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Since its inception in 1953 and its entrance into the online community PCH lotto has tried to bring in various games that interest players. Their website is very sloppy and does not leave sufficient information. One thing that is quite noticeable about the site is the excess click on adds that appears each time you try to click on tab or a segment.

To participate in any games in PCH lotto, you do not have to pay meaning it is absolutely free, now this is where the problem lies. Most online lottery games that come with no price tag often times leave you bewildered with just one question rolling through your mind.

How do they make their money? Very simple, PCH lotto has structured their game in such a way that before you play you must provide your email address and the moment you do this, you begin to get spam messages, product sale messages and even advertisement messages.

They have a provision on their website where they list winners; this is sort of their advertising campaign to gear you towards wanting to participate in the games offered on the website
PCH is open only to US and Canadian residents who have a physical residence and are residing in that location and the game is played by people from 18 years and above.


Lotteries and Software

The games at PCH are a bunch and have different games listed on their website. Some of the games include; PCH lotto twilight, frostbite funds, Reindeer riches and seasons winning. The website is not well constructed as some of the links lead you to a wrong link. There are no standard and detailed instructions to follow per game. The winnings are supposed to be made every day but no detailed information as to how much money to be won per day and per game.

They also have available a resource on their website called blingo which is often times referred to as PCH search and how this works is that, if you constantly search on that platform just as you would on Google, this would increase your chances to win instant prizes.

If you hit a jackpot, you are entitled to winning a million dollar cheque or $5000 a week for life which is a very mouth-watering offer. The odds to winning though are very low as it takes a lot of consistency and play to actually win a prize. The thing about games like this is that most times the stakes are hardly in your favor.


There have a mobile app which is available for download on both the android and IOS operating system. Another thing readily available is their website which needs a little touch of work but the website was created to be mobile friendly. You can play most of the games online without having to think about downloading before play.


There are no promotions available because the game is absolutely free. You are also given the chance to play as many times as possible but there have been complaints stating that after registering you are urged by the system to register again, this might come as a fault of their poor web application.

There are bonuses for new players who get 500 free bonus chips upon registering.


Participation in PCH lotto is absolutely free and as thus does not require any form of deposit. The only thing that is required as earlier stated is your email address which is a very important part of the process. In case of any winnings, the PCH lotto team would contact you via your email address which is why it is really important that the email address given is authentic

Customer Support

There is a number of channels PCH’s customer support is available on. Before looking for assistance, I suggest looking into the FAQ page, it contains some very helpful answers to questions shared by most players. If there’s no answer to an issue a player is experiencing, there’s an option of contact form, a 24 hours’ live chat, and a hotline.

Is PCH Lotto legitimate or fraudulent?

The site is legit as it has recorded some amount of winners also, there have put in place security measures to ensure that you make use of the website without any hassles.


This site works for some people and it doesn’t for others. It is a free lottery site, so you end up not losing any form of cash whilst playing. If you don’t mind receiving lots of spam mails with a hope of winning someday, then PCH lotto might just be your bet.