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  • Customer support : email, phone
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Since its creation in 1969, Lotto Quebec has been breaking boundaries, formerly known as the societe d’exploitation des lotteries et courses du Quebec Lotto Quebec has grown into having a sales force as large as 8500 retailers who has been designated a game terminal. The network is made up of 44 territories which are manned by professionals who meet with the retailers frequently to provide support by providing adequate tools, information and trainings that would be needed to help them perform their task efficiently.

Lotto Quebec offers a lot of games which is much more than just lotteries they also offer casinos, online gaming, video lotteries, salons de jeux, bingo and kinzo. This information is clearly written in their website which is well designed to help in the easy navigation of the website by someone who is new to tech.

Just as most guessing games, the odds are always high. You are not guaranteed a chance of winning on your first place but you are guaranteed that when you do win your winnings would be transferred to you as soon as possible.


Lotteries and Software

Lotto Quebec offers a wide variety of games. The lottery games found on their website includes; 10x L’argent which suggests that you could win up to 10 times your prize if you play the game, lotto 6/49 which promises you a prize of 9 million and a guaranteed 1 million dollars. There is the progressive jack pot which can win you up to 115,637 dollars and the lotto max. there is also the gagnant a vie which guarantees you a sum of 1000 dollars for a week for life Each of these games have different set of rules but you are guaranteed your prize if you win.

For the casino, under the slot machine the games are as follows; monopoly, balloonies farm, heidi’s bear house, evel knieval , dragon born and a host of others. Some of the table games include; blackjack classic, classic French roulette and black jack. There are a wide variety of games to choose from and each of these games guarantees you a prize if you win. There are also different games from the different groups of game on the website.

One beautiful thing about this site is that they have created an avenue where you can play with your friends. Some games enable you to play with your selected team member, friends you met online or you could simply decide to play on your own.


The website is easily accessible from your mobile device’s web browser irrespective of what operating system your phone is running. For players who want a more mobile tailored experience, there are an iOS and Android apps available for download. iPhone device’s app is available directly from the app store, but for Android based devices, there’s a need to download an .apk file and manually install it to the device.


Lotto Quebec currently has a promotion running. It has been running from the 14th of February and would stop on the 27th of February. It is offering a grand prize of 8,888 dollars and 7 different secondary prizes worth 88 dollars.

You are also given a chance to play the featured games and get two entries for one block of 8 dollars bet. For a new participant, you are offered 10 dollars to play online. This goes to show how much they are trying to promote their online platform.


To participate in any of the games listed on the website; it is necessary that you register and have an account especially for those who are registering online. If you a prize of 25,000 dollars and below, then the prize would be sent directly to your account but if you win 25,000 dollars and above then you would be contacted personally and told on how to go about claiming your prize. Note that no underage individual would be given any winnings. This game is for 18 years and above.

Customer Support

They have a FAQ which is formulated to help newbies find their way around the website.

They have a contact page that provides all the basic information needed to contact them – phone and direct email address.

Is Loto Quebec legitimate or fraudulent?

They provide security certificates that help in the protection of your info, and publicly set integrity and accuracy at its key values.


If you are looking for a quick means to make money online, then this is not for you. The Lotto Quebec nonetheless provides satisfying games that can help you get rid of boredom and possibly win an amount of money.