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Lotto365 Is No Longer Active

  • Payment Options: Credit card, debit card, and a variety of e-payment methods
  • Customer Support : n/a
  • Available Languages : EN, DE, ES, FR, IT
  • Trustpilot Score: Bad
  • Number of Lotteries: n/a
  • Mobile App: n/a
  • Ticket Scan: Scan
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Most wouldn’t remember this brand – it closed a few years ago – but it was the best of its time. It had innovative features, a friendly user interface, and great customer support. You’re welcome to read my complete review of Lotto365, or you can play a modern alternative to it – Lottokings. I also have a comparison of the top lottery agents you can pick a brand to play with.

Lotto365 review and complete analysis cover player relevant features and aspects of this rising and bright star in the skies of online lottery. It is relatively young, established in 2014 it is only two years old, but the thought and design effort put is clear at a first glance. Lotto365 is using an advanced online lottery carrier platform called LottoTech, and the UX is top-notch. These were the catalyst for building this site- The nail that sticks out gets hammered. Be assured that platform and visuals are a nice to have, but lottery players pick their carriers and operators by value and credibility, and this is the gap this review aims to fill. The rating system takes into account numerous review aspects- e.g. the number of lotteries, payment methods, payout limitations, hidden fees, etc.- that together build a complete profile of Lotto365. With this profile in mind, lottery players could make the most calculated decision in purchasing the next lottery line.

Review Aspects

These are the key review aspects that are taken into consideration when scoring Lotto365:


When opening an account with a service provider, especially one you’ll be paying to, there are some safety measures you have to be sure are used, and others you would prefer if used. If you want to make a quick decision, relay on security and it is quintessential.


Lotto should be fun, and lottery ticket carriers have some unique selling propositions only available online. The bigger the selection of products is, the more opportunities you have to try out and win. multiple products are nice to have, but not a must.


To better the overall online experience, lottery carriers refine and improve the flow on the site and allow players many different features. These offered features, if designed and delivered with thought, ultimately lead to players getting a bigger value of each engagement with the site.


Creating an account with a lottery ticket carrier only to find out he has poor support on mobile smartphones, or user interface is filled with bugs on tablets. These are indications of a service provider who is putting his player’s online experience in mind. Today’s standards are strict, and users are rightfully expecting a pleasant visit no matter what screen they are using.


Bonuses and other promotions are not as developed on online lottery carrier sites as they are on e-commerce and gaming sites. This is an emerging industry and so it is likely bonus engines and reward systems will evolve into something more mature with time. Offers are relatively simple in nature and loyalty programs are far from perfect. Most have no use of segmentation or customization.


Customer support is one of the aspects often not taken into consideration when considering opening an account with a carrier thinking everything will be ok. It should be considered as key aspect as the online lottery industry is not lacking in fraudulent activity. A responsive customer support service should be as high up as security. It has a substantial weight in the overall score.

Security Measures

Lotto365 are taking a number of much-needed precautions to make sure their players’ sessions and data are private. This is the review aspect to read carefully as there is no aspect more crucial than this one. It deals with privacy and security of your personal details and most importantly payment details.


Lotto365’s site is using a secure protocol called HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). This means all communication between the player’s browser and Lotto365’s server is encrypted. HTTPS technology is often used to protect online transactions. When a site makes use of this trusted SSL certification a padlock icon appears in the browser’s address bar. When an extended validation certificate is used, as Lotto365 does not, the address bar turns green. Site’s certificate is by GeoTrust and a quick review shows it is installed correctly- SSL used is sufficient, and no concern is needed, but an extended version would have been appreciated more.

Google considers Lotto365’s site to be safe for browsing, this is an important sign of trust as Google’s Safe Browsing technology goes through billions of web pages each day in a search for unsafe ones. Safebrowsing test is impartial and Lotto365 can do nothing but avoid fraudulent activity to pass it. You can have a look at the test result by clicking Google Safebrowsing test (no longer active).

Antivirus Protection

For website antivirus protection, Lotto365 suggest making use of Intel’s McAfee SECURE service, but digging a little deeper and it looks like either it’s certification has expired or never owned. This is not to say Lotto365 are not secure, they do make use of other security practices, just not this one they’re advertising. You can see for yourself by clicking McAfee SECURE test (no longer active).

Trust Certifications

There are other trust certificates on the site, but they are worthless as basically, Lotto365 is telling you to take their word for it in a colourful and graphic logo. This is not what Top10bestonlinelotto is about. There really is no need for these logos as a solid SSL certificate alongside Google’s Safebrowsing test results would have been enough. Points for privacy are deducted as Lotto365 are making a false pretence.

Security carries a heavyweight in this review for the mere fact they are an e-commerce site accepting transactions from players. For this reason, scoring penalties are harsh. There is room for improvement, but Lotto365 is doing better than other online lottery carriers.

