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Jumbo lotto is a lottery system that offers three different lottery opportunities to players. Jumbo lotto’s statistics are gathered based on information accrued over a hundred past draws and have been used to improve the user’s experience while also improving the benefits to be garnered. Single or double numbers can be played and the chances of winning of any of these numbers are per chance.

Jumbo lotto is good in that it has two good syndicates; Euro Star Jack and Silverstar, it’s being a public company means that it can be accessed by anyone without the hassles of unnecessary bottlenecked policies and it has transparent ticket fees. The cons it possesses however are the fact that this system doesn’t make clear on whether or not it has hidden charges on other features, there are only three lotteries to engage people; a fact many might see as limiting and the services it offers are available only to those resident in Germany; which means that it is local and others will be restricted from access to its’ services due to geo-restrictions.


Lotteries and Software

Three lottery games can be played on Jumbo Lotto. These games are 6aus49, EuroJackpot and glucksspirale. While the first 2 games, (6aus49 and EuroJackpot) are easy to play for those who are regular on the system, the third (glucksspirale) gives winners a win of €2.1 million. Of this amount, €7,500 is paid per year in form of annuity. An interesting fact is that the amount paid as interest on the annuity sum will eventually be more than the amount paid each year. For those interested in playing this lottery game, it should be noted that glucksspirale is played every Saturday. In addition to these, there are two lotteries that can be found at the bottom of the game boards. These are Spiel 77 and Super 6.

Jumbo lotto like many of its counterparts in the lottery industry, make a lot of huge claims and offerings to potential customers and it does try to fulfill its end of the bargains. One such offering is its customer support system. Its customer support can be reached either via snail mail, email, telephone conversations and/or online live chat. All of these are open from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 8:00 – 17:00 GMT.


As popular as Jumbo lotto is, especially considering its presence in all German States and its registration on both Australian and German stock exchanges, one might expect that it would be available in form of applications on mobile devices at least for the benefit of easy use on transit and more widespread coverage, howbeit, Jumbo Lotto does not have mobile app offerings; it’s not supported on mobile devices, it can only be accessed through the web.


Jumbo lotto tries to reward players by running an internal monthly raffle draw. Players who have bought a minimum of 2 lottery tickets through Jumbo Lotto’s site are entered into the draw and winning is left to chance. The winner of the last raffle draw which took place in the month of February 2018, won an iPad Air 2 while ten other lucky players won €50 credit each which they were allowed to use to buy more lottery tickets.

Jumbo lotto’s syndicates- Euro Star Jack and Silverstar, have their own percentage of participation shares and ticket lines which accrues huge benefits for them.


Payments for all lottery games are made online, either through Visa, Master card, Sofort and/or Giropay cards whose information has to be pre-loaded or pre-registered on the platform. This also allows for payment of winnings into players’ accounts as winnings up to €500 are paid directly into the player’s account. Even though winnings over €501 are also paid into players’ accounts, such winnings have to be requested for by writing, within 8 days after the winnings were made and within 3 months of the lottery draw.

It should be noted however that players can only receive their winnings if they have been registered for at least 8 weeks on the platform.

Customer Support

Since the site doesn’t offer lottery ticket purchase anymore, there’s little support needed. Those who wish to reach someone from jumbolotto.de can use any of the advertised email addresses.

Is Jumbo Lotto legit or fraud?

Based on the fact that it is registered on Australian and German stock markets, online reviews and personal testimonies of users, it suffices to say that jumbolotto.de is legit.


Jumbo lotto is a German-only online platform owned by Jumbo International Ltd. that affords players the opportunity to play different lottery games with add-ons and with the opportunity to have huge winnings. Even though the site is legit and tries to increase the luck of players’ winnings, it still has a poor review.