Check out our top 10 ranking of online lottery websites for Australia

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if you’re an australian and feelling lucky keep reading this review. NSW Lotteries is one of the brands owned by The Lott – authorized exclusively to sell lottery tickets and scratch cards in Australia through local business and online. Other brands under The Lott’s umbrella are: Golden Casket, SA Lotteries and Tatts Lottery. It is partially owned by the Australian government and has been operating since the late 1930’s . this is a big sign for trust and reliability. There are very few online operations deserving this high level of approval. NSW Lotteries will bring you your favourite lottery games, whether you like to go in-store, online or the app.


NSW Lotteries: 4/5 Top 10 Best Online Lotto Rating.

Check out our top 10 ranking of online lottery websites for Australia

Available Products – limited to Australian

NSW Lotteries brings australia’s top games: OZ Lotto, Powerball, Set for life, Monday and wednesday, and more…

Lotto players can choose to buy:

  • Single line – buy your own personal line for your favorite game
  • Autoplay – subscribe and never miss a draw you have two ways to play by draw or jackpot
  • Syndicate – play as a part of a group, all costs and winning are shared. Maximize your odds of winning a prize
  • Scratch cards


Just the basics:

  • Quik Pick – An auto fill feature that picks your numbers with just one click of a button
  • Systematic – Gives the player a chance to choose up to 20 numbers in a single line game. This feature gives you a better chance at winning at the cost of having to share any prize won

Mobile device compatibility

Unfortunately, for mobile users NSW Lotteries doesn’t have platform support. Both mobile and tablet users will get the same site as desktop. There is one app of Android and iOS that serves all of the group brands, it’s definitely a downside as users expect a branded and tailored experience when migrating between screens.

Promotions – only for club members

NSW Lotteries offer promotions only for Players Cub members. These exclusives include:

  • Multi year membership discount
  • Up to 50 favourite line numbers
  • Online prize payments
  • Monthly bonuses up to 1000$

Summary and Conclusion

The site is very friendly and easy to use for the novice lottery player, but a little out dated. Features are basic, but just enough to keep the core online experience decent. Dedicated mobile and tablet web view is definitely something NSW Lotteries need to update ASAP since this are growing channels. For players who want globele games there are plenty of other options to choose from – list of the top.


  • Clear on fees and charges

  • Ability to join syndicates

  • Held by the government

  • Club members enjoy monthly bonus draw


  • Small selection of games

  • Only for Australian

  • Limited platform support

Check out our top 10 ranking of online lottery websites for Australia