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  • Payment options : credit and debit cards.
  • Available languages : English, Deutsch, Russian.
  • Customer support : multilingual email address, multilingual social networks.
  • Number of lotteries:
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Lotto Spring seems to have, at its’ core, a desire to revamp how lottery games are played all over the world. Lotto Spring allows game players to use their own Euromillion lottery numbers to play any of three lottery games of their choice. In addition to this, it also runs a syndicate system where players get the opportunity to belong in any of many syndicates through which they are given the luxury of combined ticket offerings and also winnings; essentially if the syndicate wins what in this case is regarded to as mega jackpot, then it is shared for everyone belonging to that syndicate. Each syndicate is made up of at most 50 players and payment is based on 13 prize tiers; while those on the 4th to 13th tiers are paid the face value of earnings as dictated in the site’s terms and conditions. For the top three-tier winners, the winnings are divided in that 20% of this goes to the player responsible for the winning ticket while the rest is allocated to the syndicate members in other tiers.

As fun as being a part of a syndicate might seem, there might be players who might either want to branch out on their own or perhaps augment their earnings. For these group of people there are games like Europe- DinoLotto, US- MegaMillions and Germany – Lotto 6/49 that might interest them. Whatever winnings players make will however be made available to them only after it has been received by Lotto Spring. Players who have at least €30 in winnings can claim it; this is against the “100 units of relevant currency” stated in the terms as conditions as this was regarded as a better threshold level.

The pros this platform has includes: the occasion of 13 prize tiers which allow for effective distribution of winnings, the occasion of good jackpots that could be really encouraging for some, added winning with referrals and the “refer three friends and get to play for free” feature which encourages players to refer their friends while increasing their earnings.


Lotteries and Software

The syndicate options players could choose to be included: the LottoSpring option whose jackpot price is €228 million and for which syndicate members have to pay €33/month, the ProSpring option for which members have to €66/month and whose jackpot price is €417 million and the VIP ProSpring option whose jackpot price is €850 million and for which members have to pay €99/month. In the case that, three friends got wind of Lotto Spring through certain players’ social media or email accounts and they are in turn paying and playing members of Lotto Spring, such players, who acted as referees, need not pay the subscription fee for that month.


Even though this website is not in application format, it can still be accessed via mobile, tablet and/or desktop devices which mean that there is constant access to it even when players are on the go.


Promotions on Lotto Spring come in the form of:

  • Players get rewarded for recommending Lotto Spring to their friends. This reward is in the form of 300 Blitz Points for every person betting as a result of their social sharing. These Points then get converted to 1 Blitz bet which is entered for a special monthly draw.
  • Players getting to bet for free as a result of bringing into the system three people who are betting through recommendation or social sharing.
  • Winnings are given to the upline accounts of players. Upline accounts are the accounts that belong to the person who referred such players to the platform.


Registration for payments of subscription fees and collection of winnings is done through any of: Master Card, Moneta, Netteller, Puggle Pay, RSB24, Sofort, Qiwi, Visa and/or Yandex. Although winnings from all games are deposited into players account the moment Lotto Spring receives these, these can only be withdrawn when they total at least €30.

Customer Support

LottoSpring includes an FAQ page with some answers you need to cover before opening an account or completing a deposit.

The FAQ page is relatively lean on information and for those in need of customer support, there’s a direct email address and social network pages – Facebook and Twitter. These are the only two options for reaching anyone from Lotto Spring, but at least they are available in three languages – English, German, Russian.

Is Lotto Spring legit or fraud?

Lotto Spring has an official gaming license from the United Kingdom’s gaming commission and also has more positive than negative online reviews and personal testimonials. These help assure one of it’s legitimacy. In addition, it also uses high-tech Comodo 256-bit SSL to ensure that players information are kept secure.


The fact that it offers players multiple sources of winnings, has 13 tiers in winnings distribution, encourages social sharing and even affords one the opportunities for free betting means that players can come on the board of Lotto Springs to have betting experiences that can’t be seen on other platforms.

Pros / Cons
  • Offers an attractive selection of lottery syndicates.
  • Offers some subscription based syndicate bundles that maximize the odds of winning.
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support for players' convenience.