The brand is listed to Dreams Pay Ltd. a company based at 12 Mihail Tenev street, Mladost district, Sofija, Bulgaria 1784. Dreams Pay Ltd. own a couple of other lotto related sites, which is expected as these sites support the Lotto365 brand. No red flags were found during a search after the company’s name or it’s brands.


Lotto365, based on LottoTech’s advanced lotto tickets carrier platform, created a polished site with many of what are today’s industry-standard products included. Having a variety of products means Loto365 have the option of answering the needs of many different players – some players enjoy the game itself and rather have frequent wins of lower amounts, others play on a budget, and there are those who come for the big jackpots. Multiple products keep an interest in lottery and prolong the player’s life cycle.

The very basic product. One lottery line bought to the name of the user. Whatever prize this line entitles, it is credited to the user’s account in full, minus any fees or taxes. It is the same line you would buy at a local kiosk. This is also the very basic service the carrier provides- buy a lottery line, and associate to the user’s account.

The lotteries available on this product are Powerball, EuroJackpot, MegaMillions, EuroMillions, Florida Lotto, France Lotto, Super Lotto Plus, El Gordo, Irish Lotto, Hoosier Lottery, Lotto Hot, Powerball Australia, Mega Sena, 649 Lotto, and OZ Lotto.

One lottery line of a pool of many lines of the same lottery. Lotto365 include in each pool 100 lines of a lottery, this means the pool has x100 the chance of winning a prize versus a single line bought by a user. It stores the highest chance of winning a prize, but this prize then has to be divided by the pool’s shareholders. This is a virtual service the carrier provides as 100 lines are bought, and users have the option of getting in after numbers where picked.

The lotteries available on this product are Powerball, MegaMillions, EuroMillions, Florida Lotto, and National Lottery.

Each pool of lines is sold by shares or entries. Lotto365 sells 100 entries of each 100 lines pool. This means that a user could buy one entry for a price higher than one line- he get’s a much higher chance of winning, but remember that the prize is divided by the pool’s shareholders. It is possible to buy more than one entry of a MegaLine to get a bigger piece of the pool’s prize. This product best suits those who enjoy playing and would like to get the most or play the longest on their budget. You win often, but little each time.

The simplest and most affordable way of covering the board. Lotto365’s bundles offer a mixture of a huge number, 1208 or 3616, of single lines and MegaLines entries spread across several draws. It is recommended to take the time and review deals for the actual value. Sometimes these bundles look more attractive than really are. Buy once, check for winnings daily.

Lotto365 adopt new products one step behind the industry, but they take the time and put the effort in delivering a solid release- Some of the products reviewed are new to Lotto365 and welcome- this is complete to their credit. Often new products are promoted without them being tested and carefully reviewed and so change frequently and confuse players. When completing a purchase of a lottery ticket, the user can fill in up to 20 lines per item- this is actually a relatively high number. Most brands are allowing 10 to 15 lines per item.


Lotto365 are taking a number of much-needed precautions to make sure their players’ sessions and data are private. This is the review aspect to read carefully as there is no aspect more crucial than this one. It deals with privacy and security of your personal details and most importantly payment details.

One of the basic and most used Lottery feature- this is for both brick and mortar and online operations. It opened the option of pre-purchasing the same configuration of lottery and lines for future consecutive draws. Meaning a user can buy the same line to his favourite lottery for the next 4/8/24 consecutive draws. It’s a time and money (*discounts to follow) saver for those who play the same numbers on and on.


It’s the next evolutionary step of multi-draw. Lotto365 will buy the same product for any future draw until asked otherwise. While this option usually comes with a discount greater than the highest multi-draw, it is also not recommended in general as these charges can go unnoticed for a very long time, sometimes much longer than initially intended. If you have a set of numbers you like playing with, buy a multi-draw and check for when it is done so you can renew.

Quick Pick/ Auto Pick

One-click auto generates a random line of the relevant lottery. It is a must-have feature as it can get frustrating filling out one line after another. You can pick how many numbers you wish and auto-complete the rest. The mobile site has the option of Quick Pick 6 – auto-generates 6 lines with one click. This is something noticeably missing on the desktop and tablet sites.


Lotto365 offers its users alternative lotteries at the end of each lottery page. It’s a nice way to make sure the site doesn’t have any dead ends and users always have a “next step” to take. This could have been a wonderful opportunity to develop a lotto connoisseur algorithm to recommend what lottery best goes with the one just selected, but Lotto365 went with what appears to be a randomly generated suggestion. It’s a half-baked feature, but they don’t get points taken off as the overall experience is unaffected.

