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Welcome to LotteryShop! The next platform in our lottery online review series. Being honest, we decided to write this review mainly due to the fact that is one of the oldest platforms that allows you to buy online lottery tickets.

Besides the antiquity of the site, you will find a very old fashioned template and design. The web looks the same as when started in 1996. This in terms of internet times, is prehistoric. You will not find everything you need to know easily, and sometimes, you will not find it at all.

Lottery Shop is the web representative of OSA, an agent that is selling lottery tickets since 1988. The company is based in the Netherlands and makes a great deal of their reputation. In fact, they have a whole page explaining the different scams in the web, how to prevent them and what to do in case you are a victim in one of this schemes.


At the moment we started writing our reviews we set the main features that must be checked. At our reviews focuses on:


Is the brand secure? Are transactions encrypted?


What are the offered lotteries? Are side games available?


Is the site easy to navigate? Is the design nice?


Can I play from my mobile devices? Are features compatible for Mac and PC ?


Do they offer promotions? Any offer for new and existing customers?


What channels are available? Customer support quality.


LotteryShop states that all their transactions are SSL encrypted, but there is no mention to the level of bit encryption nor to the company that is providing the security service.

Also the platform provide a full page explaining about internet scams and how to avoid them.

Furthermore, the site is an asset from OSA (Overseas Subscribers Agents) a company from the Netherlands with great reputation.

Finally, as you might always check when choosing a online lottery platform,  the site is not licensed by any governmental gambling agency.


As we are saying from the beginning of the review, the site is very old, and you will not be able to find in a single arranged table all the lotteries available.

The main lotteries raffles available online at the site are: Euro Millions, USA PowerBall, USA Mega Millions, USA Mega Jackpots, Japan Jumbo Draw, Spain El Gordo, Irish Lotto, UK Lottery, Australian Lotto and OZ Lotto.

For syndicate play, you will have only two options: Euro Millions and El Gordo.

Let say that the list is not as comprehensive as we like to get, still the main lotteries are available (SuperEnaLotto is the main missing lottery in the site).

LotteryShop used to sell scratchcards, but stopped doing it. Concordantly, you will not find any side game or attraction beside the mentioned lotteries.


The website is only offered in English.

As very old websites used to do, they still offered by clicking on the flags the translation of the page using Google Translated services.

German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese and Russian direct links to translation are available. Just take into account that it will not be the best experience, since this kind of translation is automatic.


Lotteryshop can only be use by desktop players. The site is not responsive and the development team didn’t build a special site for tablets and smartphones.

This simple means that navigating the site from any mobile device will be very difficult if not impossible.

Design and template old fashioned. Limited functionalities.

There is no special view for tablets, still due the size of the screen, you will be able to use the desktop site with difficulties.

There is no mobile view, site or apps. Smartphones users will not enjoy the site or be able to buy a lottery ticket.


One of the strongest points, besides the big number of lotteries available, is the promotions and offers of OneLotto.

For new players, you can get a first deposit bonus of 100%  up to  £50 for the largest lotteries as US PowerBall, US Mega Millions and more. This is a great way to start playing at a lottery platform.

For all players there is a set of discount for future draws. If the draw is in another 4 weeks you will get a 2.5% discount, 8 weeks 5% discount, 26 weeks 7.5% and finally for 56 weeks advance you will get a 10% discount on the ticket value.

Finally, OneLotto offers a daily deal, the last deal of the day we checked at the site is an promotion of getting 1 line free when buying 10 lines.


Customer support is always an important factor, but when we talk about online transactions is crucial.


You will be able to contact the LotteryShop support team using the Live Chat if available. No working hours are mentioned in the site.

The only telephone number provided is the one of OSA: +31 – 20 – 638-3519. There is no direct number to the customer service department.

There is no mention in the site about an email to contact customer service.

The main and almost only channel to contact the help desk is using the contact form available at site.


Maybe Lotteryshop was a great and innovative platform back at 1996. Building a website and selling online tickets from the major lotteries around the world was at that time something really new.

But Lottery Shop is frozen in time. The lotteries variety is really small, the payment methods  are scarce (MasterCard, Visa, JCB and Dinners Club) and the site is too old fashioned.

Anyway, as we say in the review introduction, due to its antiquity we felt the necessity of writing and reviewing

Visit the site if you want to see how internet was 25 years ago. Instead,  if you want to buy lottery tickets check out our table with the top online lottery sellers.


We will finally, but not less important, cover the question: Is legit or is a scam?

The brand is not licensed by any gambling authority and is not specifying what kind of SSL encryption is using for the transactions.

Anyway, the OSA support and the long record of the website bring us some peace of mind.

We think that Lotteryshop is a legit player in the online lottery industry, still they must renew themselves if they want to be competitive.