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The Akshaya lottery was introduced at the same time as the other weekly lotteries run by the Kerala lottery department. This lottery follows the same history as the other weekly lottery. The Kerala lottery was one of its kind when it was introduced and when it introduced all the weekly lotteries. The other states in India soon followed suit. The only difference in this is – there was a prize change that adapted as of 23-3-2017 as per the Kerala lottery department order.


How to play Kerala’s Akshaya Lottery

The players have to purchase tickets around any of the lottery Agencies or retailers nearby. The lottery tickets will have 12 series of letters printed on them.  All of the series, similar to the other weekly lotteries, will have two letters followed by a range of numbers. The first letter for the Akshaya lotteries is “A”. This is then followed by any of these letters –  A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, or N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, X, Y, Z. The numbers that follow these two letters will be a combination of different numbers; each of the number ranging between 1 and 9. A total of 1, 94436 prices are distributed in this lottery.

Who can play Kerala’s Akshaya Lottery

Players have to be above the age of 18 in order to play the Akshaya lotteries. Players can play online although on-site purchase is encouraged. Similarly, although highly discouraged, players can purchase a ticket on behalf of a minor as their legal guardian. Please note, this only applies if you are a citizen or resident of Kerala and India. It may not be applicable to other replays.


The odds of winning the Kerala’s Akshaya Lottery

The odds of winning the Akshaya lottery is exactly similar to its counterpart – Pournami and Win Win lotteries. However, the winning prizes that are distributed are not the same as the other weekly lottery that is run by the Kerala state lottery. There are totally 8 tiers between which the prices are distributed to the winners of the Akshaya lottery. The last eighth tier is offered for up to 91, 800 people. The last four digits are to be drawn 85 times for this prize.

The odds of winning this is 1 in 117 and the prize offered is Rs.100.  The seventh line of winners is offered Rs.500 with the chance of winning one in 238. This is offered to up to 45, 360 people and for this, the last four digits are to be drawn 42 times. The sixth tier winners get to take home Rs.1000 at the chance of 1 in 312. The last four digits will be drawn 32 times here. For the fifth line of winners over 12, 960 people can claim winning prize of Rs.2000 by beating the odds of 1 in 833. The fourth line of winners have the odds of winning rupees 5,000 at one in 1, 111.  9, 720 people become winners here. After this, we jump directly to the price of Rs.1, 00,000 that 12 people can take home if they beat the odds of one in 9, 00,000. The second tier winners have to beat the same as of one in 9, 00,000 to take home Rs.2, 00,000 as the winning prize. And finally, the big Jackpot is rupees 50, 00,000. Only one person who has beaten the odds of 1 in 1, 08, 00,000 can take this big money home.

Payments and Costs for Kerala’s Akshaya Lottery

Deep price cost of each of the Akshaya lottery tickets is rupees Rs.30. This price is inclusive of the GST charged in the country.

Claiming the prize money

All winners will have to go to their closest national or scheduled bank in order to claim their prizes. To successfully claim the prizes without any hindrances, the winners have to make sure to have a few things. To begin with, the actual lottery ticket that was purchased. The original Lottery ticket should have the name and other details that are required filled out on the tickets. If this information is missing, the ticket would not be considered to be the winner’s ticket. Along with the tickets, the receipt for the purchase of the lottery ticket should also be submitted. A claim form should be submitted by all those who have won more than rupees 100000. This claim form can be downloaded on the official website of the Kerala lotteries. Gazetted officer needs to attest to passport size photographs of the winner. If there are joint claims made, then one of the prize winners should take the responsibility and be authorized to receive the prize money with a joint declaration in stamp paper. Finally, the winner will have to submit a self-attested copy of the PAN card and attested National documents for identity proof.

Tax payments for Kerala’s Akshaya Lottery

All prizes above the amount of Rs.10, 000 is treated as income for the winners. This applies whether the person has won via lotteries or via any other game of chance. And in this scenario, winners are charged 30% as part of the tax money.


The Akshaya lotteries that is managed by the Kerala lotteries has been able to offer great parts of its revenue for charitable causes The money from the lotteries is also treated as funds for programs and initiatives that will aid the state’s development. It is evident in the past years that the lotteries have made significant and hefty contributions to the state’s well being.


The Akshaya lottery, for some reason, has been one of the more attractive lotteries among the players in Kerala among the weekly lotteries. It gives its players increased chances of winning and spices up mid-week blues.


India Kerala Akshaya Lottery logo

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