Lucky Numbers

From within the account management section of the site, users have the option of setting 1/3/5 lines of favourite numbers they feel lucky about. the feature is overdeveloped, and a leaner version accessible directly thru the product number picking page night have been more friendly. You have to look at this feature to make use of it as it is not properly displayed. Not getting proper attention, Lotto365 probably consider this as a nice to have, and so it will not reward score.

Buy Now Buttons

One-click to checkout with a product. By clicking a BUY NOW button, as opposed to a PLAY NOW or CHOOSE NUMBERS buttons, you’ll be redirected to the checkout page with 6 auto picked lines of the relevant lottery. The buttons don’t say how many auto picket lines will be added, so you have to find out by clicking it, this is not the best user experience practice. This is most valuable for 2nd time on the site as it is a time saver if you login focused on a lottery you want to buy a ticket for.

Lottery Statistics

A  nice and easy to handle query system for numbers frequency calculator. Pick a lottery, a specific period (from date to date), and the calculator would show the number of times each possible number was drawn. It also calculates a single line with the most frequently drawn numbers and another with the least.


This “calculator” generates a daily single line based on the date of birth for the highest jackpot lottery. On some occasions, the same line would be generated time and time again, on others not so much. The logic behind this is unclear, but Numerology is not under scrutiny here. It’s a nice to have feature, nothing more. Not shown on the mobile view.


The randomly generated line for the highest jackpot lottery for each of the 12 signs. These lines are changing with each page refresh. This page is for the true believers. Not shown on the mobile view.

Decent selection of features that are well executed and intuitive to use make Lotto365 excel on this review aspect. There is a missing feature of Quick Pick 6, but overall, Lotto365 did a good job with delivering solid features to support the products and service they provide players with.

Like all carriers, so do Lotto365 offer a feed of lottery results. I’m not sure why they all make use of this needless stream of winning numbers. Lottery players buy multiple lines and complex products with pools of lines, and they check their winnings at the tickets section of the account details page.

List of features that should be consists of the option of completing a registration using a social account- Facebook or G+. Lotto365 should better embrace social networks, just keeping active accounts is not enough. This could be a technical limitation coming from LottoTech- all LottoTech licensees surveyed are not making use of this feature. Another would be a shopping cart- Since Lotto365 are lotto ticket carriers, they fall under the category of e-commerce and should act accordingly. The ability to complete a purchase of tickets of a number of different lotteries and product types is noticeably missing. Most likely, this is due to LottoTech not supporting this off the shelf.


It’s a multi-screen world- desktop, tablet, mobile, and smartwatch- and players naturally migrate from one to another. Checking the mobile phone first thing in the morning, reading the news on a tablet on the way to the office, browsing the web using the desktop/laptop, etc. Supporting as many of the screens used daily are a necessity. Even more so, just support is not enough, the experience on each should be optimized. Players use the different devices for different tasks and the user interface should match the user’s intent.


The desktop site is relatively narrow at 980px, this is in opposition to recent practice trend of designing sites that are wider than the ordinary and boring 1000px. This is most likely to meet the screen resolution of visitors from developing countries. Lotto365 probably like to meet the lowest common denominator. No significant bugs were found, and it feels site was properly QA’d for this screen size. For this review, a PC running the latest Chrome, Edge, and Firefox was used.


There’s no dedicated tablet view, Lotto365 makes use of the desktop version. This is not very comfortable when manually picking numbers as the buttons are a little too small. It’s not a good practice, and Lotto365 lose score on this section, even thou it’s an understandable compromise used by many. Tablet traffic has a small share of overall, and sadly so very few address this view seriously. The site was reviewed on a 3rd generation iPad and Chrome’s mobile device emulator.


Mobile smartphone devices get a dedicated site and not just a responsive view. This is definitely the preferred way to go for a brand such as Lotto365 is they want a tailored experience. Lotto365 have a very impressive mobile iteration for the desktop site. Other than a missing icon, there were no significant visual issues. The core functionality is kept, and clearly accessible, some features are added- Quick Pick 6- while other features are not accessible from the main menu- Numerology and Horoscope. The site was reviewed using an LG G3, LG K10, iPhone 5s, and Chrome’s emulator for a couple more devices.


No Lotto365 apps were released on any of the main mobile OS- iOS or Android. This is a drawback as most major operators have an iOS app and an Android app. Few have a dedicated iPad (HD) app and a dedicated smartwatch app. A mobile application is the quickest, most comfortable means of completing a quick purchase, manage purchases and manage account details. It is also a very engaging way of keeping touch with users and communicating valuable messages. It is a robust tool for establishing dominance in the online lottery world.

