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  • Mobile app: No
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LoveFreeLotto’s website registered in 2015 and has been online since then and has an estimated one thousand visits per month. It is not a gambling operation since no deposit is required and no lottery lines and tickets are bought or wagered. There are no fees, it is completely FREE. It’s a little hard to accept the fact you can play and win a jackpot without paying. Players are not required to click on ads or complete any “tasks” to increase the chance of winning.

Love Free Lotto doesn’t require any signup or registration to the platform to play and become part of the winning team. All that is needed is simply your email address and you stand a chance to win a whopping jackpot of up to $250,000. The website is available only in English and only US dollars are acceptable by the agent and does not provide scanned copies of lottery tickets.

Only visitors from select countries can play with LoveFreeLotto. The country list includes Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States of America, Ireland, and United Kingdom.

LoveFreeLotto Review Aspects

Lotteries and Software

Being online for a few years now, Love Free Lotto used to offer only one lottery game by LoveFreeLotto, but they now offer Bingo. The homepage is all about lotto, and at the top menu there’s a link to a bingo page.

I know it’s free, but I’m missing some of the game features you’re used to from paid lottery brands. There are no syndicate games or bundles.

A strong point for LoveFreeLotto is security measures. The website is secured with a grade A SSL certificate – see SSL Labs test. Checking TotalVirus for any fraud flags, LoveFreeLotto’s site isn’t detected by any of 71 engine – see this check. One of these engines is Google Safebrowsing.

Mobile Platform Support

Love Free lotto does not provide any app for playing of lottery games, signups are done via email, and notifications are received also via email for impending winners and winning tickets must be claimed within four weeks of playing on the love free lotto site, lotto numbers are also drawn on their site. In as much as love free lotto does not have an app, its interface has been programmed to suit the need for mobile use, therefore games can be played and prizes can be claimed on their site using your mobile phone, iPad, or computer.


Online games are totally free on, hence the absence of any form of promotions whatsoever. No discounts, no bonuses, no special offers.

All cash prizes are made only through PayPal, and all payments to winners are done at the beginning of every month prior to the month which they claimed their prizes. Love Free lotto does not require any information concerning your credit card or bank account.

Customer Support has a FAQ page characterized by several questions such as: how does love free lotto work? Is it really free? what countries/regions are allowed to play? when / where / how are lotto numbers drawn?, how do I claim a price?, how do I get additional help or ask a question?

Oddly, Love Free Lotto does not give any contact information – no contact form, email, phone, or chat option. Not a very promising trust signal.

Is Love Free Lotto Lottery legit or fraud?

The agent does not provide any information considering their legal name/base. No details concerning their license have been found neither has information concerning the details of Love Free Lotto’s registration. So one cannot say for sure if the site is legal, especially since there exists no way whatsoever on how to contact the agent, In fact, Love Free Lotto site seems to be a dead-end and one may be right about skepticism towards the site, it does seem like a scam.


Since we are not certain about whether or not love free lotto is legal, one cannot feel safe playing lottery games on the site. It is a fact that several amounts of money stand to be won and it is free, that seems to be the only advantage of love free lotto. One cannot then rate such a site which does not disclose any viable information at high standards. Definitely a rating of 2/5 is not far-fetched.

Pros / Cons
  • It free… there's nothing to lose…
  • Top prize is $250,000
  • You're asked for your email address for marketing purposes
  • There's only one lottery
  • Platform support is poor - from mobile to desktop

LoveFreeLotto Alternatives

There are few free lottery services, so there are no direct alternatives. If you’re interested in a lottery experience, you can check the online operator toplist.

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