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As part of the fast growing Lotto Network, Swans Lotto is a great way to help and support the Welsh club Swansea by betting on its own lottery. This website, similar to other websites that are part of Lotto Network, offers you to place a bet on the outcome of the the draw occurring every Wednesday and Saturday. The goal is to hit 6 numbers and 1 Swansea legend to get the big jackpot estimated from hundred thousands of pounds to multi million pounds prize.

Swans Lotto gives you the chance to bet on a non-UK lottery and win life-changing prizes whilst also supporting the SCFC Community Trust, a not-for-profit organization backed by the Professional Footballers’ Association. Some of the many activities the SCFC Community Trust promotes include after-school and school holiday clubs, sports coaching, football for disabled people, and match funding opportunities. Its work makes a significant impact on the local area and the Trust enjoys considerable media support.

Key facts to know before playing Swans Lotto:

  1. The chances of you to win any prize are 1 in 10
  2. Jackpots can climb up to £27 Million!
  3. 26% out of every purchase will go to SCFC Community Trust


Swans Lotto is completely secured with 128-bit SSL encryption as expected from a site that’s part of Lotto Network. All your payment details and personal info is secured and safe.

Swans Lotto main and only product is betting on a non-UK lottery. All you need to do is choose 6 numbers out of 49 available plus a Swansea club legend to try your luck at the big jackpot.

If you wish to increase your odds dramatically at the big prize you might want to take your shot with the The Supporters’ Syndicate. We gathered for you in a separate article the advantages of playing online lottery in syndicate group.

Important to mention that the world’s greatest jackpots like: US Powerball or Mega Millions are not available on this website, you can only place your bet on one lottery draw.

Swans Lotto offers pretty basic features since they all involving one specific lottery:

  • Normal Bet – Pick 6 numbers and a legend manually or using the Quick Pick option. You can pick which draw you like to participate (Wed or Sat) and how many weeks.
  • The Supporters’ Syndicate – play and place your bet as part of a large group of customers. Probably the best way to give yourself multiple chances to win.
  • Enhanced My Account area where you can find your entire betting history.
  • Free Lotto Bets – if you matched just the Legend number without matching 3 or more main numbers you are entitled for free lotto bets.

Swans Lotto offers you a 12 hour Monday to Saturday customer service to answer all your questions and troubleshoot. There is also an e-mail for support if you prefer it over phone support.


As mentioned earlier on the article, Swans Lotto enables you to place a bet on only 1 non-UK lottery draw. All other main jackpots are not available on this site.

Swans Lotto supports all major credit cards for fast and easy payment.


Swans Lotto is one of many websites operated by Lotto Network that offers football (or soccer if you’re from the US) clubs to finance some of its activities through lotto draws. If you’re a Swansea fan that will be probably a must stop for you comparing to other lottery websites since you know for sure the money will either enter your pocket or your favorite football club’s balance and for good cause.

Despite the fact this website doesn’t include UK’s and the rest of the world biggest jackpots its a great choice to try.

You can choose either standard or syndicate bet, each way has its chances – in the bottom line we really recommend this lottery for Swansea fans around the UK and the world.

Swans Lotto logo

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