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  • Payment options : Cash and credit cards
  • Available languages : Hebrew
  • Customer support : Email address, phone, contact form
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Since its establishment, Pais has always been about giving back to the society. Hence it’s not surprising Pais begun allocating resources to the local authorities as far back as 2000. After all winnings have been paid off, 100% of the profit is donated back to the community for the establishment of projects that will see to an improved quality of life of the residents.

Through the lottery funding, Mifal HaPais has established thousands of buildings and projects for the community in the different sectors including that of health, education, art, culture, sports, welfare and the environment. Additionally, over time, an estimate of NIS 23 billion has been invested in several developmental projects in the community. Without a doubt, Mifal HaPais remains a major funding tool for the establishment of community projects.


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The Mifal Hapais company has available lotteries for a myriad of games including Lotto, Hish-Gad, Keno, Chance, 777, 123 and Pisa. The Lottery is held bi-weekly (on Tuesday and Saturday), occasionally draws are held on Thursday as well. Sweepstakes are announced and broadcast live on the website and updated on the mobile app- Applet.

To play, gamers are required to guess 6 numbers out of 37 numbers and a seventh number called the ‘strong number’ out of 7 numbers. The strong number is an integral part of the lottery and correctly guessing all seven numbers entitles a player to the first prize. The first prize in the lottery is a minimum of 4 million NIS and the second prize is 500,000 shekels. These prizes are subject to tax liability in the Israeli law.
It is imperative to note than individuals younger 18 years of age are prohibited from participating in the lottery and are not eligible to claim prizes won. The lottery results are usually published on the website and according to site, ‘The lottery results are unofficial and not binding’.


Mifal Hapais has a lottery widget for smartphones called the ‘applet’. Players can check for wins and prizes using the applet. However, its features are very limited majorly because of regulation restrictions and there isn’t much the applet can achieve beyond checking for the winning combination of numbers.


Other than the EXTRA draw, there is currently no other promotional offer on the platform. The EXTRA draw allows players to participate in an additional simultaneous lottery at a fixed cost of NIS 6 to earn as much as NIS 60,000 in the case of a win.


For wins between NIS 4956 and above, payments are made after 3 business days from the day following the deposit of the form at Mifal HaPais and its approval by the Control Department. All payments are made by the Lottery board except for wins below NIS 48560 which are paid by regional marketers and in some cases, affiliated franchises. Members can also sign up for a Pais membership card and qualify for subscription earnings from the platform.


Pais has a well detailed FAQ page with comprehensive answers to guide users.

For anyone who need further assistance than what the detailed FAQ covers, these are the options for reaching customer support:

  • Contact form – a very tedious form, not user friendly at all
  • Phone line – available in limited working hours
  • Email


Alexa traffic ranks the site at number 66606 in the world with about 6000 unique visitors on a daily basis. It is secured by Google Safebrowsing and has a higher than average rating on WOT reputation rankings. The site is hosted in Tel Aviv, Israel and other than the fact that all entries on the site are in Hebrew – an issue that can be resolved by Google translate, the interface is smooth and easy to navigate.


Pais restricts gambling activities to adults being aware of its addictive tendencies, there’s even a warning for adults and a helpline for players who may be falling into the habit. All in all, Pais is a responsible platform that encourages gambling only as leisure while channeling the profits into improving the lives of Israelis.