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With so many online lottery sites competing for your patronage, it is refreshing to be able to present a site to you that does not ask you for a cent. Believe it or not, there is an online site that offers free entry to dozens of competitions online. These lucky draw competitions run the gamut from cash prizes and instant prizes, to the chance to own luxury vehicles and more.


Lotteries and Software

Offer X uses sophisticated software to power their dynamic website which is both visually exciting and highly functional. What the Offer X website might lack in the way of support it certainly makes up for in opportunity. Unlike other online lottery sites that generally only offer entry into specific state or international lottery games, Offer X facilitates entry into lucky draws.

At any given moment there are at least a dozen different competition draws that you can enter. What is really interesting about any of the lucky draw competitions featured on the Offer X website, is that they are all absolutely free to enter. You can enter as many as you like, giving you an incredible scope of opportunity.

The prize categories that are available on the Offer X website are extremely varied and can go from the smallest of items, such as winning a supply of candy, to the largest, like winning a luxury motor vehicle. While the range of lucky draw prize options will always vary depending on which brand chooses to use the Offer X website to promote their product, the following should give you a good idea of what you can expect from the site.

Current Lucky Draw Prize Categories Available at Offer X:

Home and Lifestyle Prize Draws

  • Home & Lifestyle Prize Draws
  • Win a year’s supply of Doughnuts
  • Win £250 of Amazon Vouchers
  • Win a Christmas Coca Cola supply
  • Win a Trip To Disney World Florida
  • Win 100 Galaxy chocolate bars

Money Prize Draws

  • Win a trip to Iceland
  • Win £250 of Amazon Vouchers
  • Win a Trip to Disney World Florida
  • Win £500 of M&S vouchers
  • Win a year’s supply of Doughnuts
  • Win a Christmas Coca Cola supply

Electronic & Gadgets Prize Draws

  • Win an iPhone X

Motor & Travel Prize Draws

  • Win a trip to Iceland
  • Win a Trip to Maldives
  • Win a Trip to New York
  • Win a Ford Focus ST
  • Win a Nissan Juke


Good news for those of you that love playing games or entering competitions whenever and wherever it takes your fancy, Offer X can be accessed from your mobile device. The Offer X website uses smart technology which recognizes your mobile device and automatically optimizes its display to suit your particular device specs and screen size. This means that anyone with an Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry device should be able to simply log in to the site via their mobile browser. The site functionality and features are exactly the same as what you would get if you were logging into the site from your desktop or laptop device. Scrolling is fast and responsive and entering any of the available draws from your mobile device takes just a few seconds. You can also register your details from your mobile device, access the FAQ section or send a request for support to the Offer X staff.


It’s a bit difficult to discuss the promotions that are available at Offer X considering that the entire site is actually geared towards promoting products. Every single prize draw that can be found on the site is, in and of itself, a promotion. The nice thing about Offer X is that the promotions are always changing so, if you are a member, you will be able to participate in all sorts of different promoted competitions every week.

A standard promotion that is always available at Offer X is their Test Keep promotion. This is quite an interesting option, especially if you happen to be someone that enjoys the site and also enjoys getting free stuff on a regular basis. The idea behind Test Keep is for regular people to test various products and then write a brief review about the product. The beauty here is that you then get to keep the product that you reviewed.

To get started with the Test Keep promotion, you will need to fill in an application and then send it off on the Offer X website. Once the team at Offer X receive your application, they will hold it until that particular product competition (application) has closed. They will then pick a winner at random winner, who they refer to on their site as a “Tester” and contact them personally via email. Once they have contacted you (if you happen to be the lucky tester) they will confirm your details with you along with any other details that they may need based on the product that needs to be tested. They will then make an arrangement with you to send you the product on a specified date. You then need to test the product out, write a brief review and submit it to them and then, you get to keep the product at no extra cost to you.


Unlike more conventional online lottery sites that offer Visa and MasterCard credit card options as a bare minimum, Offer X has no banking facilities at all. The reason for this is that entry to every one of their draws is completely free of charge. Apparently, Offer X make their money from the companies or brands that use their site to advertise their products, either through prize draw giveaways or through test and keep giveaways. However, having said that, the Offer X team will get in contact with you should you be the lucky winner if either a cash prize or a physical prize such as a car, food product, electronics, holiday and so on.

Customer Support

Customer support is quite basic at Offer X and the only real option that is open to participants is an email contact form. However, you can fill in the simple form and send it offer and someone from Offer X support will get back to you, usually within 24 hours. Aside from the email contact form, the only other available avenue of support is a brief FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page found under their support tab. The FAQ section does answer most of the basic questions that one would have regarding the site but, quite frankly, it could be a lot better.

Is Offer X legit or fraud?

One of the most commonly asked questions, particularly on UK lottery and competition forums is whether or not Offer X is actually a legitimate website or a fraud. A common concern is whether your details will be used to spam you with all sorts of unnecessary or unwanted junk. OfferX promotes a zero-tolerance spam policy on their site and are also registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Not only that, all of the brands that use their platform are legitimate and respected brands. Offer X do include a simple opt out button which you can use at any time if you feel that offers are becoming too intrusive. All prizes are genuinely free of charge as Offer X does not make any money from the value of the prizes. The prizes are all supplied by the brands who want to feature them on the site.


Offer X is a fun website and is rapidly gaining in popularity in the countries where it is now available. The idea that you can enter dozens of fun prize draws for absolutely free is probably the main draw card to the site. A common complaint regarding Offer X is that it is hard to win prizes. However, considering how many free lucky draws there are on any given day, the odds of winning are increasing all the time. Offer X works very well on mobile and, with some luck; the site should start including more countries in the near future.

Pros / Cons
  • Free to enter.
  • Plenty of free prize draw entries.
  • You can keep products that you test.
  • Wide range of prize categories to choose from.
  • Only available to residents in UK, Australia, New Zealand, and France.
  • Must be willing to answer surveys or view marketing/promotional materials.