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  • Payment options : proprietary e-wallet BPAY
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  • Customer support : email, phone
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Lotterywest focuses on sales of lottery tickets and scratchcard tickets via retail outlets and online. After all prizes and winnings must have been paid off, 100% of proceeds gotten from the lottery are returned back to the Western Australian community through donations to charity organizations and funding of developmental projects.

Through its donations, Lotterywest makes grants available to almost all sectors of the economy. These grants are categorized and distributed to various areas like research, information, technology, medical and emergency relief, vehicles, sports, furniture and equipment, culture and arts, community buildings etc. Grants are also allocated to non-profit organizations and to the funding of individual ideas and organisational development.

Lotterywest also provides financial support for the local screen funding body ScreenWest and annual Perth International Arts Festival. In the 2016/2017 financial year alone, Lotterywest donated a total of $265 million dollars to Western Australian community.

The lottery service provides all West Australians with an opportunity to contribute towards community development to make Western Australia a better place to live in for every time the participate in a lottery draw.


Lotteries and Software

Lotterywest sells Australia’s national lottery tickets for 10 games which are Saturday Lotto, Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Super66, Oz Lotto, Powerball, Soccer Pools, Scratch’n’win, Cash 3 and Set For Life. All the lotteries are held on Saturdays with the exception of Cash 3 which is held daily and Oz lotto held on Tuesday afternoons.

The Oz Lotto has the highest pay out with a prize of $15 million followed by Powerball with $10 million. Players can win up to $4 million in the Saturday Lotto while Monday and Wednesday Lotto have a maximum win of $1 million each. Cash 3 has the lowest pay out win a maximum win of $300. The ‘Set for Life’ lottery game offers a life time monthly pay out of up to $20,000 for winners.
There are several ways to play the Lotterywest games. Some provide a greater chance of winning while others offer more convenience and ease of play.

The games can be played with via tickets from syndicates – where all costs and wins are shared among a group of lottery players, playslips – use of lucky number, systems – multiple games in a draw, slikpiks – randomly selected numbers and combo packs – allows for a wide variety of games within a week.

Players also have the option of Advance Play and Mulitiweek Play which automatically draws up lotteries and allows players to purchase lottery tickets across multiple weeks respectively. The QuickSETS play is specific to the Set for Life game. Players are allowed to play using the mobile app and through the website.


The Lotterywest mobile application is available for free download on iOS and Android devices. The app comes with secure PIN and all in-app transactions are safeguarded using an encryption technology. Through the app, users can also receive notifications on draws, entries and winning numbers. Additionally, the mobile app also provides the convenience of in-app ticket purchase and game play.


Other than the current offer of exclusive VIP treatment at the Lotterywest film festival to the winner from a competition open to all Lotterywest members, there is currently no other known promotional offer.


First of, all users are expected to open an e-wallet which will be used for all transactions involving Lotterywest. Transactions can be made via credit card, debit card, bank transfers and BPAY – an electronic payment system in Australia.

Users can deposit a minimum of $10 and $500 in their e-wallet. It should be noted that this limit is restricted to one time deposits and there is no limit to how much can be deposited on weekly or monthly basis. However, the e-wallet can only hold a maximum of $5,000. Once the maximum cap is reached, no further deposits can be made to the account unless the user makes a withdrawal.

Likewise, withdrawals can also be made from the e-wallet to bank accounts. Usually, withdrawals from e-wallets to bank accounts may take anytime from one to three working days to be verified. Deposit notifications on the other hand are instant if via credit card but may take longer using BPAY.

Lotterywest applies a less than 10% commission charge on all transactions. Similarly, certain banks and financial institutions may also charge a unique fee for transactions.

Customer Support

Lotterywest provides a thorough and comprehensive FAQ page which pretty much covers all areas concerning the game, app and other relevant topics.

Reaching Customer Support is simple through: email, phone within operating hours. There’s no 24/7 support or live chat.

Is Lotterywest Lotto legitimate or fraudulent?
The site is secured by Google Safebrowsing and has a slightly higher than average rating on WOT reputation ratings. Lotterywest is ranked at 92269 on Alexa rankings with about 3450 unique visitors to the site on a daily basis. Expected about 93% of visitors are based in Australia with the site being hosted in Australia. Conclusively, the website seems like a legit and professional site for Western Australians interested in participating in the lottery.


Lotterywest promotes responsible gambling and is open to players from 16 years and above. The major drawback concerning the lottery service is the location restriction. It is ONLY open to Western Australians and people from other parts of the world, including the rest of Australia are ineligible to play. Nonetheless, Lotterywest, through its contributions to the community which amounts to 33% of its revenue provides support and inspiration to the residents of Western Australia.