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The lotteries in India were initially run by big private companies. In the year 1967, the operation of lotteries by private-run organizations was banned. During this time, the finance minister of Kerala – P K Kunju Sahib helped push for and establish the lotteries when the Supreme Court of India changed the lottery laws in the country. The law states that each of the states and union territories will have complete jurisdiction over the lotteries and thus can make the decision to run the lotteries at their discretion. Since then, only 13 states in the country have been running the lotteries. Kerala was the first of its kind to take over the world of lotteries. After Kerala, the rest of the states followed suit adopting Kerala’s strategy. One of the major reasons the Kerala lotteries caught everyone’s attention is because of its immense success. In fact, since the establishment of the lotteries, the Kerala lottery department has not faced any loss.

Today, the Kerala lotteries are operated by the department of Kerala. The Kerala lottery department introduced many different types of lottery draws. Each of the lotteries draws happened weekly and had different prize structures. There are also bumper lotteries that offer bigger jackpots for winners to take home. There are totally seven different weekly lotteries – one each day. Karunya and Karunya Plus are two such lotteries that are drawn on Saturday and Thursday respectively at 3 PM and the results are available live at 4 PM.


How to play Kerala’s Karunya and Karunya Plus Lottery

Players can purchase tickets from any of the authorized retail agents. Websites also offer the opportunity for players to purchase the lottery tickets online. The game structure for both of these lotteries is similar to the other weekly lotteries. Players purchase tickets that have a series of two letters and a combination of numbers printed on them. The numbers can be any number combinations between 1 and 9. The first letter in the series for Karunya is ‘K’ and Karunya Plus is ‘P’. For example, a series printed on the ticket for the Karunya lottery would look something like this – KA 428135.

Who can play Kerala’s Karunya and Karunya Plus Lottery

Individuals who have reached the age of majority in India, i.e. who is 18 years of age and older can purchase and participate in the tickets. Similarly, anyone who has traveled to the state of Kerala but is not a citizen of the state can also participate in the lottery.


The odds of winning the Kerala’s Karunya and Karunya Plus Lottery

The Karunya lottery offers the jackpot prize of Rs. 75, 00, 000 and the Karunya plus lottery offers the jackpot prize of Rs. 50, 00, 000. The odds of winning this is 1 in 1, 08, 00, 000. The odds of winning the second tier prizes for both the lotteries is also 1 in 1, 08, 00, 000. The prizes offered for Karunya and Karunya Plus is Rs. 10, 00, 000 and Rs. 1,00, 000 respectively. The second tier prize can be won by only one person in the Karunya lotteries and can be won by up to 24 people in the Karunya plus lottery. The odds of winning the third tier prizes are 1 in 9, 00, 000 to take home Rs.1, 00, 000 and 1 in 4, 50, 000 for the sum of Rs.5, 000 that 9, 720 people can take home. This can be won by 12 people in the Karunya lottery. The fourth tier prize offered by Karnuya is Rs. 5, 000 and that 9, 720 people can win at the odds of 1 in 1, 111. And in the case of Karunya Plus, the odds of winning is the same but close to 12, 960 can take the prize of Rs.2, 000 home. The fifth tier prize for Karunya Plus can be won by 37, 800 and for this, the last four digits are drawn 12 times. The prize offered at this tier is Rs.1, 000. In Karunya lotteries, the fifth tier prize is Rs.2, 000 at the odds of 1 in 833. We then have the sixth, seventh and eighth tier prizes. The Karunya lotteries offer Rs.1, 000, Rs.500 and Rs.100 as the prizes at the odds of 1 in 312, 1 in 263 and 1 in 121. Along with this, the consolation prize of Rs.10, 000 can be won at the odds of 1 in 982. In Karunya Plus, the sixth, seventh and eighth tier prizes are Rs.500, Rs.200 and Rs.100. With each tier, more people have the chance of beating the odds of 1 in 312, 1 in 217 and 1 in 116 respectively.

Payments and Costs for Kerala’s Karunya and Karunya Plus Lottery

The tickets for Karunya and Karunya Plus cost Rs.50 for each ticket.

Claiming the prize money

In order to claim the prize money, winners can submit their tickets and get the money from any of the national or scheduled banks. For those who have won more than Rs.1 lakh, the process is a little longer. They will have to submit claim forms with self-attested documents before being able to receive their money.

Tax payments for Kerala’s Karunya and Karunya Plus Lottery

There is a tax of 30% that is charged as income tax for all lottery prizes in India.


The Kerala lotteries have always been able to contribute to good causes. The Karunya lottery began with an aim to set aside the revenue to be invested in the financial aid of people suffering from critical illness. It was the first lottery that was set up solely for philanthropic purposes. While the Karunya plus lottery was also initiated with the same goal.


Karunya and Karunya Plus are weekly lotteries that offer the highest lottery. It is a great investment for anyone looking to walk away with a big jackpot.