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Lotto Booker was one of the best platforms to buy online raffles for the biggest lotteries around the world. Sadly, the platform was closed and is no longer available. In fact, is not only that the platform is close, but also the site is not longer reachable from your browser.

Anyway, we keep the review for every player that is still looking for it, so we can show them many other options (some of them even better than

In this site you the major well known lotteries were offered: PowerBall from the US, EuroMillions, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, The National Lottery from the UK, El Gordo de la Primitiva from Spain, and Lotto 6 49  from Canada. The good thing is that you still can buy this raffles online in each one of our reviewed platforms.

Lottery players will find LottoBooker answers all their needs and then some. Launched on 2014 and using a solid platform such as LottoYard means they have the experience and features to make use of for the benefit of the players. They offer single tickets and group shares for a variety of leading and popular lotteries, so players have the best chances at winning big jackpots.  The bonuses and banking options are solid, and for the casual players, LottoBooker represents a quality home lotto carrier replacing the neighborhood’s kiosk.



Safety first, and so this is not only the first aspect tested, but also the one with highest value of total rating. LottoBooker has a valid HTTPS certificate from a well known issuer – GoDaddy. All communication between players and servers is encrypted and so hidden from prying eyes. Other than security, the certificate is identifying the site’s owner – Fintar1 Services Limited. Placing the site’s owner in a spot light means better transparency.

In addition to security, there’s reputation. What is the site’s owner doing with his player’s trust. There are multiple tools for checking reputation, and LottoBooker does well here – there are no fraud signals and no user complaints on networks such as TrustPilot and Webutation. There are no positive feedback, but no negative ones.

LottoBooker offer a mixture of bonuses similar to other making us of LottoYard’s platform:

  • Free ticket
  • 100% first purchase bonus
  • Multi draw discount
  • Loyalty program

When completing a first purchase on LottoBooker, there are two bonuses – free lottery line and 100% bonus on the purchase amount. These became generic to all Lottoyard operators.

When completing a multi draw purchase – buying a lottery line for several future draws – players are getting discounted lines. 8 draws 10% discount, 26 draws 15%, and 52 draws 25%. Same goes for completing a subscription purchase. 4 weeks 5% discount.

The enhanced VIP program is something worth minding as it is simplified in comparison to other loyalty plans and offer better odds for winning as opposed to a generic discount. Each 1$/€/£ spent on the site awards 1 VIP loyalty point. 100-500 points awards 1 extra ticket free for every 20 purchases and 1 share in a level 1 special group, 501-2,000 points awards 1 extra ticket free for every 10 purchases and 1 share in a level 2 special group, 2,001-5,000 points awards 1 extra ticket free for every 5 purchases and 1 share in a level 3 special group, and 5,000+ awards 1 extra ticket free for every 4 purchases and 1 share in a level 4 special group and 1 extra free ticket every week , no purchase required!

Product, while answering most players’ need, is a week spot for LotteryBooker with two essential and basic product types:

  • Personal line 
  • Syndicate share 

Both the personal and the syndicate offer nothing new, but as mentioned, answer the basic need of players – play the world lotteries. Single lines have the least chance of winning, but the owner keeps whatever is won. Group syndicate has the highest chance of winning big, but the prize is shared between share holders. The user interface for the two products is clear and welcoming (there are some very useful guides to help newcomers).

Top10bestonlinelotto is missing new permutations, something that breaks the mold. Bundles, side bets, scratch cards… the list goes on and on.

LottoBooker skipped on important features of quick buy, but make up with some nice-to-have ones:

  • Quick pick
  • Multi draw
  • Cart
  • Calculators
  • Guides

Quick pick is a simple one click auto-completing lottery line. Allows a user to quickly auto-pick numbers for a line. Downside is the feature is pretty basic, there’s no option of picking two numbers and auto-filling the rest, each click of the button re-pickes that line.

Multi draw gives the option of pre-purchasing the exact product for consecutive draws – either by number of draws or duration. The more draws are paid for, the bigger the discount.

The platform is known for it’s shopping cart feature and there are more and more operators making use of it. Biggest benefit is being able to complete multiple ticket purchases with one transaction. There are also many editing options available from the cart checkout screen.

LottoBooker have a set of calculators to help those who feel they need some celestial assistance – horoscope, numerology, frequency and pure luck based. Not for everyone, but valuable for someones.

There’s an educational section to the site that many would find interesting as contain a variety of informational sources and subjects – tools, strategies and glossary.

As a sign of trustworthiness, LottoBooker publish a number of channels they can be reached through:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Message form
  • Live Chat
  • Office address

While there are many options for reaching LottoBooker, there are no activity times and no commitment to reply within a certain time. Live Chat doesn’t seem to be live at all – asks to fill out a contact us form – as was unavailable on each visit to the site.


LottoBooker have a list of aspects to better, but the use of many features of the promising platform is definitely a step in the right direction. Not finding user complaints is also a positive signal for trustworthiness. In short, while not excelling in any aspect, LottoBooker gets a good score on all aspects. This means most lottery players will find the service satisfactory and pleasant. One of the best features we will missed for sure since the closure of the platform is the online ticket scan.

Legit or Scam?

LottoBooker was a legit platform were you be able to buy online raffles to participated in the biggest lotteries. When the platform was closed they probe themselves and finish their relation with each player in the correct way, without leaving anyone without getting their funds.

The site was live for many years with an untouchable reputation. We can say, that Lottobooker was a legit platform and its closure is a pitty.


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