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Maltco Lottery is an innovation in the Maltese gaming and betting industry that provides seamless and unrestricted access to some of the biggest games and lotteries in Malta. Through their website, they make information available to current and potential players, and they ensure that their services run and are available round the clock.

There are various games available, increasing your chances of playing… and winning. The website makes a habit of separating games, so you can easily log on to the portal of a game you’re interested in and participate from there.

Security is a major core value of Maltco Lotteries, and you can see that in the way the website is being run. The games are restricted to people above the age of 18 and although it’s just following the law, you’ve got to admit that it’s a bit of a gutter as well.


Lotteries and Software

Maltco Lotteries make a wide array of lotteries available, and under the “Lotteries” category, they including Super 5, Lotto, Grand Lottery, and Bingo75.


From all indications there is no mobile platform. Games and other services will have to be accessed online, either through a smartphone or a computer.

The website has all the features, and all of them sum up to provide a seamless and smooth online user experience.


Promotions and discounts are not offered on the website.


Tickets will have to be bought online. To participate in a certain game, all you have to do is click on the game’s icon and you’ll be taken to a portal where you can access information about the game. Portals are safe and personalized, and your information is secure.

The draws for the lottery are usually broadcast while representatives of the Malta Gaming Authority are present. A few members of the general public are usually invited to participate as well, all for transparency sake. Draws for Super 5 are broadcast at 19:25 on Wednesdays, Grand Lottery draws are broadcast at 19:45 on Fridays, Lotto draws are broadcast at 19:45 on Saturday on TVM, and the draws for Bingo75 are broadcast every day at 18:45 on Smash TV.

However, if you miss any of the draws, you can still easily keep tabs and find out if you won. There is a pool of information available through their sellers’ network, and you can also check from the Ticket Checker that is available at the Maltco Lotteries Point of Sale. Draw results are also published in local; newspapers the day after the draws.

In the case of large prizes, Maltco Lotteries will ensure to collect the information of winners and store them. Winners are contacted by phone or Email and a date is scheduled at their earliest convenience. However, winners who prefer not to claim their prizes in person (for one reason or the other) can also have their legal representative stand in for them with signed authorization.

Prizes can be claimed either from the Point of Sales centers of Maltco Lotteries or from their head office, depending on how much the winnings are.

Customer Support

Maltco Lottery has a highly informative FAQs page, and on it, three’s information regarding a wide array of subjects, from ticket purchases and broadcast times to claiming your wining and security assurances.

You can hop on their Contact Us page and from there, use the contact form to send a message directly to the offices of Maltco Lotteries. There are also various channels listed there, in case you need to speak to a representative directly.

Is Maltco Lotteries legitimate or fraudulent?
There sure is no reason to doubt the legitimacy of these people. Maltco Lotteries Limited is a registered company in Malta, and they operate the National Lottery as well as additional lotteries. The company is licensed and controlled by the Malta Gaming Authority (license number LGA/NL/02).


Without a doubt, it’s a win-win for Malta Lotteries. The site is smooth and fast, accessible at all times, and you can easily get information about a particular game. While they might not have a mobile platform, you’ve got to admit that all you need is at your fingertips.

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