Lotto365 had the opportunity of setting a responsive design for desktop screens and so to make the most of the “real estate” wise screens provide while meeting the lowest common denominator in terms of resolution. If the online lottery wishes to mature, this is one of the challenges lurking ahead- developing a smart user interface to give a refined experience no matter what screen the user is currently on. There’s also a real need for applications they are not fulfilling, and it’s a drawback for the brand. Somewhat of a substitute could have been adopting browser-based push notifications to keep in touch, but this is a bust once more. Lotto365 deliver an above the industry standard experience on desktop and mobile, can do better on tablets, and have a gap to fill when it comes to applications and new web technologies.


Bonuses and player rewarding are those extras that give players the option of doubling the fun- Complete a first lottery ticket purchase and get a free line on the house. It’s the sharpest tool in the shed for the acquisition of new players. Brands that pay the most give the biggest value to their players. It’s as simple as that. The more rewards, the greater the value players get for their investment.

Multi Draw

When completing a purchase of a product on Lotto365 there’s the option of pre-purchasing the same product for the next consecutive draws. This discount aims to get players to complete a purchase for many draws as reasonable. The more future draws you buy, the bigger the discount you get. This is what’s for offer:

  • 4 draws 5% off
  • 8 draws 10% off
  • 24 draws 15% off


One tier up in the multi draw option is a subscription. With a subscription, you never miss a draw as charged monthly for all available draws for the specific product. As this is basically an on-going renewed purchase with no pre-set expiration, the discount is a significant 20% off. While attractive in term of cost, it is not highly recommended. Some create a subscription, forget about it, fail to check charges and find out they have been paying for some time without getting the fun of participating in the lottery. Be responsible and purchase a high draws multi draw.

First Purchase Bonus

This offer is redeemable only once, so make sure you make the most of it, as you can complete the first purchase only once. While Lotto365 doesn’t promote a first purchase offer, a quick live chat through the site will get you these two offers:

  • *not advertised* complete a purchase of a personal line and get one line free
  • *not advertised* complete a purchase of a Combo deal and get one MegaLine entry


Customer Support

Everything is ok until it’s suddenly not. This is when this review aspect comes in mind, will there be someone available to take and resolve whatever issue you may encounter? Brands vary greatly on this. Having a quick and responsive resolution centre is an absolute must, no compromising here.

Language Support

Lotto365 site supports several languages spoken on key markets. These are the languages: EN, DE, ES, FR, IT. I wouldn’t expect other languages to join anytime soon, as they already support languages that cover markets they are most active on.

Live Chat

Lotto365 offer its visitors a live chat by LiveChat. While the service is a blessing, details of it can get a little confusing- customer support live chat has specific availability hours, but there’s an icon saying it’s available 24/7… which one is it? Live chat is available for most of the day, but shots down at the late hours- 6 am until 10 pm GMT. It’s Only available on the desktop version of the site. If you’re using your mobile, you’ll have to settle with sending an email or using the contact form. Service is powered by LiveChat.


There’s no way for reaching Lotto365 over the phone. This is unfortunate as no matter how well the live chat support works, or how short the response time is to emails, having a someone to talk to on the other end of a phone line, is key in top-notch customer support. For this Lotto365 lose rating.


Direct email address for customer support is published- [email protected]– which is nice as it allows keeping track of correspondence on the email’s client inbox. No response times were registered, for now, this is something to follow and regularly examine.

Contact Us Form

A basic form with name, email address, and message text boxes. It’s another method of sending a textual message to CS, probably makes use of the same email address resolution service.

Priority Customer Care

Lotto365’s VIP players get a personalized priority customer care from an account manager who’s available for any issue or concern.

Live chat is available for most hours of the day, response time is short, and they can provide an immediate solution to a variety of issues. Phone support is definitely missing, as it is also somewhat of a trustworthiness sign. In this case, the good outweighs the bad. Lotto365 lose score for not providing a fuller channel of communication. Part of customer support is accepting country of origin matching payment methods. Lotto365 accepts Credit card, debit card, Skrill and several other e-wallets. Not all are available online, but through customer support, the selection is significantly higher.


Bonuses and player rewarding are those extras that give players the option of doubling the fun- Complete a first lottery ticket purchase and get a free line on the house. It’s the sharpest tool in the shed for the acquisition of new players. Brands that pay the most give the biggest value to their players. It’s as simple as that. The more rewards, the greater the value players get for their investment.

At this moment, there’s no support by any of the major platform service providers of a real player rewarding system. This means players have to pay the price literally. There is a much higher value for playing online vs. completing a purchase at the local kiosk. But, there’s much room for improvement. Lotto365 offers generous bonuses and reward their returning players with a decent discount, and there’s also a promo code field, though Lotto365 make little use of coupons. This will suffice for a good score now, but next time Lotto365 is up for another review, there has to be some exciting news in this arena. There are many proven methodologies and off the shelf real-time player analysis engines to adopt from neighbouring industries, that there’s no legitimate excuse not to make use of them and give players an experience worth remembering.

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Lotto365 Is No Longer Active