varies from country to country in the Vikinglotto. All prizes are paid out in a lump sum. The prizes will reach the winners 3 weeks from after the draw only. All winners have one year to be able to claim the prizes. The unclaimed prize monies will go to different funds and charities. Since each of the countries that run this lottery has its own claiming process, it is best advised to check on the official website or directly with the retailers of the Vikinglotto.

Tax payments for Vikinglotto Lottery

All of the prizes won via the Vikinglotto is tax-free in all the countries the lottery is played in. If the winner is not from any of the countries that run the Vikinglotto, then taxes will apply as per their country lottery laws.


The Vikinglotto has been famous not only for making millionaires through the lottery but also raising money for a lot of good causes. The causes are not specific and vary country to country based on the need of the hour. The popular contributions go towards education sponsorships, funding for sports teams and funding for various philanthropic projects. In Finland for example, €1 billion is donated towards charitable causes where €342 million goes to health and social care, €238 million to arts and culture and €159 million is contributed to sports.


Vikingloto is among the highest prize givers in the European lotteries. Apart from this, it is also among the highest contributors to charitable and philanthropic projects. It is definitely a must-check-out for fans of the lottery.

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