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  • Draw day and time : Fridays
  • Numbers to pick : Two letters that starts with N + 6/9
  • Winning odds :
  • Biggest Jackpot: Rs 7,000,000

The Kerala state department has been running weekly lotteries since the beginning of lotteries in that state. This weekly lottery has seen great success among its participants.

Until recently listed could not run lotteries. Then, the Supreme Court of India gives the states and union territories of the country to have individual jurisdiction and decision making with regard to lotteries and the sale of lottery tickets. After this 13 States have been running the lottery in the country. Kerala lotteries established in 1967 it was run and operated by the government of Kerala. It is usually done by private organisations and then taken over by public organisations to ensure the focus remains on raising revenue for the Welfare of the state.

With the help of the then finance minister of Kerala minister P.K. Kunju, the Kerala lotteries were established with the focus of raising revenue for the states causes. The lotteries helped raise the money that was needed to not only meet the financial goals of the state but also to create employment opportunities.

This weekly lottery has seen great success among its participants. Nirmal is the lottery that is drawn on Fridays. The draw happens every Friday at 3 pm and the results are online at 4 pm.
The first draw of Nirmal lottery was conducted on 7th October 2017.


How to play Kerala’s Nirmal Lottery

The Nirmal lottery first tier prize is Rs.3 crore. Similar to the other lotteries, this lottery also has A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, or N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, X, Y, Z that is inserted as the second letter in the winning series. Along with this, the first letter for the Nirmal lottery always begins with the letter “N”. This is then followed by a combination of numbers. Players have to purchase the ticket and the ticket that matches the winning numbers that are announced are the winners.

Who can play Kerala’s Nirmal Lottery

In order to purchase the lottery tickets for the Nirmal lottery, an individual will have to be at least 18 years of age or older. In India, the lottery laws do allow minors to be owners of a lottery ticket if it was given to them as a gift. However, this is highly frowned upon and not encouraged. This is because this could lead to potential addictions to lottery tickets that would be harmful to the minor in the future.

There have been reported success stories of people who have been travelled to Kerala from other states in India for work and have won jackpots to take back home. Players do not have to be citizens of the state in order to purchase the Nirmal lottery tickets. Indian players can also purchase lottery tickets online. Individuals playing from other countries will be bound by their country laws with regard to playing the international lottery. Therefore, players should check before they invest in the lottery tickets.

Winning Terms

The odds of winning Kerala’s Nirmal Lottery

The Nirmal lottery offers higher prizes for the first and second-tier winners. And for both of these 1, 08,00, 000 tickets are printed. Thus the odds of winning the first tier prize of Rs.65 lakh and the second tier prize of Rs.2 lakh is 1 in 1, 08, 00, 000. One person can take home the first tier prize and 12 people can take home the second-tier prize. The prize offered at the third tier is Rs.1 lakh at the odds of 1 in 4, 50, 000 that 12 people can take home. The fourth tier prize is Rs.5, 000 that is offered to 9, 720 people. Rs.2, 000 home if they beat the odds of 1 in 1, 000. This is the fifth tier. The sixth tier prizes can be won by up to 32, 400 tickets at the odds of 1 in 312. The prize offered her is Rs.1000.

Payments and Costs for Kerala’s Nirmal Lottery

The Nirmal lottery tickets cost Rs.100 per ticket. The prize is high compared to other tickets because the winning money offered is also high.

Claiming the prize money

Any person who has won more than Rs.1, 00,000 will have to go through the process of submitting a claim form at the department of Kerala lotteries. The claim form will have to be completely filled out and accompanied by two self-attested passport size and a government identity card. The prize money can be collected from any national or scheduled bank with all the necessary information. It should be noted, if the ticket is damaged in any way or if there is a lack of proper information that should be written on the ticket, the claim will be considered null and void.

Tax payments for Kerala’s Nirmal Lottery

An income tax of 30% is charged as the tax on all prizes won through lotteries and other games of chance in India.

Good Causes Supported by Kerala’s Nirmal Lottery

The Nirmal lottery is overseen by the Kerala lotteries. The primary goal of the Kerala lotteries was to raise money that can be substituted for government funding. The revenue made is fed into programs that aid with building the welfare of the state. Another goal of the Kerala lotteries was to create a department that would provide employment opportunities in the state. The Kerala lottery department successfully provides more than 400 active jobs at all times. The Nirmal lottery, in particular, was initiated to fund the state’s sanitation and waste management programs. The profits from this lottery are also used to help improve the vegetation in Kerala.


The Nirmal lottery is a great end of the workweek lottery to participate in. The draws happen every Friday and winners can have the money before the weekend begins!

Where to Play Kerala’s Nirmal Lottery

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