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  • Payment options : credit card, Paypal
  • Available languages : English, Chinese
  • Customer support : direct email, phone, contact form
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Among the different types of games they have available, the Powerball and the Mega Millions have the largest jackpot and have seen the highest number of wins. The major reason for this online Lotto hitter lottery is to give people who do not live in Florida the chance to win big without stressing them self to travel all the way down.

They also have lottery number analyser that tells you the player what the average hitting percentage is, it is like giving you free chance at the big win. There lottery winning system provides you with the most reduced form of the winning numbers increasing your chances of winning even more. The lottery tickets are purchased online, saving you all the stress of going to a polling station always for tickets. Lotto Hitters have recorded one of the highest wins in the whole of USA and consists of winning numbers that are also high on average.

Lotto hitter has donated over $ 30 billion to fund free education to fewer privilege people. The company although successful has its own share of fraud scandal with some people claiming to be cheated out of their money and other people accusing the company of been discrete about the whole process.


Lotteries and Software

Lotto Hitter has different varieties of games available to player and they include multi-state Powerball, multi-state Mega Millions, multi-state Cash4life, Florida Lotto, Lucky Money, Fantasy 5, Pick 5, Pick 4, Pick 3 and Pick 2.

Lotto Hitter has features like the multi draw and quick with the Powerball and Mega Millions standing out due to their large jackpot and highest number of wins. All the user has to do is register and buy the tickets and choose their numbers.


They do not offer mobile app but the website can be accessed from the internet using a computer with suitable software, preferably Google chrome or internet explorer. They offer a lot of game types which can be accessed from the website.


Lotto Hitter gives free tickets but only with the Florida lotto with Xtra, Lucky money and Fantasy 5 and these tickets can after the draw date or emailed to you.


Lotto Hitter offers several types of payment options such as Visa, master cards and PayPal but for PayPal you have to become a member first then deposit the funds into the account and purchase your tickets from there and they also accept cheques and money order.

To withdraw your wins is also easy, if the amount is below $600 it will be deposited into your account but when the money is higher than that, then an official lottery claim form will be sent to you. After you have returned the filled out form they will submit it to the Florida Lottery Commission who will directly send you your cheque.

Customer Support

Players of Lotto Hitter or visitors to the site will find answers to most question in a dedicated page call How It Works. This page covers some basics of the services provided with a section devoted for Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

In case of an issue of inquiry not covered, there are three options for reaching customer support – direct email, phone number or a contact form. There’s no mention of operating hours or estimate time for reply to email or contact form inquiry.

Is Lotto Hitter Lottery legit or fraud?

Yes, it is legitimate and they take fraudulence really serious and as such have a system with which they track all credit card transactions thereby ensuring that all transactions are safe and secured. With the latest security measure in place, Lotto Hitter ensures that the information you provided are secured.

They also went further to protect you by encrypting all your personal information on their data base. All their activities are regulated by the Florida Lottery Commission. Although, some players have accused them of fraud but there has been no real proof to support their claim.


Lotto hitters have been providing players with great chances of winning big and they are still doing so every day. It is easy, it is safe and it is 100% legit. With different types of online games that you can play and win big and games like Powerball, Mega millions, cash4life, lucky money, fantasy 5, pick 4, pick 3 and pick 2 your luck is sure to shine. Their winning numbers also offer previous winning numbers which helps players in choosing the best most probable numbers. You can play for free tickets in the quick play section and the numbers are totally generated at random.