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  • Payment Options : Direct debit, Visa debit card
  • Customer Support : Email, Phone
  • Available Languages : English
  • Trustpilot Score: n/a
  • Number of Lotteries: 1
  • Mobile App: Website only
  • Ticket Scan: Official

There are dozens of great lottery games that you can play online today, but how many of them actually give you a chance to be part of fundraising for a vital community project? The Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto is exactly that and gives players the chance to win their share of £200,000 for a very small stake per week. We take a closer look at the Sheffield United Super Lotto and how it works, as well as how you can take part in the weakly lotto draws yourself to win thousands of pounds in instant prize money.

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Review Aspects

Product and Games

If you haven’t heard of the Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto and like in the United Kingdom, you may find this to be a great addition to your weekly or monthly lotto gaming schedule. The Sheffield United Super Lotto is operated by the Sheffield United Supporters Association. This is a great assurance as it lets us know that this is not some dodgy fly by night operation or an attempt to scam soccer supporters out of their hard-earned money. 

In fact, the Sheffield United Super Draw is licensed and regulated (license numbers 000-005168-N-304881-007 & 000-005168-R-305678-007) through the UK Gambling Commission, one of the most respected gambling regulators, not just within the United Kingdom, but all over the world as well. 

The Sheffield United Super Lotto was set up by the Sheffield United Supporters Association, for the express purpose of raising additional income to support and further develop the Sheffield United Football Club Academy. Entry into the weekly lotto draw costs just £1, although participants can spend £2 to double their chances of winning a share of up to £200,000. A minimum of 20% of the weekly stake money is donated or reserved for use by the Sheffield United Football Club Academy, for training those youth whose dream it is to be a football player with the Sheffield United Football Club.


The Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto website is a very simple affair, especially when compared to many of the other, much larger websites that we’ve covered. Of course there is no need for an elaborate website when your lotto draw is already quite a simple and straightforward lottery. However, they do provide all the essential navigational elements that you would need to be able to play a decent lotto, including published results of weekly and Mega draw winners, access to ticket purchases via their simple banking page, and access to support, in case anything goes wrong. 

There are two basic lotto draw options on the Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto website. You can choose to play the weekly lotto draw, which usually takes place on a Saturday, and you can play the Mega Draw, which takes place four times a year. Most participants choose to do both, playing the smaller weekly lotto draws and then building up to one of the four Mega Draws that take place four times through the year. 

The total prize funds for each of the lotto draw types that are available on the site, are divided up in the following way:

Weekly Prize Fund

  • 1 x £2,000
  • 2 x £250
  • 3 x £100
  • 80 x £10
  • Drawn weekly, usually on a Saturday

Mega Draw Prize Fund

  • 1 x £5,000
  • 2 x £250
  • 3 x £100
  • 80 x £10
  • Drawn four times per annum

Platform Support

Good news for lotto fans that enjoy being able to play their lotto games wherever they find themselves, Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto is available on mobile. The even better news is that there is no need to visit your relevant app store and search for the app, you can simply log onto the Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto website from your favourite mobile browser. You get exactly the same site on your mobile as you would at home or work on your desktop, including all the banking and support options that are on offer, payment options and entry ticket options. You can also check each lotto draw result on the go by clicking on any of the draw dates published in the winners’ section.

Bonuses and Promotions

As far as promotions are concerned, Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto once again keeps things really simple and the only promotion that you are likely to find on their site is the option to double your chances to win. The Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto is a comparatively small operation when compared to some of the huge online lottery sites that we’ve covered in the past. The primary goal with the Sheffield lotto is fundraising so participants in the lotto draws understand what they are signing up for, a chance to win a fairly substantial jackpot, and help the youth of Sheffield United.

Banking Options and Terms

Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto payment options are rather straightforward, making it very easy and quick to set up a way to fund your weekly lotto purchases on the website. Options are limited to either Visa or MasterCard in both credit card and debit card formats. You can decide which one will work best for your needs when you click on the “join now” button. To set up your own account with the website, click on the join now button. The option for either debit or credit card is preselected and you can then decide if you prefer a single entry per week, or a double-entry per week. The payment details for each of these options are clearly listed to make your selection easier, and look like this on the website:

  • One Entry: First payment of £10 and then £10 every ten weeks.
  • Two Entries: First payment of £10and then £10 every five weeks (£20 in total).

Customer Support

Customer support at Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto is fairly basic as is the website in general. While they do their best to provide as enough information on their website as possible, there is no FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to take advantage of. However, they do provide an email address that participants can use in the event of a complaint or query regarding anything to do with the lottery. Participants can also make use of a phone number if they need to speak to someone at the lottery personally.

Legitimate or Fraud?

After considerable investigation, we believe that the Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto is indeed trustworthy, based on a number of findings. For one, the Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto is licensed and regulated through the UK Gambling Commission. The UK Gambling Commission is one of the most trusted and respected gambling regulators in the world today, and are responsible for licensing and regulating a number of local and international gambling websites in online casino gambling, sports betting and lotto gaming. 

The Sheffield United Super Lotto is operated by the Sheffield United Supporters Association and provides full and transparent details as to how the lotteries are organised and run upon request. The website is also associated with a number of responsible gambling websites and resources and provides links to each. No person under the age of 16 is permitted to open an account with the Sheffield United Super Lotto. The site does very well in publishing winning results for each of the weekly draws as well as the four annual mega draws. It is also worth noting that the weekly draw winners are selected via a mechanical, random process.


The Sheffield United Super Draw Lotto is a great option for UK residents that enjoy playing a simple and easy weekly lotto and, at the same time, enjoy contributing meaningfully towards a worthwhile community project. While the website may be a bit on the simple side, especially when compared to many of the bigger international or multinational lottery sites that we have covered in the past, it shouldn’t discourage anyone from having a go. 

Sheffield United is a very well-known football organisation, so there is no issue with transparency or trustworthiness. The weekly draws are also small enough and frequent enough to provide a solid addition to your lottery gaming. Moreover, the weekly draws, as well as the four annual mega draws, are well organised and their simple subscription service allows you to set up your account and subscription and not have to worry about it again until renewal time. While the lotto prize money is comparatively low, as an addition to any other lotto game you may be playing, it offers a decent enough payoff.

Pros / Cons
  • Weekly lotto draws plus 4 Mega Draws per year
  • Low cost
  • Fundraising for a worthy cause
  • Very basic website
  • Much smaller than other lottos
Sheffield United Super Draw logo

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