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Jinni Lotto: 4/5 Top 10 Best Online Lotto Rating.


Jinni lotto is one of the latest to launch powered by Lottoyard. While relatively young, it’s getting positive feedback from lottery players. Top10BestOnlineLottery took it upon itself to check whether these good responses are justified or not. The review is not linear as some elements weigh more than others – features are important, but shouldn't overshadow reputation and customer support. If you're into the gist, have a look at the security section of the review and determine if Jinni Lotto is right for you.


  • Safety and Security

    The first aspect to check is safety – if Jinni fail this check, there really is no need for further investigation. Safety should be a deal breaker for any lottery player. Jinni does well to use a valid secured HTTP connection to protect it’s members communication and actions on the site. This signal is an indicator for the site’s trustworthiness. Certificate also authenticates the site's owner – there's no curtain to hide behind. Jinni Lotto meets the security requirement and so is cleared to plat at.

    Jinni Lotto HTTPS icon image caption

    Jinni Lotto HTTPS icon

    While security is cleared, safety is excelled (!) – Jinni Lotto gets outstanding rates on reputation sites. Scores and outstanding 8.4 on Trust Pilot.

  • Products

    There are two essential product types offered to online lottery players:

    • personal ticket
    • team play share 

    The personal line is the very basic service Jinni provide it’s members. It is an actual lottery line purchased on behalf of the member on a kiosk at the lotterie’s country. Once ticket is purchased Jinni scan it for the member to see at his account section on the site. Jinni bridges the geographical gap between it’s members and the kiosk – a short walk or another continent.

    Jinni Lotto personal lines screen caption

    Jinni Lotto personal lines tickets

    The team play share is where Jinni shows it’s true strength. It is a service that couldn’t be this approachable offline as it requires a trustworth owner. Jinni buys 50 lines and groups them to one pool of which it sells shares. The odds of winning a lottery on a pool is significantly higher than a personal entry, there’s no doubt. It comes at the cost of having to share the prize with other shareholders. Not into sharing, buy more shares to get a bigger piece of the prize.

    Jinni Lotto team play share picker screen caption

    Jinni Lotto team play share picker

  • Features

    There are some features Jinni Lotto incorporated that make the whole lottery experience that much better:

    • Quick buy
    • Multi draw
    • Cart

    Quick buy is a one click shortcut to completing a five auto picked lines purchase. It shortens the longer user flow of manually picking numbers, and leads directly to the checkout with the wanted lottery tickets in the cart. For most users this will be the preferred journey.

    Multi draw is the option of pre-purchasing the same lines for future draws. Pick between 1/4/8/26 draws and get a significant discount. An higher evolution to the multi draw is a renewing subscription – Jinni lotto will complete, at a set interval, a re-purchase of the same lines until asked otherwise. This features stores both comfort and value. Comfort of never missing a draw with a price cut.

    The cart is Lottoyard's biggest advantage over other platforms. Players can complete one purchase of tickets and shares to a variety of lotteries. It makes the process much simpler, far more friendly, and more like the experience we became accustomed to at the kiosk.

  • Promotions

    Lotto Jinni has two promotions players can benefit:

    • Free ticket
    • Multi draw discount
    • Loyalty program

    New players get a free ticket with their first lottery ticket purchase. This complementary ticket if only given once per account.

    When completing a multi draw purchase – buying a lottery line for several future draws – players are getting discounted lines. 4 draws 5% discount, 8 draws 10% discount, 26 draws 15%, and subscription 15%.

    Returning players are tiered according to accumulated Frequent Purchase Points (FPPs) and awarded with a discount. Regular (0-50 FPPs) 1%, Bronze (51-150 FPPs), Silver (151-300 FPPs) 3%, Gold (301-500 FPPs) 5%, Platinum (501-1000 FPPs) 7%, and Diamond (1001+ FPPs) 10%.

    Accounting to all these offers, there's a true value in keeping loyalty to Jinni. A Diamond tier players completing a multi draw of 26 raffles will get a 25% discount to cost of a lottery line.

  • Customer Support

    There is a satisfying variety of channels in which players can reach Jinni Lotto's customer support:

    • Phone
    • Email
    • Message form
    • Chat

    There are 7 local phone numbers reaching to Jinni Lotto during the activity time –  Sunday to Friday, 10am to 7pm GMT. Local numbers are for the biggest lottery markets. Public email is another indicator of transparency. Not all lottery carriers willingly publish contact details. Contact / message form is a substitute for a email. Chat is certainly the most attractive mean for communication with Jinni Lotto, there's no additional cost and there's a reasonable chance of getting any issue cleared out within a session. Jinni does well in offering 4 lines of communication.

  • Payment methods

    Jinni is serving lottery players from around the world and so accept a huge number of credit cards (VISA, Master Card, etc.), wire transfers, and e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, etc.). This makes purchase completion feasible for all. It also means players have the option of even better protecting their personal information, by not providing personal credit card details.


Jinni Lotto gets the all clear sign from Top10BestOnlineLotto! high security standard, clean reputation, solid platform, world class customer support, and a user friendly interface. We's like to see more features, like lottery ticket bundles, and better language support, but these are refinement suggestions.

Be a winner with Jinni Lotto – buy a ticket for the coming raffle