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  • Draw day and time : Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
  • Numbers to pick : 6/90
  • Win odds : 1:16
  • Jackpot odds: 1:56,035,316,700
  • Biggest Jackpot:

Enalotto was played originally as a football pools-style game. It was ‘1X2’ styled game where first numbers were drawn from the each of the Lotto city wheel in alphabetical order, the second numbers were drawn from the Rome and Naples wheels. In the year 1996, an organization named Sisal acquired the Enalotto. To help increase the interest of the public in the lotteries, SuperEnalotto was introduced. The first SuperEnalotto was held on Wednesday, December 3, 1997. Since then the game boasts over 60 successful years in the international lottery.

With time, many additional features were added to the SuperEnalotto lotteries to help boost interest and revenue. These features caught the attention of players across the world because they allowed players to increase their winning money multi-fold depending on the feature chosen. The SuperStar was one of the earliest features that were added to the lottery. The SuperEnalotto Superstar was introduced by Rodolfo Molo in the year 1997. Rodolfo Molo was the son of one of the founders of SISAL. He introduced Superstar with the aim of making the game more user-friendly while at the same time enabling players to win big jackpots.

The first SuperEnalotto Superstar draw happened at the same time when SuperEnalotto was launched, i.e. 3rd December 1997. Before the year 2009, the lottery winning numbers were drawn only from Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, and Rome. However, in 2009, a more traditional format was adopted where SuperEnalotto had one draw for six numbers and the Jolly and the Superstar numbers were the bonus and additional numbers respectively.


How to play SuperEnalotto SuperStar

SuperEnalotto Superstar follows the same structure as the SuperEnalotto. It is a classic 6 number lottery. The numbers range between 1 and 90. And the winning numbers are drawn from these. Those who match all six numbers win the jackpot. There are two additional numbers drawn. These are the Jolly, which is the bonus number and the Superstar, which is an additional number. The Jolly number is drawn during the same drum as the other regular six numbers.

Whereas the Superstar number is drawn from a separate drum. The guess range for this additional number is also between 1 and 90. To participate in the SuperEnalotto Superstar, players will have to pay an additional cost of €0.50. Players will play with a one-time entry of 2 lines or a systematic form of 8-10 numbers to play all possible combinations of their lucky numbers. The numbers have to be selected manually or via Quick Pick.

With mixed permutations, the Superstar allows the big jackpot prizes to be added to the already existing jackpot categories, thus resulting in a total of 14 ways to win big prize monies. The Superstar adds €2 million to the SuperEnalotto jackpot prize and an additional €1 million to the lottery’s second prize.

Draws for the game occurs on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturday at 8 PM, Italy.

Who can play SuperEnalotto SuperStar

Players must be over 18 years of age. International residents can play the game on the website. However, they may have to travel to Italy to collect big prize money. Similarly, international citizens should check with their country’s lottery laws about being eligible to play international lotteries.


The odds of winning a SuperEnalotto SuperStar

The odds of winning SuperEnalotto Superstar is 1 in 90. There is a higher chance of only matching the Superstar. This is 1 in 138. The prize for this is €5. The prize rises steadily from here and the odds of winning drops. It begins with €10 for those who match 1 number plus Superstar. And for those who match 6 numbers plus the Superstar, the odds of winning is 1 in 56,035,316,700 and the jackpot prize for this is Jackpot Plus €2 million dollars.

1Pick 1:56,035,316,700
2Pick 1:9,339,219,450
3Pick 1:112,520,716
4Pick 1:1,071,626
5Pick 1:29,404
6Pick 1:1,936
7Pick 1:303
8Pick 1:138

Payments and Costs for SuperEnalotto Superstar

The payment structure for SuperEnalotto Superstar flows is connected to the SuperEnalotto payments. Players play with €1. And for different combinations, players play between €1 and can be as much as €27,132. Detailed information for these costs is available on their website. To play Superstar, an additional €0.50 will be paid by the players. Thus, if a payer wants to play for €1 with the Superstar, the total cost is €1.50 and the costs go up in this manner.

Claiming the prize money

The process for claiming the prizes is the same as the SuperEnalotto. For prizes below €250, prizes can be claimed at any retail store nearby. For prizes above €250 and up to €5,200, the money can be claimed at only the store that the specific ticket was bought or at the Sisal offices or payment centres. Prizes between €5,200 and €52,000 can be claimed at the payment centres and the Sisal offices and lastly, prizes above €52,000 at the Sisal offices.

Tax payments for SuperEnalotto Superstar

The charges for the lottery tax is 12% in Italy. This is charged for all winnings above €500. From the winning amount, €500 is deducted and tax is charged on the balance.


Good Causes supported by the SuperEnalotto Superstar

The SuperEnalotto Superstar is managed by the Italian gaming company SISAL. And SISAL has always been committed to charitable causes and social change. The organization works with different departments in Italy to work to promote education, arts, culture, sports and scientific research in the nation.


There is a record of high prize money that came from the SuperEnalotto lottery. And with Superstar, whether a player matches all six numbers or less, they will be able to take home a big sum when they win. It is one of the best lotteries to play.

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